Chapter 5: One More Chance?

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The doctor said the next few hours would be crucial. They had to establish just how damaged she was-if at all. I kept hoping and hoping that maybe she just had a really bad headache. While we waited, it gave me a chance to think.

My mom had been trying her best. The night of the crash, they were coming to see me. Me, Monica. The one I thought they hated when I was younger. The one who was always shunned while Ross was growing up. And I had gone through so many wasted years of not talking to her. Maybe she was wrong to try and set me up with Richard behind my back, and while I was engaged to Chandler, but she was probably only doing what she thought was best. If I had ever spared the time to sit down with her and explain to her just how much Chandler meant to me, perhaps then she would have understood how in love we were, and still are.

I could have lost her. And I would have only had myself to blame. Sure, I didn't make her get in that car and come to see me, but it was my fault. If we had stayed in touch more, she wouldn't have felt the need to come and see me straight away, to check that everything was okay between us. So I blamed myself.


"How's she doing?" Ross asked, passing his father more coffee. It was his fifth cup in the past hour but he needed to keep awake for Judy.

"She seems better," Jack said, smiling weakly for the first time in hours. "The doctors seem positive. She hasn't spoken much yet though."

Ross nodded, and squeezed Monica's arm as he sat down. She had been biting her nails a lot, something she hadn't done since she was a child, and they were all misshapen and looked rough. She would regret it the next day, Ross thought dryly, and nodded at Chandler who had his arm round Monica.

Judy moaned, and Jack moved suddenly, spilling some of his drink. "Is she waking up?" he whispered. Judy had been drifting in and out of consciousness for a while now, but hadn't said anything that made any sense, and hadn't really opened her eyes. Jack was praying, as was everyone else.

"I should..go... " Chandler said, sensing he wasn't needed at this point. Only family were allowed in, and Chandler had had to pretend to be another son, as Monica insisted she needed him with her. She had felt weak all of a sudden, unable to cope with all the sudden dramatic events in her life, and Chandler was also worried about his unborn baby. Monica was three months pregnant. It was possibly a dangerous time.

Monica nodded, realising that Jack would probably prefer it if it was just his close family. She smiled gratefully at Chandler, and he squeezed her hand before leaving the room.

"Judy? Judy..." Jack said gently, encouraging his wife to open her eyes. Slowly they seemed to flutter open, and looked straight into Monica's. Monica could see sadness, tiredness, and an old age that seemed to have crept into her mother without Monica realising. She'd always thought her parents were young, but that night she'd seen a different picture to the one they'd painted. There was fear in her fathers eyes that night, something which she'd never seen before.

Monica grabbed Judy's hand, then lessened her grip, afraid that she might hurt her, but Judy clung to Monica desperately. She didn't say anything, but Monica sensed that something had to be said.

"Mom," she began, tears falling down her face, as she stroked Judy's hand. "Mom, I love you. I... I forgive you. Completely. We're all here mom," she finished, as Judy made an attempt to move her head. It was obviously very painful for her, as she sunk back into the pillows, and the smallest of smiles crept onto her face.

"She seems more aware of things," Jack said, but he sounded worried. He'd also noticed the sudden ageing of Judy, and he hoped it would fade. Perhaps it happened because of the crash. He just wanted her to get better.


Chandler sat waiting outside, wondering what was happening. He knew that Judy was safer now than she had been. It looked to him as if she was waking up, and he guessed that that was a good sign, but then again, he wasn't sure. How could he know?

He stood up as Monica walked out the room. She'd been in there three hours now, which was usually against hospital regulations, but for some reason they had turned a blind eye.

"Hey," Monica said, smiling, and she hugged Chandler.

"Hey, how is she?" Chandler asked, pulling away for a moment. Monica nodded, smiling. "She's said some thing that makes sense," Monica said. "I suppose that's a good thing."

Chandler grinned. "Of course it is Mon," he said, hugging her again. "She'll be fine. You see.


Two Months Later

Mom made a full recovery. I thanked everyone who I could think of. Chandler, for getting me through it. He never let me feel negative, no matter how bad it got. And it got bad. There was a time after her "good patch" where she passed through unconscious stages again, and doctors feared she had brain damage, but she suddenly seemed to get better.

I felt so cross with myself though. If she had died, I would have wasted all those years of not talking to her. It made me feel sick just thinking about it really.

I know things aren't right between us still. My mom isn't completely comfortable around me. I still remember the times when I felt unwanted as a child. That still haunts me. She wasn't the perfect Mom. But she loved me. We both played a part in ruining my childhood years though, and we both need to work to fix it.

I feel optimistic though. Everything happens for a reason, as Chandler says. If my Mom hadn't had this accident, I wouldn't have realised how much I would have missed her if she wasn't around. I know we can fix this. We can't bring back my childhood years, but together, we can cry, we can laugh, we can forgive. If I've learnt anything from all this, it's to tell your loved ones how much you love them while they are still around. You never know how much time you've got left with them. Thankfully I learnt this lesson before it was too late.

I'm now five months pregnant, and Mom is coming to visit me as much as she can, to give me advice, tell me what to do and what not to do. I don't think I could cope without her, Dad, and of course Chandler. I feel so lucky. Some people don't have anyone. I have three people to love, and who love me. I have Ross. I have Phoebe and Joey. I'm pregnant with the child of the man I love. Not many people can say that.


"Night Monica." Chandler kissed his wife lightly on the forehead. He watched his wife fall asleep, and smiled to himself. He couldn't help but feel a little hypocritical. He was the one who had encouraged his wife to make amends with her parents. She'd got through it. Now it was his turn.

He reached for the bedside phone, and dialled that familiar number. He waited for it to be answered.

"Dad?...It's Chandler..."

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