Genre: General/Parody

Rated: PG for violence, suspense, and surprise

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters used here. Warner Brothers and DC Comics own the Joker, Harley Quinn, etc. Batman is owned by Bob Kane. The story line to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas obviously belongs to Tim Burton.


(Background: This story formed as a result of the Arkham Parodies, NMBC songs sung by the Gotham villains. As I wrote them, I noticed how some of the Batman characters related to some of the NMBC ones. After toying with the idea for a while, I sat down and wrote this out. It took a few months [I kept getting stuck and setting it aside, especially for a lot of the Joker scenes] but at last it is complete.

I did my best to keep the Gotham characters in character while at the same time keeping the qualities of the Nightmare characters. It was not an easy task, but nonetheless, it had to be done. I apologize for any out of character behavior, though I did pull a few story line twists just to hopefully keep the Batman characters more IC. Here is my masterpiece, my fusion of my two favorite fandoms, "The Nightmare of Gotham.")


Chapter 1: Introduction

(Robin) It was a dark, quiet night.

Everywhere, tall buildings stood, waiting,

Lurking in the shadows of the pale yellow moon

Each building, though straight

Looked slightly twisted in its own way.

In Gotham City, many villains worked

To the beat of their tune

In a section of the city where most of the buildings were old and abandoned

A community was formed

The Underworld of Gotham as it was known

A place of refuge

A need for revenge

It was where the city's bitter seeds were all sown

It was in the Underworld where the town's crooks and knaves gathered to live.

It was in the Underworld where you never had to do as you were told

It was in the Underworld where illegal trades were made and wicked plots hatched.

It was in the Underworld where this delicate story will unfold...