Disclaimer: I don't own anything in Mr. Lucas' mind, but I swear this really happened. I spent a weekend on Coruscant, and a few other places.

WARNING : This is my minds ramblings. It's how I am and how I think. If you aren't strong...GET OUT NOW! Have a shrink nearby, you may need it. Everything runs together, SO DEAL WITH IT! There are several things that are linked to this, tons of references.

<< .........>> denotes my thoughts. (..........) tidbit info....things ya might wanna know, or don't....lets get things started (on the muppet show)

"I love this movie!! I wish I was in it....that would be so cool. George Lucas you are a genius!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. My best friend, Jackie, looked at me and rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she said as we walked to my car. This was my 15th time of seeing Star Wars: Episode 1. I decided to drag her to the theater, though she can't stand sci-fi, she went along to get out of the house. I forgot my purse in the theather and I gave her the keys to warm up the engine while I went and retrieved my purse. I found it in the seat I was sitting in and when I turned I was face to face with some strange man. He glared at me and I felt chills race through my veins. "So pretty one, you like this movie, huh?" his voice rasped.

"Yeah, I love it." I said in a low voice.

"I noticed you have been here several times. You seem like a loyal fan, and a good-natured person. I think I can trust you." he said with a slight grin.

"Trust me? With what?", my curoisity peaked.

"Take this," he said, grabbing my hand and placing a small bluish crystal in it.

"What is it?" I asked, moving the stone around in my hand.

"I heard you wish you could be the movie, so I'm giving you the means. Hold the stone in your hand and wish what movie you want to enter. Pack the things you want to take with you, keep them close by at all times. Remember, they don't have Cd's, VCR's, TV's and the like so you will have to learn to do without them. And when you least expect it, you will be in whatever movie you wanted." he said, a smile spreading across his face.

"Yeah right! Do I look like I was born yesterday?" I snapped.

"Just try it, and do NOT take anyone with you. It only works for one person." he said as he left the theather. I stood there turning the pretty stone over in my hand. << Maybe I could make it into jewlery?>>

I went back to my car where Jackie had the stereo jamming. She turned it down and pestered me on what took so long. I explained the strange man and the stone. She had a good laugh at my expense. She was right, how could I been so dumb to believe something like that would happen? I drove home to her teasing and laughing at me. I felt like an idoit. << Then again, what else is new?>>

I dropped Jackie home and went through a drive-thru for a quick bite to eat. When I got home I had this strange feeling. I took out the stone and looked it over. It really was very pretty. All shades of blue seem to twinkle in the light. I was SO curious, I thought, <<'What the hell?'>> I held the stone in my hands and said, "I wish to be in the Star Wars universe, a couple of years before Phantom Menance. Obi-Wan and I would be the same age." An evil grin spread across my face. I ran upstairs and began to pack the things I couldn't live without. My walkman, CD's, a couple of movies(just in case), lots of clothes(for all occasions), camera, several rolls of film I was saving for a trip, extra batteries, and a ton of junk food.

I had two large sport duffel bags stuffed to capasity, one side with candy bars. I went over a checklist, giggling like an idiot. I felt foolish, but I was having fun, so I didn't care. I thought of the things to tell people of my silly endeavor. Excuses poured into me and I bounced around grabbing "necessities". I waited for 4 hours sitting beside my luggage. I heard the clock chime 3am and I fell asleep soon after.

I was asleep on top of my luggage when I felt something poke me in the ribs. ( I thought it was the dog.) I twisted about to evade his cold wet nose, and got another poke on my backside. I was still wanting to sleep in, so I yelled, "Stop poking me or die!!" I rolled off the bags landed in a heap on a cold smooth surface. <>

I opened my eyes and meet the gaze of Yoda. I screamed, bolted upright and began to studder. I couldn't believe it! I looked around and I was in the middle of the council chambers, surrounded by all the members. << I think I lost what was left of my mind!>>

"OK.....this is a dream. I'm ok. I need to relax." I said as I closed my eyes. "OK, this confirms it......I'M NUTS!!" I took several deep breaths and opened my eyes. << THEY WERE STILL THERE!>> I closed my eyes again and shook my head in disbelief. I heard the doors open and I looked up to see what else could push me over the edge. There was Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan standing in the doorway! I screamed again and fainted.

