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Summer's End

"So we go to Hogwarts under Greg Gryff, Sylvester Snake, Robin Claw, and Hellen Hummer? What kind of names are those?" Godric asked, a little put out.

"Sorry for my lack of imagination, at least the names are similar to your real names." Harry snorted. "Dumbledore is sending our school supplies and a key that you four can use at Gringotts if you ever need it. We also need to get you guys a wand."

"I still don't want a wand." Salazar grumbled.

"Oh buck up! It's not that bad!" Helga said cheerfully.

"I think a wand would dull our magic enough to make everyone think that we just had extra training. We were home-schooled and our parents died in a horrible potion accident while we were out. We found a relative, Harry, because he and Sal are distant relatives." Rowena reminded Salazar.

"Yes, yes! I know that!" Salazar snapped. "It doesn't mean that I have to like it!"

"What if they decide to do a blood test?" Harry asked.

"You look enough like me. We should have the family tree test done by next week so we can see if there is a slight chance of us being related. Then if we aren't, a small potion will fix it all up, don't worry." Salazar reassured Harry.

During the summer, Harry had explained what was going on during the present and the five roommates mostly just hung out with each other. They had fallen into a simple routine that satisfied everyone. Before breakfast was time to spend alone. From breakfast to dinner, they hung out together and after dinner was devoted to studying and learning until they went to bed.

A few days later all five witches or wizards stood around a paper that told Harry's family history. "Well, it looks like my sister's granddaughter was a squib and her line continued to marry into muggles until finally after diluting almost all trace of magic, your mother was born. My father's sister's line goes into your father's line. Your father also has diluted Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. It really is a long list of purebloods. When a family is diluted of a name, that means that the family doesn't have any heirs from that name in the family, and most likely any males either." Salazar said, explaining the colorful chart to Harry.

The chart was covered with names, though only the wizarding families had it continued back down the line. The muggles were black, squibs were red, wizards were blue, and witches were purple. Magical creatures, whether born or made, were green.

"So if they test us, it will show you as a distant relative?" Harry asked. "What if they have a new potion that shows more exactly what it is?"

"There is hope for you yet." Salazar sneered before thinking about the second question. "Well, I think that if they had something more exact, then it would be more expensive and we are only going to say distant relatives."

"I still don't get it." Godric said grumpily.

"Anything to do with potions cannot be comprehended by an idiot like you." Salazar snapped. He almost sounded offended that someone could not want to know about potions.

"Well, you can't grasp the concept of transfiguration!" Godric shot back.

"Well sorry Mr. Multi-Animagus." Salazar spat.

"You're a multi-animagus?" Harry gasped.

"It's a trait carried only in Gryffindor blood. It doesn't show up in every generation and it is usually two normal animals and a magical animal. The trait only matures when a person turns fifteen." Godric explained.

"What about the rest of you?" Harry asked, "I mean, if you all have something." He added hurriedly.

"Well, the Hufflepuff line has a special communication with plants. It allows them to do all magic, but they are best with Herbology. Oh! We also live longer then most; my eleventh great grandfather lived to be three hundred and fifty six years old, I think." Helga said proudly.

"Charms, all spells and curses." Ravenclaw clipped.

"I guess it makes sense. All of the Head of Houses are professors of those subjects." Harry muttered.

"Of course. The Potion master is always head of Slytherin, Transfiguration is Gryffindor, Charms is Ravenclaw, and Herbology is Hufflepuff. The professor doesn't even have to be from that house. Like, the Potions professor and Slytherin Head of House could be from Gryffindor." Salazar explained.

"But why?"

"Those were the classes for the houses." Godric said as though it was obvious. Harry looked even more confused but decided to drop the subject.

"All right, if you say so." Harry said uncertainly.

The next few days were uneventful. The supplies for five people arrived, using almost twenty owls. After those arrived, the five went to Diagon Ally shortly so that they could get the founders their wands. That was uneventful until Salazar used wandless magic to make all of the wands and boxes go all over the place and cursed them so Ollivander couldn't just use a spell and make them all go back to their correct places as they left.

Three days after the trip Harry's birthday arrived. At the stroke of midnight, Harry collapsed while waiting for the annual resents. Pain wracked his body. His vision swam and his scream was so scratchy that it tore at his throat. The pain faded after almost an hour, leaving Harry panting as Salazar burst into the room. Dry sobs shook his body as he tried to force out all traces and memories of the pain. He didn't cry tears, he was pass tears, the pain was so great. When it reached its peak, it had slowly faded until all that remained was a slight discomfort and the feeling that something wasn't right.

"Harry?" Salazar called. "Is today your birthday?" Harry nodded slightly.

