Part One, Chapter Seven

He was watching her. Waiting. Their faces only mere inches away. Her gaze fell to his lips and she thought back on all those times she had wanted nothing more than to press her own against them. To feel the soft texture of them against the tip of her tongue and have the taste of him flood her mouth. She wanted to make the first move, but a cold dart of fear suddenly shot through her. Causing her to catch her breath at its sharpness. What the hell was she doing? She couldn't do this. She couldn't close the distance between them and change their lives forever. She wanted to, but she just didn't know how. Old instincts and rationalizations battled to the surface, and all the assurances she had felt just a moment prior faltered.

She was the first young woman he'd ever really interacted with since childhood. It was to be expected he would feel the way he did towards her. Not because he loved her, or because they were soulmates, destined to be together. It was foolish to look at it from that angle. Foolish to think that a relationship between them could last. Foolish to honestly believe that one day when this world was no longer a new and uncertain place for him, that he would still want her in his life. Not when he would know himself to be the heir to a billion dollar fortune, with his pick of any of a thousand women far more suited to be in his life than her upon reaching that time.

No, she couldn't take advantage of him like that. Like this. He wasn't truly meant to be hers, not really. She had just played a small part in the making of the man he would become over the following years. Nothing more than a fond memory that he would be able to carry with him and drag out when he wished to entertain someone with the tales of his first year back from the jungle. And she was just going to have to be content with that. Nothing more. Never anything more. It was safer that way. Any other would just lead to heartbreak, because the only thing worse than not having him, would be to have him in that way, and then lose him.

She must have made some sort of move to pull away, or maybe he read the sudden doubt followed by determination, and recognized it as something he had seen in her expression time and time again over the past few months, but suddenly a tension ran through him, and he was holding her. Holding her in a way that she had not been prepared for.

Before she could protest, before she could even fully comprehend what was happening, John did something that he had never done before when they had found themselves in this position, with desire rising between them like a budding inferno, and her shields struggling to fall into place.

He took control.

With the sexual tension arcing between them almost as fiercely as the storm gathering strength outside, he pulled her to him. One hand remained cupped behind the back of her head, while the other dropped down to suddenly shackle her wrist in an unbreakable grip. The warm, calloused pads of his fingers pressing into the tender, pale skin of the inside of her wrist. He took her arm by that wrist and twisted it gently but firmly behind her back even as he brought her firm up against him.

… And I know you're on to me...

A gasp emerged from her mouth as she felt the contact of him against her body. Felt the heat of him through the pants, and the sensation of the bare skin stretched out over his chest when she brought up her one free hand to try and… what? Push him away? Bring him closer? She didn't know what she was trying to do anymore.

She whispered his name, and the sound mingled with the increasing fast ricochet of the rain pounding the outside of the apartment building. An entreaty… a warning… whatever tone behind it didn't matter, for it didn't distract him from the sudden heat exploding in his gaze, or the slight parting of his lips. Jane could only stare up at him helplessly, as he bent slightly over her. Thunder rolling out in the night sky strong enough to make the entire room tremble. Only one thought echoed inside her head at that moment, and that was that it was happening. It was really happening. No second thoughts, no interruptions, nothing to save her from being caught in the expression in his eyes.

And then his lips were pressing into hers.


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