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Prologue: The Creation of an Old Warrior

A shout of "That's it, I've had it with you Oyaji" could be

heard throughout all of Jusenkyo, as a very angry redhead glared at

a soaked panda. "First you cart me off for ten years of my life,

then bring me to a place like this. We're through, old man."

"But son...", the panda holds up a sign. However, it was too

late. The redhead already turned away. A gleam could be seen in the

panda's eye as he snuck up behind her and tried to deliver a dropkick.

The redhead dodged, and was able to give him a chop to the ear that

sent him into la-la land.

"Serves the old fool right.", she muttered as she leaned over

a backpack that the panda was carrying and started rummaging around

in it.

"*puff* Wait, kind Ma'am. *gasp*", came from an old man in

a Chinese uniform that was running after her. "You Father get cursed

in spring of drowned panda?"

The young lady turned around, "Yeah, what's it to ya?"

The man blinked a couple times. This was a new experience.

Usually people got mad at him after they got cursed, not each other.

Oh well, it just made it that much easier for him to explain what

happened. "Is okay, it only temporary curse. See?" The old man

lifts a kettle up and pours some water on the panda, turning it back

into a human. Well, what barely passes for a human. "Hot water turn

back to true form, but cold water change back into curse."

"That true of all curses?"

"Yeah, why you ask?"

"Gimme that kettle I see that kettle?", she demanded, holding

out her hand. After he hands it over she promptly douses herself.

Within the span of a second, her hair changes to a jet black

and she starts to grow taller. Within the blink of an eye what was

once a very pretty girl is now a handsome man. He pats himself on

the chest in amazement, noticing his center of balance change. "I'm

a guy again!!!", resounds throughout Jusenkyo.

She...he opens his eyes to see a wide eyed old man staring


"Oh no, kind sir. You fall in spring of drowned warrior?

There very ancient legend of warrior who drown in spring over 4000

year ago. All of time I work here as Jusenkyo guide noone has fallen

in spring. Is said that in time of great need, warrior from past and

warrior from present to become one in Jusenkyo spring."

"Whaddya mean, warrior. I turn into a girl!"

"But is very powerful girl. Is girl with special abilities.

I no know how to control, but it confirm so in legend."

Both of them turn towards the sound of a dog yelping not too

far in the distance. The guide sweatdrops. "*sigh* Someone fall in

spring of drowned dog. Must go and help new customer."

The young man turns and bows to the guide. "My names Mokusei

...wait...I meant that it's Ranma. Thanks for the help."

The guide shrugs and leaves to find the new vict...customer,

leaving Ranma to search through his father's backpack.

"Here it is.", he mutters as he pulls out his fathers old

address book. He turns to the front page which holds the 'return to'

address and quickly memorizes it. "Saotome Nodoka. I guess it's

time for me ta finally come home."

Ranma gathers up his backpack and sets out on a long journey

will take him to back to Japan, and onwards towards destiny.

End of Prologue.


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