"Wha' 'appened?" Harry slurred. He felt as though he had just ran a mile in 110-degree heat, using magic the whole way. He felt dry of any and all energy and magic.

"You just came into your inheritance. All wizards and witches go through it on their fifteenth birthday." Salazar explained after he levitated Harry onto the bed.

"'uggle 'orns?"

"Even mudbloods. The ministry sends a letter to their families to explain it and to say that they can't do anything about it. The more you inherit, the more pain you're in. If there isn't anything to inherit, it is even more painful because the magic forces you to create something that your kin can inherit." Salazar paused when he saw that Harry looked as though he might pass out. "Tomorrow we can discuss more, sleep will help the magic adapt to your body faster." As soon as Harry heard that, he let go of the will he was using to stay awake and fell asleep immediately.

The next morning, Harry woke up to a tingling sensation that flowed through his entire body. He lay there for a moment until it wore off. After he was feeling normal, he got up to eat the breakfast that he could already smell cooking.

"Good morning Harry." Helga said cheerfully when Harry sat at the table. Harry gave her a small smile.

"G'mornin'." He mumbled. Rowena and Godric were already at the table while Salazar was nowhere to be found.

"Sal! Breakfast!" Helga only had to raise her voice slightly and Salazar's clunking footsteps sounded on the stairs. The five ate breakfast quietly. When they were done, Salazar lightly placed a hand on Harry's shoulder so he could lead him into the front room. (AN: I think that's what the British call it, I call it that half the time and living room the other half so what ever you call it, it's usually the first room you enter with the couches and sometimes a tv.)

"Harry, what questions do you have about the inheritance. Drink this potion, it will clear your memory of our conversation last night. Then ask any questions you still have." Salazar handed Harry a goblet of something that was puke pink in color.

"Is it vomit?" Harry asked, feeling his own stomach churn.

"There are no chunks in it and it smells like herbs." Salazar rolled his eyes. Harry closed his eyes and threw his head back so that he drank the potion in one gulp. What had been foggy and full of holes had cleared completely and Harry remembered almost every word that was said from last night.

"I thought that we matured at seventeen." He said first.

"You do, that is your magic maturing and it happens very slowly, so it isn't painful. Your inheritance comes at fifteen and it comes very fast so it is painful. You have adjusted magic for two years, not an increase in magic, like you would after maturing." Rowena explained.

"How do I figure out what I got?" Harry asked.

"You learn about it when you do it. The only way to know your inheritance is so use it. About half of the wizards and witches never figure it out." Salazar answered.

"So half of the wizarding world go through all that pain and have nothing to show for it?" Harry gasped.

"Well, there is a spell to force it out of you. The only problem is that it is extremely painful. Most people die from the pain alone and the person that casts the spell must have and recognize a type of inheritance call ancestry-heredity. The spell also causes the caster great pain and ancestry-heredity is usually only found in one out of every thousand wizards and witches. Half of them never even recognize it because they have no reason to." Rowena explained.

"But, does it hurt when a person recognizes their inheritance?" Harry asked.

"No, it usually doesn't. The reason it hurts when you get your inheritance is because your magic is adjusting to handle new abilities." Salazar said from where he sat next to Harry on the couch.

"But what if you get more then one inheritance?" Harry asked.

"You never recognize more then one inheritance at a time, so no, it doesn't hurt. A lot of people get all three inheritances, but then only recognizes one of them, usually the weaker one." Salazar answered.

"Can two families have the same inheritance?" Harry asked.

"Of course. Unless never in the history of the two families did anyone in both families ever have children together. But that is extremely rare and is entirely unpredictable. No one can trace their linage back to the beginning of time. And muggle borns usually inherit something from a family that had been long dead." Salazar said.

"Are there any type of words?" Harry asked.

"What do you mean?" Godric asked.

"Like for a spell, or at least do you think there might be words needed to use the inheritance in my time?"

"No, Harry. A person's inheritance is always working once it is recognized. The person only needs to call on it. Now there are certain spells that can only be used by someone with a certain inheritance. Those might need a spell." Rowena said.

"Then I can't think of anything else to ask."

"Good. Did you get any presents?" Helga asked.

"I completely forgot! I was thinking so much about inheritance." Harry yelped eyes wide in surprise. He ran up the stairs, stumbling halfway up, and ran into his room. He stopped in the doorway when all he saw was one lone letter on the desk under the window. He felt his heart twist as he walked over. Half of him wanted to run away while the other half wanted to read it out of curiosity. He reached the desk and opened the envelope with trembling hands.

'Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday. Dumbledore wouldn't let us leave the house so we weren't able to get you anything. It is safer to send one letter.