"Who is she?" someone asked. Voices barely audible were mumbling around. I raised my head and looked around at the strange, but familiar people surrounding me. Then it dawned on me.

"OK.....the joke is over. Come out ya'll. You got me, I'm an easy target." I started to call out. Everyone looked at me weird. "Mags, are you responsible for this?"

"Young lady, who are you? Where are you from? How did you get here?"

" I'm ME, and I'm from over there, and I'm here because dad forgot to stop by the drugstore. OK....where is everyone? Joke is over. This is not funny anymore ya'll! (I looked around in awe) I can't believe you got the actors to go along with this. Nice job...real cute. Especailly Obi-Wan...OH GOD TAKE ME NOW! HUBBA HUBBA!" I yelled alittle louder than earlier. I noticed he blushed. << Ya think he'd be used to it by now.>>

"Young lady are you ok?" asked "Mace Windu". He turned to the others, "I think she is in shock. Call for a healer."

"Alright, this is definatly pushing it. I know you all are just hired to trick me, but your taking it too far. See, I know Yoda is really a puppet!" I said grabbing Yoda and picking him up. <> He wiggled around in my arms and I let him down, stunned into silence. Everyone glared at me. No one dared do a thing like that to the Jedi master. I could tell I was in REAL trouble.

The healer entered and asked who needed to be healed. I resisted the urge to go along with the rest of THAT joke. << Didn't need to piss anyone else off. >> They poined at me and told the healer, "I think she is in shock. She is very erratic and acting crazy."

"Thank you. I thought I was going sane there for a minute. Beam me up Scottie." I said. <> Everyone was shocked. "By the way, call me Chic, or PJ."

"Chic? What kind of name is that?" asked a quiet voice of someone I didn't recognize.

"It's my internet name. So isn't PJ. It's short for padawan jinx." I said proudly.

"Your a padawan?" Qui-Gon asked. I was so happy to see him alive I jumped up and hugged him. A few tears escaped and I wiped them away. He was startled and just stood there waiting for me to release him. I let go and giggled alittle. I forgot he doesn't know me.<< Boy do I feel stupid!>>

"Not offically. Mom is a jinx and she said it's rubbing off on me. So I adopted the nickname." I explained.

"How did you get in here?" Mace Windu asked.

"Well, Windy," I started, "it's like this. I was given a little stone and told it would grant my wish of being in movies. So I played "devils advocate" and gave it a try. I woke up here. Just wanted to say that I'm so happy to actually meet ya'll."

"Wait a minute!" I said as I rumaged through my duffle bag. I pulled out my camera and snapped a couple of pics. "People won't believe me when I tell them where I've been. HEY, can I fly a transport, or play with a lightsaber?" I asked enthusiastically.

"Do you have experience with one?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Well, not officailly. I do have martial arts training with swords and I play with plastic lightsabers at home. Is that good enough?" I was so hoping to cut something up.

"I'm sorry, but you have to have Jedi training for it." Qui-Gon said as he shook his head. I drew my brows and stared at him, I was so pissed. I waited a few minutes and stuck my tongue out at him. Someone giggled, but I couldn't determine who it was.

The council doors opened and three ugly looking aliens entered. The Jedi's seemed to be stunned and they back away from them. One looked like a fish and I burst out laughing. I had so many punchlines going through my head.<< "It's Captian Caviar!" "Can I get some tartar sauce with you?" "I've looked like that before, course I was choking to death at the time." "Piss me off and I'll fillet your ass!" "Didn't I see you at Long John Silvers?" "Let's go to Red Lobster, you may see family">>

I noticed these little critters in cages that the ugly aliens carried. They reminded me of a sloth, and EXTREMELY stinky.

