She Doesn't Need Me

Author: Pumpkin Belly

Summary: Buffy realizes that Dawn doesn't need her

A/N: This isn't in any particular time-line.  Dawn is about 12 but Buffy is the slayer.  Dawn doesn't know that Buffy is the slayer. 

When Joyce told Dawn that Buffy would be a supervisor at her dance she was less than happy.  She didn't let her mother know that though.  Joyce has her hands full with her business and making sure Buffy stayed out of trouble. 

When Buffy was told she would be a supervisor at Dawn's dance she was happy to help.  She knew her mother had her hands full and this would give her some extra time.  It also gave Buffy a way to connect with Dawn. 

The night of the dance Buffy helped Dawn pick out her outfit and do her hair.  Buffy was told by Dawn what she could and could not wear and what she could and could not do.  Buffy understood Dawn's feelings.  So Buffy went to the dance in a knee length skirt with a suitable t-shirt. 

The dance was like a lot of dances that Buffy had been to.  The girls danced and a lot of the guys just watched.  There was food and drinks and a good D.J. 

The first slow song played and the girls and boys began to pair up.  Buffy sat down at one of the tables that lined the walls and watched the boys and girls dance.  Dawn had disappeared from her sight but she wasn't worried.  She had been very aware of her surroundings all night and knew no vampires or demons where there. 

After the slow song there were some more fast songs.  Dawn talked to some of her friends and even introduced some of them to Buffy. 

The next slow song played and Dawn once again went to find a guy.  This time her and the guy danced closer to Buffy.  As Buffy watched Dawn dance with this guy tears came to her eyes.  She was beginning to see that Dawn no longer needed her. 

Dawn didn't need to be protected from the world anymore.  She could handle things by herself.  Buffy pushed back her tears as Dawn looked over and smiled at her.  Buffy smiled back. At least Dawn didn't know that and Buffy wasn't about to let her know either. 

A/N: This is based on something that happened to me recently except it was with my cousin and I felt like I needed to write about and this is what came out.  Please let me know if it's any good.