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If it's not one thing, it's another

Chapter Twenty-six

It was Just a Few Scratches

The rest of the night had passed by unevenful, which Elrond was grateful for. He was exhausted and everyone knew it. He could no longer hide behind his mask.

"Ada, go get some rest." Elladan said, concerned about his father.

Elrond opened his mouth to protest but before he could get the words out his eldest son spoke. "I shall wake you later. I am rested enough to watch the others. You, however, are in great need of sleep. Now, go." Elladan started to push his father to the door.

"Alright, alright. I shall go, but only this one time." The elf-lord knew he wasn't going to win this time so decided to please his son.

The elder twin nodded. "Good. Do not come back till you have had at least five hours of sleep." Elladan said as if he were the parent in the relationship.

"But if--"

"If things go ill I shall wake you." Elladan said, knowing what his father was going to say.

Elrond stared at him puzzled, but he didn't inquire. He turned and left to his own room.

Elladan chuckled softly. "I know father far too well."

"Are you confusing our poor father again?" He heard a tired voice ask.

"Of course not, dear brother. I am merely helping him." Elladan turned and smiled at his twin. "Glad to see you finally awake. How are you feeling?"

"Fine." Elrohir answered; saying exactly what Elladan thought he was going to, though he wasn't 'fine' at all.

To prove the elder twin's point, Elrohir tried to sit up, using his arm. He gasped in pain and fell back, clutching his arm. Oh, that's right. It was broken. He thought wishing he had remembered sooner.

"Be careful. You do not want to make it worse." Elladan warned a bit too late. He went over to where Elrohir was laying and arranged his pillows so he could stay in an upright position, like he was trying to do before. Then he helped his twin up and eased him back so he was comfortable.

"Hannon le." The younger twin said gratefully.

"Of course." Elladan smiled at his twin.

Then he went over to Legolas' bed to check up on him. He did say he would watch the blonde elf.

"How is he?" Elrohir's now serious voice asked.

Elladan sighed. "A lot better than before."

"He never gets a break, does he?" Elrohir asked rhetorically, looking down at his hands.

"No. No, he doesn't." The elder twin said, looking at Legolas, who actually looked calm.

There were a few minutes of silence before either spoke up again.

It was Elrohir who broke the silence. "How is Estel fairing?"

Elladan turned to look at their human brother. "He is fine. He has not woken yet, but that is only because he is exhausted."

Elrohir nodded in relief. He hadn't been able to see just how much the human had been wounded, for he had either been unconscious or fighting the orcs with him.

"You should eat something." The elder twin told Elrohir, going over to the counter and grabbed the food that was left there for himself. However, he had been too worried to eat anything. The food hadn't been sitting there too long so the food wasn't cold. He brought the tray over to his brother and handed it to him.

"You need to eat as well, gwanunig-nín." Elrohir then told him to sit next to him and that he would share his food.

The elder twin smiled and took the offer.

The two ate in silence, only every once in a while would one of them talk. Occasionally Elladan would look over at Legolas to make sure that everything was well with the elf, like he promised.

He slowly felt awareness come back to him. Then he remembered how badly injured his friend was and that he didn't know what his current condition was.

"Legolas!" Aragorn shouted and tried to get out of bed. He hissed when the movement caused pain to run through his leg. However, he ignored it and still tried to reach his friend, who he saw was still sleeping; he didn't know if that was good or bad.

"Estel, it's alright. He is only resting." Elladan said comfortingly, pushing his brother back down.

At first the human resisted, needing to see the archer for himself. His still weak body couldn't put up with the treatment, though. Also, hearing his brother's comforting words helped him to relax.

"Just resting?" Aragorn asked, seeing if he heard right.

Elladan nodded. He was relieved that Aragorn had finally calmed down. He feared that he would reopen the wound on his leg and make matters worse for himself. "Let me take a look at your leg." He didn't want to take any chances with the human.

Aragorn closed his eyes and slowly nodded, his exhaustion taking over his mind.