The Jedi's backed as far away as they could, placing me between the aliens and themselves. I looked back and forth and felt a arm wrap around my neck. I was hauled to my feet by one of the aliens. He wasn't the world's best smelling creature either and I sneezed. He held me against him with an arm pinned to my neck. I sneezed again.

"If your going to grab me like that and play rough, at least buy me dinner" I giggled, and sneezed again. My eyes were watering and I couldn't breathe very well.

"I think I'm alergic to you, hairy." I said, sounding congested.

"Quiet, or I will kill you!" he snapped. I sneezed again, this time alittle bit of the congestion worked its way free. I needed to blow my nose, so I wiggled around. He smacked me upside the head. I thought of a way to make him pay! I blew my nose really hard and wiped it on his sleeves. A long line of snot ran up his forearm. He yelled and tighened his grip on my neck, causing me to gasp.

The council members pleaded with him to let me go. He just laughed at them. I was getting very tired of this treatment. I said, "I think you all should be pleading with ME instead of him." They looked at me funny.<< BIG SURPRISE.>>

He cackled and asked,"Just what is that supposed to mean? You expecting your precious Jedi's to help you? Well they can't!! They are powerless, thanks to my little pets here!" He motioned towards the creatures in the cages.

His breath smelled worse than his body, making me turn green. I sighed and said, "Oh for crying out loud!! Just like a man, thinks a woman needs help! I don't need anyone's help! I can whoop your ass without them my stinky friend!!" I twisted around and did the famous "grab, twist, and yank as hard as you can" manuever in his groin area. His eyes crossed, he turned blue and he stopped breathing, momentarily. He fell like a stone and rolled around on the floor whimpering in soprano.

His companion went to his side and was repremanding him in a foreign language. I just grinned and turned to face the stunned Jedi's. I shrugged, "That's the first thing they teach in hand to hand combat." A hint of amusment was on their faces. One of the aliens pointed a weapon at us and motioned for the third to grab their lightsabers.

The fallen alien slowly made his way to a chair and sat down to recover from tangling with me. I started giggling uncontrolably, (as I'm apt to do from time to time.) "Maybe he needs a healer. I can do it." I chimed in.

The Jedi's looked at me and I just grinned evilly. They didn't need the force to sense I was up to something. One of the aliens grabbed my arm and lead me to his fallen comrade. I grinned and asked him if he wanted healed. He squeeked his answer and sat up as I started the routine. The Jedi's and alien intruders watched me, wondering what I was doing. I did the "normal" set-up to the joke. I started out with the "patty-cake" bit and when he was least expecting it....WHAM....he was heeled! I hit him as hard as I could with the palm of my hand. It landed squarely on his forehead and he fell to the ground, hitting his head and knocking him cold.

The other alien grabbed my arm and asked, "Who are you? Are you the Jedi's secret weapon?" I leaned over and kissed his nose. He looked at me with surprise. << I like doing that to people. Always keep them guessing.>> He walked over to his other comrade(the one not unconscious) and they whispered quietly. I crawled over to my luggage and started to rumage through my stuff. I grabbed a candy bar and torn into it. I found my walkman and I sat down hard, pulling the earphones on. I turned it on and jammed with a candy bar hanging out of the corner of my mouth.

Evidently my body has a mind of its own (I know it doesn't listen to me) and I was unknownly bouncing all over the place. I brought up my gaze to the stare of the room. I swallowed the last bit of my candy bar and grinned innocently. << Wonder if they bought it?>> One of the intruders motioned for Obi-Wan to investigate what was going on with me. I wanted to jump his bones, but for the sake of everyone else in the room, I didn't. I sat and watched him pull out the walkman from my duffel. He accidently hit the skip button and I grimanced. << I didn't like this song. >> I took the earphones off and did my best Bugs Bunny impression, "What's up doc?"

