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Summary: On his 1st voyage as a Cadet, Interplanetary Special Forces, Jim's ship is attacked and destroyed with him escaping to a nearby planet. There he discovers a lonely yet beautiful young girl taken from her parents when she was a baby by the family of Captain Nathaniel Flint.

Chapter 1

Tonight was one of the most beautiful nights that Jim had ever seen. Not only was the dark blue sky of the Etherium sprinkled with millions of stars but also with nebulas, faraway galaxies and even meteorites. These were perfect moments that Jim took to sit on the roof of the still-new Benbow Inn. Downstairs, travelers & families took to their suite rooms; the older guests reposed in rocking chairs sipping tea and port wine by the big stone fireplace in the Grand Admiral room. Meanwhile, Sarah Hawkins was hanging up her apron for the night while B.E.N. finished tidying up the kitchen. Delbert & Amelia Doppler had gone to the town of Batanistia for a 5-day romantic getaway. Thus their 2 year-old children (Andrea the redhead and the oldest, Chloe the brunette, Adam the puppy, and Olivia the blonde and quiet one) were in their bedroom asleep.

As Jim looked up into the Etherium, his mind kept coming back to the voyage that had changed his life. He had come a long way in the time period since then. His appearance was neater (but he still had his ponytail and earring), he was getting more attached to his mother and he had a few friends in the Interstellar Academy. Yet, even with all that he had come through, Jim still felt a little empty inside-like there was still something he had yet to complete or discover before he could truly become a man. Could it be his father, Leland who left him over 8 years ago? Jim hadn't given it much thought until now. Even though he was still bitter against his Father for keeping distant and never teaching or loving him, Jim still felt an aching for the only true direction and strength that only a Dad could give. True, he had learned so much from Silver and wished to see his friend again. But something deep inside of Jim knew that one day, he must see his Father again and restore their relationship—even thought it wasn't a deep one. Jim didn't want to carry around his emotional baggage for the rest of his life. In fact, his mom had even told him, "Jim, regardless of how much or little you feel about your father, until the two of you can get things right like it should be, then...it will always be with you. You'll never get to let go of your heartache unless you can forgive him and open yourself up. And who knows? Maybe he will be ready to be the dad that you believed he could be."

Jim was mulling over this even after dinner, clean up and tucking in the Doppler kids. As he watched the little ones' close their eyes and cuddle into their blankets, his eyes began to sink and tear flowed onto his cheeks. They were so blessed that their father was so caring, loving, sacrificing and considerate. His father never even looked at him when he was a little boy. He walked out and closed the door as he began to sob; his badly wounded heart was still bleeding with sadness, anger and other pain that could subside but never go away. His mom's words kept echoing in his mind. Yes, he did truly miss his father still. The desire to please and gain his attention had never left Jim. In fact, it had grown only stronger since his return from Treasure Planet. On and on Jim went in this cycle as he entered his room, closed the door and pulled off his boots, socks, jacket and shirt and slid into his bed with just his trousers. A few minutes later, morph squeezed under the door and came up to Jim. "Hey Morph, did you get full tonight?" Morph chirred and rubbed himself against Jim with a satisfied expression. Pulling away, the little shape-shifter let out an unceremonious burp. Jim smiled and pulled the bedcovers over himself as he lay on his back. Morph gave a trill and a little sigh and floated down to Jim's shoulder. Closing his eyes, he was asleep instantly. Jim turned down his wall lamp and followed suit in another minute.