The emergency room staff worked quickly to save the little one still in Sloan's body. "It's in the stomach cavity," said the doctor as the nurse prepared the instruments. "We'll have to do a caesarean."

"Doctor, there's two others, both dead," said the nurse.

"We have to remove them. Carefully, nurse."

They worked quickly, getting the scalpel ready, administering the anesthetics that would put Sloan to sleep during the operation. Soon after going into the emergency room, a nurse had detected Sloan's slight pulse and they used the paddles to get her heart going.. However, she had lost a lot of blood so while cutting open her stomach and removing the baby, the doctors and nurses had to administer a blood transfusion. Luckily, Sloan was type A positive.

"It's a girl," explained the doctor hearing the squeal as they brought the baby out, cleaned it, and checked it for any problems. "Very small, but she looks to be a fighter. Now let's get working on saving the mother."

They had already taken out the two dead babies, a boy, and a girl. The bullet hole had met their mark, right through both tiny hearts. One of the nurses, whose father was in the army, explained that whoever did this knew exactly where to shoot. It was so unusual, but then they did not know anything about Dominants nor about Progenies.

Meanwhile Tom paced outside, wondering if they could save his mate and wondered about the other thing that Ed had found out. The living baby boy was not a Homo Sapien, but a Homo Dominant. It was a simple matter of taking a small scraping while checking him in the arms of the nurse.

"Do you mean the drug failed?" asked Tom.

"I administered it or rather my assistant did," said Ed.

"Did you watch him closely?" asked Attwood who had just arrived a few minutes ago.

"As close as I could. Wait here."

:"Just a moment," said Tom and whispered to Ed.

Ed nodded. Through the window in the operating room, he could see that the doctor and the two nurses were having a hard time plugging all the holes. He knocked on the door of the emergency operating room, showed them his credentials. "I'm a doctor. Do you need any help?"

"Yes," called the doctor..

Ed waited until a nurse instructed him to go into the changing room.

A few minutes later, Ed took a scraping from the living girl infant and from the two dead ones. He stayed for an hour, assisting the other doctor until they took their gloves off.

"She's going to make it," said the main surgeon.

"Her husband asked you to do something, please," said Ed and told him Tom's request.

"It's rather unusual, but if it'll get the one who did this horrible deed," He surgeon put on his most serious face and went over to Tom who put his head down as if in mourning. No one noticed him slipping The Chosen a piece of paper with a check mark on it.

Attwood could see the sadness on Tom's face. Sloan was dead. He went over to comfort him. Not only him, but Ray who was beating himself over the head figuratively for not providing more protection.

However, Tom showed them the note. "Sloan's still alive. They're moving her to another room in the hospital. Oh and the babies are dominants. I'll have to question Ed's assistant."

However, they were more concerned with Sloan. An orderly led them down to the basement level and to a door that opened on a tunnel under the street until they reached a blank wall. However, Tom could make out a door at the other end. It was painted the same color as the wall, and almost invisible. The orderly pressed open the door, which swung open.

The room had once been a bomb shelter. They could still see the shelves on which the inhabitants had put the cans of beans, corn, vegetables, and stew to survive during an atomic blast. Part of the room showed where they would have put the water containers, as well as the small Coleman stove and white gas for cooking. A grid above showed where they would receive ventilation from outside.

Walter knew all about bomb shelters. His parents had built one during the Cuban Crisis. He remembered their fears every time a plane went over ahead. When he joined the Navy Seals, they kept asking him if he was going over to Cuba and stop Castro. It was a turbulent period in his life. "Are you sure the murderer won't try here?" he asked.

"No sir. We've got pretty tight security and now that we know that it was a young boy or a little person, we'll be more careful." He pointed ahead. "The other door to the former shelter leads from the morgue."

"So whoever tried to kill Sloan will think she's dead," said Tom.

"Yes. Sometimes the U.S. Marshall asks us if they can use it to hide people in the Witness Protection, those who have been shot and presumed dead, but I never imagined it would be used for this." He opened the door.