Obi-Wan looked at me like a deer caught in headlights. I just smiled and got an overwelming urge to kiss him. He blushed and smiled at me. << I hope he didn't sense what I thinking>> I got a sudden urge to dance, so I jumped up and grabbed the nearest intruder to cut a rug. Evidently he doesn't know this Earth ritual and he tried to push me away. I thought it was time to get out "the tickle bug". <> He smacked me so hard I went flying a few feet. I spun around so my back would be towards him and I held my stomach. The council members thought I was injured, but when I made it to my feet again, a lightsaber was ignited. (I picked his pocket!!!) I turned and stabbed him straight through the shoulder. He let out a scream and dropped his weapon. Qui-Gon attacked the other alien and forced him to surrender.

I wanted to show off alittle, so I spun around and did a few little tricks I learned in martail arts class and as a majorette. After I finished I leaned against the wall, foot swept over the other leg, crossing at the ankle. I brought the lightsaber to rest on my shoulder. <> I screamed and threw it to the ground where is slid across the room and one of the Jedi's picked it up.

I laughed, "Forgot my swords don't burn like that. Oh well, Live and learn. God, that stings. OWW OWW OWW OWW"

The alien I beat up arose and pointed a weapon at everyone and hissed out his demands. I rolled my eyes and watched as the Jedi's released his companions. I did a "Curley" impression (fluttered my hands and repeated the "NUK NUK NUK NUK.....WOO BOOBOOO) and went to sit by my stuff again. Everyone wondered what I was doing when I started unpacking little boxes and shuffling around little cases. It took me a few minutes to set-up my portable stereo. I loaded fresh batteries and found the CD I wanted to listen to. << For some reason the soundtrack to "Mortal Kombat" echoed in my head (maybe because there's so much room up there?).>> I turned it on and the aliens collasped. Everyone watched as they twitched and held their ears. I just laughed and started to sing along.

The intruders were taken away and the stinky animals went with them. I switched CD's and noticed I was being watched. "Don't tell me....I'm in trouble. Right?" I asked getting fustrated. They just shook their heads. "What? What did I do? Tell me!" I was getting more and more pissed off.

"You single-handedly beat up three intruders, not once, but twice!" Mace said, slapping me on the back. I was stunned by his actions, so wasn't the other members.

"Cool." I said, happy as can be. Mace looked at me and had the question right on the tip of his tongue. I cut him off at the pass," No I'm not cold. It's an expression on my planet."

"And what planet is that, Chic?"someone asked.

"It's the little one over there." I said giggling. "No, it's a planet called EARTH."

"Are you ever serious or are you always wired up like this?" Qui-Gon asked.

<> I looked down and sighed heavily, and broke out in a fit of laughter. I noticed Mace was still standing beside me. His robe flowed around him and swept back and forth with his every motion. ( I was curious as a cat.) So I lifted it and crawled underneath yelling, "What do you have under here. DAMN!" I was being smacked on the head and he was yelling at me to get out from under there. He pulled his robe back to allow one of the other members a chance to grab me. I grabbed a hold on one of his legs, squealing and mock crying. I wrapped both my arms and legs around his leg, a manical look in my eyes. << I LOVE BEING DEVIOUS!>>

He bopped me on top the head really hard. I was just playing, but if he wanted to get rough, I WILL GET ROUGH. I bit him on the upper thigh. He screamed and I let go, sliding myself across the floor. He glared at me and I just laughed, rubbing the top of my head. <>

Several other council members held him back and he clinched teeth, holding back on his language. I shook my head at him and said, "Anger leads to the dark side. Got pissed off at a little thing like me. Not as composed as you thought you were, huh?" I rose and walked over to him. I smiled and gave him a big hug, though I was scared he'd whip my ass. Everyone else just stared at him, and tried to "guess" at me and my intentions. << I love to confuse people.>>

"Are ya'll really confused?" I asked.

"Yes, we are. Your so strange. You seem nice and extremely playful, but you have another side to you that's bubbling beneath the surface. It's very volitile, and extremely unstable." one of the members started. I listened and smiled ear to ear.

