The Gain of an Angel

Pumpkin Belly

He Could Never Forget

A/N: I got a review asking how Buffy and Spike died so I decided to write this chapter.  This is a flashback of Giles.

She knew the risks of going after the demon.  He was bent on bringing the world to an end.  She knew he wanted to kill her and nothing but death would get in his way.  She went after him anyway because saving the world and her loved ones was more important to her then protecting her own life. 

He went with her.  His love for her and need to protect her wouldn't let him just sit back and watch.  She had begged him not to go, to stay and protect the others.  He agreed and with a goodbye kiss she left.  Unfortunately he followed her.  After a few blocks she discovered he was following her.  There was nothing else to do but let him come along.

The others reached the graveyard just as she was stabbed in the stomach.  She was weakened beyond belief but she kept fighting.  The wound in her stomach was becoming too great for her to handle. 

 She looked over to her lover and then to her friends behind her and smiled.  She flung her sword at the demons heart.  The demon fell only seconds after she did.  They all knew Buffy was gone.

He went to her side and grasped her hand.  Upon hearing no heartbeat he started to sob.  One of the demons minions that had been hiding behind one of the many crypts came out and staked him.  Spikes dust fell next to his loves.  The minion was dead before he knew it thanks to Giles' rage. 

Willow and Xander stood staring at Buffy's dead body, while Giles went over to her body and carried it to the hospital where they pronounced her dead and said there was nothing they could do. 

Xander went back to the cemetery and collected Spike's ashes. 

 Giles woke up panting.  As much as he thought he would be all right with Buffy and Spike's deaths, he never would be.  He watched her die and that wasn't something he could never forget.