Tom saw his wife lying in a bed, tubes stuck through her body, the fluids keeping her alive. A nurse kept watch while another nurse came in from another area.

"So is there any risk of contamination?" he asked.

"No," said the other nurse. "There is a passageway from the morgue and a separate room with a wash basin and shower between. It's all quite safe."

Radios and cell phones did not work down here, but there was a telephone on the wall with the number to the sheriff, the FBI, the Air force, Army, and any one they wished to contact in case of an emergency.

"How's she doing?" asked Tom holding his wife's hands.

"It's touch and go right now. Right now she's in serious condition. We just upgraded it from critical. The next few hours will determine if she'll live or die."

So for the next few hours, Tom watched the clock turn ever so slowly while the nurses came in to check on his wife. Ed had left to get his assistant and find out what went wrong.

"She looks so peaceful there," said the nurse, "and the little ones? They're healthy. As soon as she wakes up, we'll take her to them."

"Will she be able to nurse them?"

"Probably, but we have breast pumps just in case and we keep a supply of breast milk for premies."

An hour later, Ed returned with his assistant. Tom took one look at him and he knew. The assistant was a Dominant.

"I had to do it," he said, "The Chosen's children cannot be Sapiens. We have too many enemies."

"But don't you know about Kevin?"

"A product of a Dominant father and a weak mother who coddled him. Look changing us to you will not save you. Soon another will do what was done in England, and soon we will be reborn anew."

"We cannot live together."

"That is because your species has forgotten its strengths. Is there any outside who would die for their beliefs, except for fanatics and those of the true Christian religion?"

Of course, no one there knew what the true Christian religion and doubted the Dominant assistant did. Each decided that it was their beliefs. For Walter, it was the Episcopal Church, for Ed, it was Roman Catholicism, for Ray it was Baptist, for the orderly it was Methodist, for one of the nurses it was Dutch Reformed, and for the other nurse, it was Greek Orthodox. Sloan's adopted parents had been Roman Catholics who left their faith and she was not in a position to answer. Therefore, everyone kept silent and rather than thinking of certain men, thought about Nero and the lions. It was easier that way.

"The Progenies, those who did not give way to Chaos, even the Sapiens look on their Dominant sire with fear and becoming one of you does not protect them."

Attwood agreed that the assistant was correct. "I presume you meant that someone might harm the children."

"If they are Dominants, they stand a better chance of survival. Our enemies might kill the human children of Dominant parents, assuming they are like them."

Ed agreed. He had been so wrong. He realized that changing Dominants to Sapiens was the same as if he gorged out his eyes. They needed their five- minute sense, their strength, and their intelligence. The tests done months ago had proved that both species could cooperate. It was hard, but he made his decision. "I am killing the project together. We will keep a supply for historical records, but from now on, we have to protect Tom and Sloan. We cannot stay here forever."

A week later, Sloan was awake. She was still weak, but now was able to nurse the babies. Tom and her named them John and Mary.

"He tried to wipe us out," she said to her mate.

"Kevin did not only try to wipe us out, but the treaty made between us."

"He's still out there." She pulled open the curtains of the window in their house. The moon was rising over the horizon, and from the distance, they could hear a coyote. It was as if they were in another world and yet they were in this one. To an outside, this was an ordinary house out in Nevada, just on the border across from California. No one had High Speed internet, for television, they relied on Satellite TV and it was hard to reach someone by telephone—or so they thought.

For the Dominants, using the tools they first used in Mexico, had dug underneath, bringing wires and cables from the nearest large town, setting the controls deep below, the means of defense, and getting ready in case Kevin would try again.

For no matter how careful they were, there were always enemies, Alana was still alive, Kevin was still around, and there was still the one who wrecked the Lost Ships.

However, now they had peace, now the Homo Sapiens, and the Homo Dominants had to live with each other.

Sloan saw the blue eyes of her two children. "I wonder what the next ones will be."

"They will all survive," said Tom.

But in his mind he could see shadows of two people, a boy with wavy auburn hair and a disarming smile, and a tall blonde woman with eyes as cold as a glacier. The future was still debatable.

The End. .