You people thought I was dead, didn't you? Wahaha! Foolish mortals, I never
die. Ahem, let's just day that I'm slowly running out of ideas for Ring
ficlets. Um, yeah, that really sucks. But here's a poem. And I'd really
like to thank everyone who's reviewed my stories and put me on their
favourites list – it always makes me really happy! So thank you, and I hope
you enjoy this poem, although I've gotten a little rusty after my long
break from writing.


You pity me, don't you?
Your softened eyes disgust me
Yet I will show you the path I took
And that I am not the one who is
Eternally corrupted

Take my hand and let's go;
Down into chilling waters
Join my wonderful little game -
Watch innocents brutally murdered
Why do you fight to stay the same?

Lick the blade longingly,
And feel the passion coursing through
See the light at the end of the Darkness?
Run from it, it's a lie.

Heart of ice and eyes of stone;
Through the darkness you roam,
Lost in the thickened mist
Pure agony is the sweetest bliss
Forget the ones you used to love
Dance in the wicked rain above
Do you see the ones who writhe?
Let them feel the agony that you once endured.

Laugh at them; abhor them,
Feel the pleasure of evil tainting
Destroy the sun that shines through our mist
How dare you let it ruin your bliss?

Annihilate them all!
Make them vanish one by one
And when the last tear rolls down
Destroy yourself, and fall with them.

Do you forget?
You pitied me, you blubbering fool
How am I the most destroyed?
Follow me, and I will show you

Mirror, mirror, tell me,
Who is the most corrupted?
Clear the glass and gaze through
See the twisted, snarling face?
You gasp.

Fall in your crimson river,
Let it cleanse your body
For your soul is already mine.
Hear my whisper where you lie,
Feel my cold breath as you die;
You pity me?
I say,
"Mirror, mirror, tell me,
Who is the most corrupted?"
Clear the glass and gaze through
See the twisted, snarling face?

It's not me - it's you.