"Good, chaos established. My work here is done." I said with a giggle. "Seriously ya'll, life's too short to be serious all the time. The world responds better to you if you aren't such a stick in the mud. And if people think you don't have the intelligence to comprehend things, they talk freely. You'd be surprised some of the things people have said around me. I guess they thought I was dumb or something. Little do they realize its a way of hiding, in plain sight." << I can't believe I'm actually being serious.....I must be sick!>>

Yoda smiled at me and I nearly had a heartattack! I settled down into a chair, giving them some things to think about. Evidently someone wanted their seat, because I was asked to get up. I waited until everyone sat down, then I plopped myself down on someones lap. I just grinned and got dumped in the floor. <> I just crawled back over to my stuff and laid down with my head on one of the bags. I wasn't paying much attention, but when a mission was being discused, I shot up off the floor.

"I wanna go....PLEASE?" I begged.

"NO!" everyone screamed at me. That hurt my feelins, so I began to cry. Of course I embelished alittle. ( It's a woman thing.)

"I promise I'll be good....Please?" I choked out between breaths. I gave my most pathetic look and whimpered.

" can go. Just listen to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. And stay out of trouble." Mace said, shaking his head in exasperation.

"Goody!" I squealed, opening my duffle and getting out my mini back pack. I started packing the bear esentials of life. I slipped it over my shoulders and straped my walkman to my side and jumped up to stand beside the unlucky couple. After all the reports and debriefing we were ready to go. I followed the two down the hall, pissed because Obi-Wans robe hindered my vision of his ass. I lifted the end of his robe and watched his ass, until he felt the draft and turned to eye me suspiciously. He yanked his robe out of my hands and I just smiled innocently.

I was so shocked to actually see a spaceship, my jaw dropped and I stopped and stared. I had to run to catch up with Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, who were boarding the ship. I followed Obi-Wan to the cockpit and watched him start the engines to take off. My eyes never left the controls and watched his every move. We got clearance and the ship took off, I pressed against the glass and watched as the city got smaller and smaller. I was so curious I ran my fingers over the controls.

"Don't touch that!" Obi-Wan snapped at me. I could tell I was pissing him off and he didn't like me too well.

"What does this do?" I asked and poked a series of buttons. We started to spiral and Obi-Wan struggled to regain control of the ship.

"That is the equalibrium for the ship. Dont touch it again!" he snapped.

I pouted and leaned back in my seat to watch the stars zip by. They were absolutly breathtaking. I felt as if I was flying. I wished my friends and family were with me to watch the stars too. I didn't even notice Qui-Gon enter. He and Obi-Wan were having a discussion, probablly about our little "misdirection" at the hands of yours truely. I was feeling homesick and I think it showed. Qui-Gon scared me out of it when he put his hand on my shoulder. I just sighed and forced alittle smile. << I think I was going through internet withdrawl. >> He told Obi-Wan to keep me occupied and left us together in the cockpit.

I could tell I was the last person Obi-Wan wanted to entertain. But it's Ok. He isn't the first to act like that. I think maybe he could tell I was melancholy, and started to give me the layout of the controls, in detail. I listened and watched as he demonstrated some of the features.

After he was done he asked, "Is there anything you don't understand? Or want me to repeat?" I thought he was acting kinda smug, and shook my head NO.

When we got to our destination I was ordered to stay behind. Qui-Gon told me they would be just a few minutes and I was to stay put. ( YEAH RIGHT! Country girl like me going to stay on the ship when there is a totally different world out there? THINK AGAIN! ) I waited until they were out of view and then I ventured out of the ship. It was so awesome. I took my camera with me and snapped a few pics. ( I was an all out tourist!) I was only gone for a couple of hours, I think. When I got back to the ship there was a note. Too bad I can't read their language. Oh well. I went in and put my stuff away and went to the cockpit. I had a strange feeling, "woman's intuistion". I recalled everything that Obi-Wan had done and I started up the engines. Next thing I know, there is Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon running towards the ship! Several aliens were shooting at them, so I pointed the ships weapons at them and started firing like there's no tomorrow. The ship took off the ground and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan jumped aboard to evade the attackers. They rushed into the cockpit to see who was driving. Imagine their surprise!

