Summary: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, Luna, Neville, girl!Blaise, Draco, Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle serve detention on the last day of school and Binns forgets to dismiss them! They eventually find Colin also locked in school and the 12 of them are utterly bored. Hermione gets a brilliant idea which turns out to be a BIG mistake. But getting stuck in 1977 can't be that bad, right?

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Chapter 1: How It All Started


"Hey! Hey, you! Harry!"

Harry Potter spun around. His two friends, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley stopped in their tracks too.

"Hi-ya, Harry!" Colin Creevey called as he rushed down the corridor towards Harry and his friends. He waved violently and snapped a picture with his infamous camera. Harry blinked a few times, though the spot from the flash still remained.

"Sorry, Harry," Colin said, smiling apologetically. "I just needed one last picture of you before the end of the year. Too bad this is your last; Dumbledore said he might let me create a yearbook next year! Isn't that great?"

"Yeah, Colin, congratulations," Harry replied politely. Colin beamed at him and ran his fingers through his short brown hair.

"Sorry to cut this conversation short, you guys, but I have to go take some more pictures!" the younger Gryffindor said and he ran off before anyone could say good-bye to him.

"That kid is weird," Ron said as he watched Colin hop merrily down the hall.

"Well, that's rude," Hermione told him, crossing her arms. "Just because Colin actually does something with his time, unlike you, doesn't make him freakish."

"I have a life, thank you very much," Ron huffed. "At least I do more than read. And anyway, I wasn't trying to be rude; it's just that his obsession with Harry is strange. He hasn't changed much since his first year."

"Nah, I reckon he's changed a bit," Harry mused as they resumed their walk to the common room. "He doesn't just take many pictures of me anymore."

"Oh yeah?" Ron retorted. "Who else does he stalk?"

"I wouldn't say 'stalk'," Harry responded nonchalantly. "It's just that he does take pictures of people other than me, unlike his first year. Take... Ginny for an example. He takes loads of pictures of her," he added, smiling smugly. Ron frowned.

"Are you implying that my sister has a boy that follows her around with a camera? Gee, Harry that doesn't sound like stalking at all," Ron said sarcastically.

"Did you not hear Harry at all?" Hermione asked him as they turned a corner. "He said that Colin doesn't stalk Ginny. It's probably just a silly crush." That caused Ron to turn a little red.

"C-Colin has a crush on G-Ginny?"

"I said 'probably'," Hermione pointed out. "Or maybe he just got the hint from Harry that he didn't want Colin to-"

"Stalk him?" Ron finished for her. Hermione shook her head.

"I wasn't going to say that, Ron. Why don't you let me finish a sentence for once?"

"Why should I when I know what you're going to say?"

"Because first of all, it's rude. Second of all, you obviously don't know what I am going to say, because I was not going to say 'stalk him'."

"Can you two please stop bickering?" Harry said, rubbing his temples. "It's annoying."

Ron frowned again and Hermione made a soft "hmph" noise. They entered the common room to find themselves looking at the back of a blond-haired boy.


The boy turned around and sure enough, Ron was correct: Draco Malfoy was standing in the Gryffindor common room with two girls at his side.

"Just who I was looking for," Malfoy drawled. The brunette girl to his left giggled in a squeaky voice and the dark-skinned girl to his right just wrinkled her nose at the Gryffindors.

"How'd you get in here?" Hermione asked, slight nervousness in her voice; she was the Head Girl, and things like this weren't supposed to happen.

"What do you mean 'how'd you get in here'? I'm the Head Boy. I know the passwords to every house."

"Yeah, only Head Boy because your dad paid Snape," Ron muttered, though it was purposely loud enough for Malfoy to hear.

At that statement, Malfoy frowned. "Shut up, Weasley," he snapped back lamely. Ron snorted.

"That was a good one, Malfoy," he chuckled sarcastically. Malfoy must've realized how bad the comeback was because he straightened up and removed his wand from his pocket.

"Is that so, Weasley? Well, at least my family can pay for such things. I notice your father hasn't been given a raise," he said, pointing to Ron's too-short robes, "in... how many years has it been?"

Ron turned red and extracted his wand as well, pointing it threateningly at Malfoy.

"You know, Malfoy," Hermione said suddenly, cutting the tension between the two boys. "You aren't allowed to come into the different common rooms just to push people's buttons. That's abusing the privilege of being Head Boy. If you had actually read the handbook carefully, let alone read it at all, you'd realize that it says so in chap-"

"What makes you think I care about those lousy rules, bucktooth?" Malfoy snarled.

"Incase you haven't noticed, I don't have buckteeth anymore, and I haven't had them since our four-"

"Shut up!"

"No, Malfoy, you shut up," Harry said. Malfoy turned to face him. Harry's wand was out too.

"Don't you tell my Drakie to shut up!" the brunette squealed. Harry, Ron, and Hermione instantly recognized her as Pansy Parkinson, the pug-faced, obnoxious Slytherin- also known as Malfoy's former girlfriend.

"Quit it, Pansy... I can speak for myself," Malfoy muttered. Pansy looked offended.

"I'm just trying to help you, honey. If you don't want me to stand up for you, you can just say so," she said shrugging.

"Well, I don't want you to stand up for me."

"Why not, Drakie?" Pansy whined.

"Yeah, Drakie, why not?" the tall black girl asked, a faint smile on her face. Harry and Ron jumped at the sound of her voice; they had forgotten she was there.