Elladan brought back the covers and unwrapped the wound, glad to see that he had indeed calmed him down in time. He rewrapped it and brought the covers back over Estel.

The dark-haired elf looked up at his brother's face, seeing that he was close to sleep. "Estel." He called his name to get his attention. He hated not letting him get the rest he needed, but he had to. "You need to eat before you sleep again. I know you have not had much to eat, if anything, recently."

The human wearily opened his eyes and let his brother help him into a sitting position.

Then Elladan went to the doors; opened them and looked around. Luckily, there was a maid walking by.

"Excuse me, miss, but could you bring me some food for a patient?" He asked with a smile.

"Of course, my lord." The maid said bowing and then left for the kitchen.

Elladan went back to Aragorn, closing the doors behind him.

"You need to stay awake." He told the human upon seeing his eyes closed again.

"I am." Aragorn muttered, sleepily.

"Barely." The elder of the two chuckled. "You know, you and Legolas still have a lot of explaining to do for ada."

The ranger looked up at his brother and rolled his eyes. "That just makes me want to sleep even more."

Elladan let out a heart-felt laugh, one that he hadn't been able to do in too long.

"I do not find it amusing." Aragorn grumbled.

"Of course not, my brother. Of course not." Elladan said, rubbing his brother's head.

The human swatted his hand away. He crossed his arms across his chest and turned his head.

This display only caused Elladan to laugh even more. Aragorn could also hear his other brother join in the laughter.

"Elrohir! I knew not that you were awake!" The human exclaimed, glad to see him finally awake.

"You did not inquire, little brother." Elrohir responded, trying to stifle his laughter; not doing that great of a job at it.

Aragorn lowered his gaze, looking at his hands. "Forgive me."

"There is nothing to forgive." The younger twin said, seriously, though mirth still shown in his eyes.

Before the human could protest further, there was a light knock on the door.

Elladan got up and opened it, finding the maid with food. "Here's the food, my lord. I hope it is satisfactory." The dark-haired maid said, handing the food to Elladan.

"Aye, it is. Hannon le." The tray actually had more food on it than was needed, but that was for the better. Aragorn was bound to be hungry, after all.

The maid bowed again and said farewell, before going back to her duties.

While he had been talking to the maid Elrohir and Aragorn had their own conversation. The younger twin knew that the human would probably end up falling asleep if someone didn't keep him alert.

"Eat up." Elladan said, putting the tray of food on his brother's lap.

When Aragorn started eating he turned his attention to Legolas again. He was glad to see that he was at least sleeping peacefully. Surely a good sign.

Aragorn followed Elladan's gaze and smiled sadly. He was happy that the blonde elf was finally getting the rest he needed, but he was also sad that Legolas still hadn't waken yet. Well, it seemed like he did not get a restful night. The human thought, remembering the scream from the nightmare Legolas had that woke all the patients in the room. He shuddered, never wanting to hear a scream like that from the elf again.

"What's wrong, Estel?" Elrohir asked, concerened, for the human had stopped eating and was staring at Legolas.

Aragorn snapped out of his thoughts. "Nothing." He said quickly and continued eating.

The twins looked at each other, but let it go, there was no sense in prying. They could guess what it was anyway.

As it turned out Elladan had been right. Aragorn had been really hungry and ate all but a few bites of the food that had been set in front of him.

After he was done eating Elladan took the tray from him and set it on the counter... he'd put it away later.

Aragorn settled back down, wtih the help of Elladan, of course, and quickly fell asleep.. now that he was allowed to.

"You should sleep more, too." Elladan said, taking care of the patients that were now his. Although he would always take care of them.

Elrohir just agreed. He thought that his twin should sleep as well, but he knew that he had to watch over Legolas so didn't even bother trying. There would be no way he'd be able to convince him to - not that he wanted to. Sure, he wanted Elladan to take care of himself but he also knew the condition Legolas was in. He also knew that his twin told their father that he'd watch the prince until he came back.

