Nothing's As It Seems

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Skye Quartermaine stood behind the blackjack table at the Haunted Star, dealing cards to the person in front of her. The room was crowded, business was booming as usual and she was winning at her game.

Faith spotted her from across the room, she walked towards her, wearing her distinctive black. When most people wore black it was because they wanted to blend in, but not Faith Rosco, when she wore it she stood out. She placed her hands on the either side of the table, clearing her throat loudly to get the other woman's attention.

"What do you want?" Skye asked her, already annoyed in the brief seconds she had graced her presence.

"Princess." Faith started, with fake concern in her voice, "Shouldn't you be staying off your feet?"

She continued to deal the cards, "What is it that you want?" Skye asked for the second time.

"We need to talk........about business."

"Fine." Skye reluctantly agreed, she stepped away from the table, letting another staff member take over.

The two women stepped out into the hallway, outside the main gambling room, away from all the people.

"Luke and I are taking a little trip, we're leaving tonight." Faith told her, trying to rub it in, "Hopefully we'll be back before you explode but if not you'll just have to close the casino."

"You plan on a three month vacation?"

"Well, with Luke, you never know." Faith said deviously, recalling their previous encounter, "I helped him get over his wife and now he's with me. I even managed to take him away from you, the spoiled little brat." She laughed, fully satisfied with herself.

"Away from me?" Skye asked outraged, "Luke was never mine for you to take."

"You wanted him though, didn't you?" Faith taunted, "So bad you could hardly stand it and everyone knew it." Her eyes traveled to the swell of Skye's stomach, "But everyone knows that Luke's not a family man."

"Luke and I were never together." Skye insisted.

"Right." Faith snickered, "Keep telling yourself that."

"Why do you always think you're right?"

"Because I am." Faith told her, "See, I know your little secret, Red."

Skye was now intrigued, "What secret?"

Faith was silent, causing Skye to start to walk away, then she spoke, "I seen the two of you."

Skye turned around to face her, "Who?"

"You and Luke." Faith said emphasizing on his name, bitterly, "It was right after the fire at the Port Charles Hotel. I was stopping by to take care of some business. You were perched on top the Roulette table, the skirt of your dress up way past your thighs and Luke's hands were all over you and you were throughly enjoying it." She recalled from memory.

Skye swallowed hard, "Are you going to tell him?"

Faith let out a long sigh, "And what ruin everything for me?" she asked, "I think not."

"Well, then you better hope you don't do anything to piss me off." Skye warned, "Because the moment you do I go to Luke and tell him."

"As much as you slum around sweetheart, he probably wouldn't believe you." She turned sharply on her heel and walked off.

Skye laughed inwardly, Faith was amusing. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned around to see the father of her unborn, "Jax, you're early."

He dropped a small kiss on her lips, "I thought we could have a late dinner and then go home and snuggle up to a warm fire." He suggested, his thick accent hypnotizing her. Jax took her hands in his and kissed the right and then the left, "I love you."

She smiled, "I love you." she whispered back.

The End