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A Light in the Darkness



The night was calm and quiet throughout the houses. Now a person was a wake in Surrey. But on a certain street, in a certain house, in a certain room, a young boy shivered violently. His mouth was open in a silent scream while tears streamed down his cheeks. A soft light radiated off the boy, giving the room an eerie glow. The tanned skin gave off a shine from the sweat glistening in the light.

His breathing became labored as his face contorted in agony. Even though the mouth was wide open, the sounds that he emitted were chocked whimpers and sounded forced.

After about an hour of apparent torture, the boy's body slackened and his breathing eased. With only a few seconds of rest the, relaxed body tensed up and the light that had been fading burst into a blinding whiteness that filled the room.

When the light faded, the boy was no longer alone. In the middle of the room stood four people. The only movement the boy did was turn over and fall into a deeper sleep, not knowing what had happened in the night.


AN: This is the first part, I know that it is short, but think of it as a tester. You know, give a little taste and then see how people like it to see if there will be much more onto this.

BROWNIE POINTS if you can guess who the four people are. (they are from the past)