Elrohir laid down and within seconds he was comfortable. He soon joined Aragorn.

Elladan sighed and this time brought the chair over to Legolas' bed. He wished the archer would wake soon. He wanted to see him be so full of life again, instead of being as still as the dead. Shall not continue with that thought...

But there really wasn't a dull moment when the blonde elf was well. The four of them always had fun, especially when they pulled pranks on the others who dwelled in Imladris; even on each other.

"Wake up soon, mellon nin." Elladan said sadly, running his hand through the elf's golden hair.

The doors opened suddenly causing Elladan to quickly look over.

Nothing had happened for hours. All of his brothers were still fast asleep and Legolas had shown no sign of waking.

"Father." Then the elder twin looked at the window. He really did get the amount of rest I told him to. He thought with a smirk. In fact, even more.

"Why did you not wake me?" Elrond asked his son, in slight anger, though he was really grateful for the rest he had received.

"Legolas has not stirred yet." Elladan inforned his father with a frown.

The healer mirrored his expression. "Then he should wake very soon. I thought he would have by now."

"As did I." The twin said looking at the archer in front of him.

An hour later neither Elrohir nor Aragorn woke, but that was to be expected.

Elrond and Elladan were starting to get anxious, for Legolas still hadn't shown any signs of returning to them yet.

Because of this Elladan thought it was just his imagination that made Legolas move slightly. However, when he moved again shortly after and Elrond had seen it as well, he knew it was no trick.

Elladan excitedly waited for the blonde elf to open his eyes and his father prepared some pain-killing herbs for him.

He fought against the darkness that was surrounding him. He heard excited voices all around him and wanted to know who they were and what they were saying.

Then they became clear. It was Elrond and Elladan! But wait... where were Aragorn and Elrohir? How did the battle go? He couldn't remember what had happened after he fell unconscious when the orc had stabbed him.

His eyes snapped open. He had to know what happened!

"Legolas!" The two shouted, not expecting him to wake so suddenly.

"Calm down, penneth. All is well." Elrond said, soothingly. It was obvious something was bothering the elf. At least he did not try to sit up this time. He thought thankful. That didn't help last time and certainly wouldn't this time!

"But what about Aragorn? And Elrohir?" The young elf asked panicked.

"Nothing is wrong with them. They are resting." Elladan reassured his friend calmly. "See? Aragorn is over there." He said pointing. "And Elrohir is there."

Legolas looked at both of them, seeing that they were indeed alright. He then remembered Elrond and his warriors rescuing them and then he calmed down. However, when he did the pain in his chest made itself known. He gasped in pain, clutching his chest.

Elladan looked at the archer, feeling guilty. I should have been more alert. He thought about the battle.

"Do not.. blame yourself, mellong nin.. for it is not your fault." Legolas gasped out, after seeing the look on Elladan's face.

The elder twin looked at his hands and nodded, accepting Legolas' words, although a part of him still believed it was his fault.

"Stop talking, penneth, and drink this." Elrond said, handing the poor elf the herbs he had prepared before. He first arranged the pillows behind him so he would be able to drink it. He was careful about the injury on the elf's chest.

Legolas took the drink without question and quickly drank the whole thing. He hadn't realized how thirsty he had been.

"Legolas!" Aragorn shouted, happily. When he had woken up he found his brother and father around Legolas. He then saw that his friend was sitting up and awake. At last!

Said elf turned his head to look at the human and smiled when he saw that his friend really was alright.. not that he doubted Elrond...

Elrohir, who had woken up at Aragorn's rather loud shout, looked up at the excitment. He smiled widely at the sight. Legolas was conscious and well; even joking around by the sounds of laughter that rang through the room.

Aragorn and Legolas looked at each other and grinned. They had survived yet another mishap, with a few 'scratches' here and there, but they were alive!

"Oh, and before I forget. Estel, Legolas, you two have a lot of explaining to do.." Elrond stated sternly.

The human and elf groaned.

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