I yelled, "Sit down boys. This flights gonna suck and I don't serve peanuts!"

I was in the pilots seat and Obi-Wan protested, but I wouldn't leave it. There were alien ships all over the place. I zig-zagged and looped, weaving the ship and manuvering it through tight passes. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were getting sick. I think I was overdoing it. I shook the last alien aircraft off and relinquished the controls to Obi-Wan in the co-pilots seat. I turned and grinned at Qui-Gon.

"How did you do that?" Qui-Gon asked.

"I watched Obi-Wan manuever the ship, so I copied what he did." I said, crossing my arms in front of me.

"Obi-Wan didn't do any of THAT kind of flying." he was trying to irk me...I just knew it.

"That was nothing." I said, giving it back.

"Where did you learn to do that? Who trained you?" he asked, more forward this time.

I just wiggled around in my chair and said, "It's from playing video games and I have my pilots liscense back home. Just a matter of blending them, just like Tok'ra" I giggled.

Evidently we weren't far enough, because another ship fired on us, the blast knocking everyone off their feet. We lost our engines and were adrift. After making sure everyone was OK we discovered the ship had docked with us and we were being boarded. I waved my hands over the controls, systematically shutting down the remaining systems. Our ship was boarded by a mean man who came up to the cockpit, weapon poised for an attack from the Jedi's. The ship was silent and the lights flickered. The computer sounded we have 30 minutes before autodestrust.

He put the weapon up to my head and demanded me to stop the autodestruct. I played dumb and shrugged my shoulders. I looked at the controls and let a dumbfounded expression creep across my face. The man turned to the Jedi's and demanded they stop the autodestruct. Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon frantically pushed buttons and tried several passwords, but to no avail. The intruder started to freak out when the timer got to 30 seconds. He made a mad dash for his ship and detached us, hauling ass to avoid being blown up. I punched in MY password and the ship started back up and we resumed our course.

"How did you do that?" Obi-Wan asked before Qui-Gon could.

"I shut everything down and only my password would over-ride it. I just gave it the password and it started everything else on its own." I explained.

"What was the password?" Qui-Gon asked.

"Sock puppet." I giggled out loud.

Both looked at me and had confusion and wonder on their faces. I explained its not something alot of people say. So it was perfect. <> Apparently our fuel was leaking from damage we had sustained during the attack. Obi-Wan made a small detour to a planet to refuel and make repairs. I was tickled to see another alien world. << Hope they don't have bugs....YICK!>>

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan worked on the ship. I was ordered to stay on board. Evidently, on the last planet, when Qui-Gon said they would be only a few minutes, he was right. They came back to the ship, and when I wasn't there, they went looking for me. They unknowningly interrupted someone's "business" and had to make a fast getaway. (That's why they were being chased!) I stayed inside looking out the window and listening to my walkman. (I'm glad I brought it along.)

It was late evening on the planet by the time the repairs were finished. I could see a city in the distance and wanted to go explore it. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were giving the council members an update and a reason why we wouldn't be back in time. I seen the council members on the screen and I waved. A couple of them waved back, the rest looked pissed off. Qui-Gon told them we would depart the next afternoon. The city in the distance wouldn't let me forget about this strange place, and I begged for over an hour to visit. Qui-Gon told Obi-Wan to take me and he will join us later. Obi-Wan didn't like that too well. He frowned on the way there and wouldn't talk to me. I knew he didn't like babysitting me. We wondered around the city for alittle while and I was drawn to a strange building. There was loud "music" coming from it and lights flashing. I thought it was a disco...<<.what are the chances?>> I shifted my walkman around on my hip and walked in to investigate the "culture". Obi-Wan reluctantly followed.