"That's my nickname for him, Blaise!" Pansy said. Malfoy and Blaise Zabini ignored her.

"Because, Zabini, she's Pansy," Malfoy replied. Pansy gasped at this.

"And what is that supposed to mean, exactly?"

"Nothing, Pansy, just drop it."

"We're still waiting for an answer, Drakie," Ron said.

"Don't. Call. Me. That," Malfoy hissed.

"Seriously, Malfoy, I think having Pansy stand up for you is a good idea," Harry said thoughtfully. "I mean... at least she has better insults than you. I doubt she uses the same one more than 10 times... in one day."

"I swear, Potter, I'll hex you if you don't shut up," Malfoy sneered.

"I'd like to see you try."

"Oh would you? That can be arranged."

"Purple rawt!" Ron shouted from next to Harry. The spell hit Blaise Zabini straight in the chest. Harry and Malfoy hadn't noticed that Ron and Blaise were having a stare down.

A second later, Blaise cried out as purple warts started appearing on her dark complexion. Ron laughed and Malfoy glared at him.

"You'll pay for that one, Weasel. Blindium!" A blue jet flew towards Ron and hit his head, though nothing happened.

"Guess you said the spell wrong," Harry laughed. Malfoy just continued to smirk in Ron's direction.

Just then, Ron gasped and he stared running in Harry's direction. Just as Harry thought Ron was going to hit him, he ran straight past Harry.

"HARRY? HARRY! HARYY, WHERE ARE YOU?" Ron asked, waving his arms around. He walked into the wall and groaned. "HARRY?" He yelped in pain as he stubbed his toe on the table. He hopped backwards and crashed into Pansy, who was attempting to make her way up the girls' staircase.

"HARRY? IS THAT YOU?" Ron shouted into Pansy's ear as he poked her. She slapped him across the face.

"Keep your filthy hands off of me, Weasley!" she shrieked.

"I'm over here, Ron!" Harry yelled.


The raven-haired boy turned to Malfoy. "You made him blind? Now you're going to pay!"

"Uh huh, yeah, sure," Malfoy responded in a bored tone.

"I am sure," Harry said, raising his wand. Malfoy did the same.

"Harzium green!" the two rivals shouted at the same time. The spells hit them, causing them to stagger back a few steps. Just then, their hair started to grow rapidly.

"What did you do, Scarface?"

"I should be asking you the same thing!"

There was a loud POP and then an explosion. They heard footsteps, but couldn't see because of the heavy smoke.

"MY HAIR!" Malfoy shouted, taking a bunch of his now-bright-green hair in his fist. His eyes snapped up to Harry. "You did this, Potter!"

"Well no duh," Harry retorted absentmindedly; he was preoccupied too, just realizing that his jet-black hair had also gone neon.

"You two!"

Harry and Malfoy turned and found themselves face-to-face with Professor McGonagall. Hermione was at her side.

"What is this?" she demanded.

"Well, Malfoy thought he'd pay us Gryffindors a little visit," Harry explained, glaring at Malfoy.

"Highly unlikely that this turned out to be a little visit," McGonagall said.

"Thanks for stating the obvious," Malfoy muttered.

"What was that, Mister Malfoy?"

"Nothing, Professor."

"Now tell me, Draco," McGonagall said, "if you came for a 'little visit', then why did Miss Granger come to my office, informing me that you were threatening Mister Weasley and Mister Potter?"

"Well, she was lying," Malfoy sneered, shooting a nasty look at Hermione. She merely rolled her eyes.

"I doubt it, Mister Malfoy," McGonagall said, tapping her foot impatiently. "So, now you are guilty of three crimes. Abusing you privileges as Head Boy, hexing another student, and now lying to a professor. And I see Miss Zabini and Miss Parkinson were in on this too?"

"Yes, they were," Hermione said, nodding.

"Sorry!" Ron said as he walked into Professor McGonagall. "Hey... who is this?" he asked, poking her.

"This is Professor McGonagall," McGonagall said, her mouth becoming a straight line. "Also known as... 'the evil old hag,' hmm?"

Ron turned red and Hermione shook her head. "I just didn't like the amount of homework you assigned," Ron replied sheepishly.

"I see, Mister Weasley. And evidently, you don't see?"

Ron shook his head violently. "No. Malfoy hexed me!"

"Yeah, Malfoy hexed me too!" Harry added on.

"You did also, Potter," Malfoy said defensively.

"Well, then, I guess you all deserve a detention, am I not right?" McGonagall said, raising her eyebrow. "How about... right after the end of the year feast?"

"What?" Malfoy asked. "That's the last day of school! What are we going to do there? And what about my hair?"

"I do not know what you will be doing during the detention I am sorry to say. And about your hair..." McGonagall flicked her wand and everything went back to normal; the remaining smoke disappeared, Blaise's warts disappeared, and Harry and Malfoy's hair went back to normal.

"Hey, I can see again!" Ron exclaimed, waving his hand in front of his face.

"All right," McGonagall sighed. "I'll see you five- Potter, Weasley, Malfoy, Zabini, and Parkinson- on Friday." She walked to the portrait whole and turned around. "I suggest you Slytherins follow me before you land yourselves in any more trouble," she pointed out. So Malfoy, Pansy, and Blaise stalked out of the Gryffindor common room sending nasty looks at the three Gryffindor best friends.

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