Ron George Fred

Hermione Ginny'

"Harry? Did you get any presents?" Salazar asked from the doorway. Harry shook his head.

"But it's the thought that counts. At least they didn't forget about me." Harry said in a strangled voice. He was about to put the letter away when he came upon a smaller, thicker package. He turned the envelope upside down and it slid out. Harry opened it to reveal a ring with a thick chain running through it. The ring was a thick gold band with a large emerald in the center and a small ruby on each side of the emerald. Harry looked at the small package and saw that it was really folded up parchment. He opened it up and flattened it before reading.


I'm not one fore writing letters. Happy Birthday. The ring was the ring that Sirius got from your grandparents when he reached his inheritance. They had it specially made for him to wear when he finished growing. He couldn't stop talking about your inheritance and this was going to be your present. I put a chain through it because your hands are thinner then his were.


Harry had tears in his eyes that he wouldn't let fall as he read the letter. Harry just stared at the letter and ring until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Harry yelped and jumped around to see Salazar's stern face.

"What's that?" He asked.

"Sirius' inheritance ring. Remus gave it to me." Harry said. Salazar nodded before sweeping out of the room.

The rest of the summer passed quickly. They took the Knight Bus to Kings Cross station. All of them had a trolley to 9 3/4. Harry had to explain to the wizards of the past how to get through the barrier and about what a train was. The five of them found an empty compartment and sat down. They had arrived forty-five minutes early so they sat in silence until the compartment door burst open to show Ron and Hermione.

"Where were you!" Hermione scolded. "We were waiting for you!"

"Sorry." Harry muttered, looking at his hands.

"And you didn't even save us a seat! Who are they! Are they your new friends?" Ron spat, his ears as red as his hair. Godric and Salazar stood quickly.

"I don't know who you are, but yes, we are friends with Harry." Godric snapped.

"Harry is my relative, and we are living with him." Salazar explained without really saying anything.

"Who are you then?" Hermione sniffed. Godric rose an eyebrow at her.

"You may go now." He sniffed, sounding like Malfoy when he talked to the younger years.

"No we may not!" Hermione snapped back.

"You are dismissed. Are you not learned enough to understand that?" Rowena said calmly.

"I am not stupid!" Ron yelled.

"She never said you were, you came to that conclusion on your own." Helga added in her two knuts.

"Some best friend you are, Harry." Ron hissed angrily, the redness of his ears spread to his neck.

"Ron, they're new and they are Sly's friends. They aren't some first years, they are our age." Harry glared at the two Gryffindors.

"Yeah? Well the blond looks like a relative of Malfoy, why didn't they stay there instead?" Ron growled.

"He isn't a Malfoy. And they might all end up in Gryffindor." Harry scolded.

"I bed they all go to Slytherin, just looking like Malfoy ought to qualify him to be a slimy snake." Harry didn't know whether to laugh or get made at Ron's remark. The founders all had poker faces on and Harry decided to get rid of his friends.

"But aren't you guys supposed to be in the prefect's compartment?" Harry asked. "The train started fifteen minutes ago." He drawled.

Hermione started to say something, but then her cheeks turned pink and she started to drag Ron away from the door just as a voice that sounded like McGonagall said, "Mr. Weasley, Miss Granger, why aren't you present at the prefect's meeting?" The door slid quickly shut as the two prefects followed their head of house, looking down in embarrassment and shame.

The ride to Hogwarts was silent and when they got out at the station, Harry directed them to a carriage. Rowena and Helga got into one while Godric, Salazar, and Harry got into another. Harry was about to shut the door when another teenager entered. Harry didn't even bother to look at him, or at least Harry thought it was a he, and he shut the door.

Harry sat down next to Salazar and finally looked at the newest addition to the carriage.

It was none other then Draco Malfoy and he was sitting next to Godric Gryffindor.

"Potter?" Harry would have said that Malfoy was surprised, but Malfoys did not gasp in surprise.

"Malfoy?" Harry drawled in return.

"This is the Malfoy you were talking about? They look awfully similar." Salazar said to Harry, referring to Godric and Malfoy. Harry looked between the pair and decided that they did look very much alike. Though Godric was more muscular and had calluses on his roughish features instead of Malfoy's smooth skin. It only pointed out that Malfoy was served and did not work.

"I beg your pardon." Malfoy sneered, eyes darting between the other three in the carriage.

"It's just, well, you see, Greg here is the poster boy for Gryffindor." Harry snorted slightly at the end. "Poster boy is the term meaning stands for or has all of the characteristics of." Harry explained. The carriage stopped and all four got out. "Welcome to Hogwarts."

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