I walked to the dance floor and watched as several species were "dancing". (Actually it wasn't dancing, not by ANY earth standards.) I giggled at the rhythmless creatures and I spotted what I guess was the DJ. I slowly made my way through the crowd, Obi-Wan close behind. The "DJ" leaned over and asked me if I had any favorites. I grinned and handed him my walkman and my mini CD case, filled with my fav CD's. (Some of them were mixes I had made, but there were a couple of "original albums" in there.) I showed him how to change the CD and song tracks. He looked at me and grinned. He started to add wires and cables to my walkman. (I assumed they were like an adapter of some kind.) I showed him my favorites and he acknowkledged me. I lead Obi-Wan to the middle of the dance floor. << He protested but I nagged him into it. (I don't think he's used to dancing, least of all the "90's way".) >>

"Are you a fast learner?" I shouted about the racket. He nodded and I pointed towards my feet. He watched as I danced around and gave him the basic idea of what goes on. I grabbed his arms and showed him how to move and put his hands in the right places. I took my outer shirt off and threw it to a corner, Obi-Wan's robe soon joined it. << I'm glad, didn't want to get tangled in that thing.>> I think everyone was stunned to see my spagetti strap belly shirt. <>

I smiled so hard when I heard my familiar music begin. The first song was "Abracadabra" by Sugar Ray. I stepped closer to Obi-Wan, all my inhabitions were gone. (There is something about music.) He was more than surprised when I linked arms with him and began to sway, getting closer and closer. I was making him uncomfortable, but I didn't care. (He's wound too tight anyway). It took a couple of minutes for the "natives" to get into it. Next thing you know, everyone is jamming. I smiled at everyone enjoying themselves, including Obi-Wan who was actually keeping up with me.

Pretty soon, Savage Garden, NSYNC, Beatles, Backstreet Boys, Whitney Houston, Pet Shop Boys, Celine Dion, Def Leppard, Frank Sinatra, and a mixture of 60's and 80's rock were echoing into the night.

The mood switched when a slow song came on. Everyone looked around, confused and looking at me for an explaination. I leaned close to Obi-Wan and put my arms around his neck. He jumped and looked at me confused. <> I started to sway and pretty soon, he took the lead. Didn't take him long to figure out everything, and I thought it was time to expand his horizens again. I explained where to hold on to me and I demonstrated a "dip". Everyone watched us and then they started to mimic us and then started to venture on their own and adlib.

We had a ton of fun, just bouncing all over the place. The next song was a latin mix. (Time to expand again). << I love the latin music, it's so upclose and personal. And highly erotic!>> I grinned and began to sway seductively around, touching here and there. I love to dance, so I still had plenty of energy. Obi-Wan looked like he was about to drop, so I did most of the dancing. I was wrong! He was learning the moves, and before I knew it his arms were around my waist and we were dancing in perfect time. My heart was pounding and I could feel his pounding against his chest. I don't know if it was because of the dancing or him actually being that close to me, but my moves were becoming hot and fevered. I threw in some moves from "Dirty Dancing", forgeting I'm not that flexible. I strained my neck and back, but I wouldn't let the pain deter me. I kept on dancing and didn't let Obi-Wan know I was hurting.

The song ended with my leg wrapped around his waist, dipped down, head thrown back, and his face just a few inches away from my skin. I could feel his heavy breathing on my clevage. <> When the music was being changed, Qui-Gon yelled at us. Obi-Wan was surprised to see him and raised up to look at his master, dropping me on the floor. I yelled when my head hit the hard surface. Obi-Wan helped me up and we walked over to where Qui-Gon was standing.

"It's been 5 hours. I thought something bad happened to you two." Qui-Gon started.

"Really? It's been that long?" I couldn't believe it.

"It's time to go. Get your things, we need rest before we take-off tomorrow." Qui-Gon said. I went to the DJ and explained I was leaving. He gave me back my CD's and walkman and thanked me for letting him use my library. I walked back to the Jedi's and grabbed my other shirt and tied it around my waist. Sweat was pouring off Obi-Wan and I. We stepped outside and the cool nite air sent chills down my back. It was refreshing and energizing. We walked and talked on the way back to the ship.

