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In a hidden village in Mexico, a boy took a sheet of paper from inside a small box hidden inside the pile of coats in his father's bedroom. He glanced once at the black slab that served as the bed, and remembered that he was now in charge and soon, he would be on his own. He already had a mate, but until his fifteenth name day, he had to live in his father's house, for that was the order of the Council. He then turned his attention back to the copy paper looking at the symbols, words, and numbers; his quick mind deciphering between message and code.

Earlier that evening, his father and his mother had driven off with his new sister, hoping to save her life so she would not die on the order of the Dominant council. It was intelligent of me, thought John, to make a copy of the contents of the envelope.

Soon his father and Lupe would return in perhaps seven days or after the Mexican's day of the Divine, as the Dominants called Sunday. John, for that was his name, did not have to worry about his mate. She was on a foray with several other Dominants hunting down humans who were getting too near to their hideout. From the time they approached their fifth name day, Dominants had to dispatch an enemy, who to kill, and who to leave alone. They also had to learn how to dispose of the body using the Disposer, although the Dominant Council called it by a more complicated name. It reduced the body to nothingness, a necessary precaution to prevent the humans from discovering any remains. However, it had several other settings, from causing a mild shock, up to a severe burn, and death, and then extinction. It took time to learn the proper controls, and one did not master it until they reached maturity or fifteen years old. His mate was up to the severe burn stage. However, John did not want to waste time in pride about his mate's ability. Telling the younger children to stay and be quiet, he put the paper in his pocket, and left out to the darkness.

He kept to the shadows until he reached an abandoned house, climbing down the steps to the cellar. The former occupants now lived in the outside, entering places of business, assimilating in the weak human society. They were the forerunners, those who would placate mankind with their scientific, business, and military knowledge.

After that, the assassins would come, those masking themselves as serial killers. Later, the majority of the Dominants would destroy the village, leaving the pillar behind for who would be alive to read it.

This, however, would not be yet. They still had to train the Chosen those who would rule the survivors and the Chosen had to be able to not let family or friends get in their way. Perhaps the weak baby would be better off outside.

At last, he opened a small door, and found a cellar. Inside it were dusty bottles of wine, old books, and a round metallic box. On opening it, he found a film. Now all was needed was a movie projector.

This meant he had to go to the nearest town and get one. His father had been smart. Most of the electronics in the village were ultra modern. This film was too valuable.

He could not return home, that is, until he found out what it was.