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The New Spawn


"Ha ha ha. Spawn, why don't you want you led my army? Lead it and I promise I will grant you any wish you want."

"I won't lead your army because your army will destroy the world. Then what will be left for me to rule?"

"Fine. If you won't do it I'll find someone better to do it. Oh and Spawn, I hope he finds you. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."


"Spawn you forget I'm the devil, I'm already in hell. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."


*** Spawn wakes up in an ally somewhere ***

"Ooooooo, my head."

Boom! It starts to rain.


"What was that?" Spawn gets up and runs toward the scream. "Sword Stalkers. I should have known."

The Sword Stalkers are trying to rip off a little girl's dress.

"Hold it right there." The Sword Stalkers turn and started to run towards Spawn.

The Sword Stalkers raised their bladed hands and start their attacks. Spawn knew that they shield themselves when shot at, so he attacked them with his chains. As he thought they shielded themselves. His cape appeared and grew into a big ball of light. Then it formed into an ax he called Agony. He picked it up and said now its time for my chain of agony attack. He jumped with his chains stile hitting the enemy.

Slice. Shing. Shert. Boom.

As he tore into the flesh of the Sword Stalkers they blow up. In mere seconds they were all gone. Spawn walked over to the little girl and said:

"Are you ok?"

The little girl just sat in a ball and jumped. Spawn felt bad for her. He used his hellish powers to find out where she lives and he took her home. As he got to her home:

"There she is. Thank you whoever you are."

"It's no problem. Be careful she has been through a lot tonight."

"Alright thank you again." As the parents walked away Spawn summoned his cape and flew off.

To Be Continued....


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