Chapter 11: Epilogue


And finally, everything turned out just fine.

Gotham was saved, though there wasn't much time

But after that night, things were never the same.

Never again would each criminal take part in Joker's game

And though that one night, things got out of hand

The Arkhamites are still fond of their Joker man

It was later that night where I thought I'd drop in.

The Joker was there, dressed in white and a grin

Though his hour with Harley had long since been spent

The authorities told me that he came here like a gent.

That surprised me, as to separate them was hard to do

But when I went to his cell, I saw it was true

He was sitting there calmly, a smile on his face

Relaxing against the wall, with not a hair out of place

He looked so calm, I was almost afraid

But for some strange reason, it was there that I stayed.

I don't know how and I'll never know why

But I looked at him with a shrug and a sigh

I thought for a minute, then made up my mind

Wondering if I'd regret this in time.

And then I asked him, "Would you do this all over again?

"Even if you knew this would happen then?

"Would you have tried to take over this place?

"Even if it meant for you, a slight change of pace?"

And he smiled like the old Ace of Knaves that I knew

Then turned, and asked softly of me, "Wouldn't you?"


~For HL [killinjoke], Shock1, Panic, and SD~