"Obi-Wan, where did you learn to dance like that?" Qui-Gon had a gleam in his eye.

"I taught him. I'm a good teacher. Learned from the best." I grinned. A light breeze dryed our skin, but our hair was still sweaty and clung to our faces. I told them about movies and other places I learned to dance. (I still had a ton of energy, and I think the Jedi's were surprised at me.) I giggled and skipped back to the ship. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were dragging themselves on board. I ran to the front to grab a candy bar before bed, and when I got back Obi-Wan was already sound asleep. Qui-Gon asked if I was alright and I just nodded. (Didn't want him worring about me.) I leaned over and gave Obi-Wan a kiss on the forehead and said "Thank You". Then I went to Qui-Gon and gave him a kiss and a Thank You.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"For letting me go, and making Obi-Wan be my escort. I had a blast tonight. I needed a release from everything and this little excursion was the perfect distraction."I smiled. He smiled back and we separated to get some long deserved sleep. I just laid in bed and listened to the night animals on the planet. I don't remember falling asleep. I woke up to Qui-Gon shaking me. Apparently I fell out of bed and was fairly tangled up in the blankets. It took me a few minutes to work my way free. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan laughed at me. I moved gingerly because of pain in my back.

We got back to Coruscant and went directly to the council chambers. I held my back and followed the two in. I wasn't my normal "ABNORMAL" self. I think they all could tell. I would move and then yell out, grabbing my back and rubbing my spine. (I needed a chiropractor.)

"Injured you are?" Yoda asked. I know he was just asking and not meaning anything, but I was hurting and didn't care how I was supposed to take it.

"DUH," I said. "Obi-Wan and I got alittle wild last night and I think he threw something out. It's been awhile since I moved like that and I'm paying for it now."

"Do you need a healer?" Mace asked.

"I think I need a whole new body. I think this one is just about used up" I giggled, then groaned, grabbing my back. A healer was called and lead me to this strange room that smelled of insense burning. I'm not sure how long I was there, but when I left, I felt great! I returned to the council chambers and everyone could tell I was back to my old self. I was bouncing around and giggling like an idiot.

"I see you feel better." Qui-Gon said, laughing alittle. Obi-Wan sighed and whispered,"Oh great, the hyperactive as back and ready to go."

I grinned and looked over at him. I stuck my tongue out at him and he laughed. I asked, "And how do you feel after last night? As I recall, you didn't have a clue how to dance, and I had to drag you onto the floor."

He shook his head and said, "You called that dancing? Do people actually dance like that where your from?"

"Yeah they do," I said sarcastically, "But unlike you, most of them have rhythmn. I'm just glad you learned what little you did so you wouldn't look like a complete idoit out there."

I could tell that pissed him off and I burst out laughing. I gave him a big hug and pinched his cheek. He just looked at me, stunned. <> "Ya know," I started," it just occured to me that I have no idea how to get back home. I don't know how long I can stay." I started to pout and tears started to form. (I was having too much fun to leave.)

"You can stay as long as you want, Chic" Mace said. He smiled. <>

"Thank you," I said. I bowed for the first time I'd been there. I saluted, (just to be a smart ass) and I hit myself alittle too hard and knocked myself to the floor. My butt bounced and I giggled. I was told that I was always welcome and I was given a room.

Qui-Gon showed me around the temple for a few hours. We saw the gardens, several chamber rooms, training rooms, and the library. We were running around all over the place and I soon got tired. (My short little legs can't keep up with his.) He showed me where my room was and I passed out on the sofa.

I woke up to a cold nose poking my face and a stinky dog breathing on me. I jumped up and looked around. I was in my house again. I thought I was going to cry. I saw my luggage was gone and evidently all my stuff was back on Coruscant. <> I grinned evilly. I'll be more than happy to go back, but........

I wonder if the stone can bring them here? Huhmmm........