Pokemon and Pet shop of Horrors Crossover! Haven't seen one before

Disclaimer: I don't own pokemon as it belongs to Nintendo. I don't own Pet shop of Horrors either. Only new creatures/pokemon/attacks/characters are mine.

Notes: for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics for pokemon talking!

Timeline: pre -TV show, Ash is 6

Chapter 1: Picking a pet

            D looked up as another customer walked into his pet shop.

            "Welcome…" He said, in his soft, kind of creepy voice. It was a little boy in jeans and a t-shirt, who looked sad.

            "Hi." Ash said softly. "I've heard that you sell all kinds of non-pokemon pets here?"

            "You're from Indigo across the sea?"

            "Oh yes. My mom and I are just visiting my uncle Shaw for a few days here in Chinatown."

            "Well, what kind of pet do you want?"

            D drank a cup of super sweet tea while he waited for Ash to make a decision. He could certainly see the need for love, hope, and dreams in the child's life.

            "I-I actually want two, but I'm not sure if I can afford it."

            D laughed a little. "Here, follow me." He led the way into the back rooms. They stopped in front of a screen with a dragon and a phoenix painted on it.

            Opening the screen, Ash gasped as he saw two girls, not much older than him. They weren't exactly human though. One had wings and a tail made out of fire, and the second had long, trailing fins coming from her back, and was covered with shimmery white scales.

            "You'd have to get them both…'

            Both looked up and smiled.

            "Well! They seem to have a favorable impression towards you." D commented. "Will you take them?"

            "Y-yes!" Ash gasped. Even pokemon didn't compare to this.

            "Very well." Outside, D drew up the contract with its three provisions. First, Ash had to feed them fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Secondly, he could not show them to anyone else, and thirdly, he could never leave them for more than four hours.

            Ash agreed, and soon, was walking back to his temporary home with a birdcage in one hand, and a little tank in the other.

            Seven years later…

            Ash fed Charlotte and Lance, as he had name them, their breakfast of fresh apple slices and grapes, before giving them each a hug.

            Going somewhere, Ash? Lance asked in a silky smooth voice.

            Yes! Yes!  Charlotte agreed, flapping her wings. Are we going camping again?

            Ash smiled. He really did take them everywhere, although he still couldn't see why everyone else just saw them as a tiny red bird and a blue fish. But it didn't matter. They were his only friends, after all.

            Gary had been attacked by a wild pokemon when camping out with his grandfather six years ago in Mount Moon. He still missed his friend a little, but one had to move past the past.

            "It's kind of like camping… but I'm leaving home. And of course, you two are coming with me."


            "It's called a pokemon journey." Ash explained. "Sort of like, oh, me getting a few more pets."

            Charlotte and Lance nodded, understanding.

            But you won't replace us, right? Lance asked, climbing out of the water and winding herself around him.

            "Of course not!" Ash said, as he fed her a grape. "I love you more than anyone else…"

            Charlotte smiled as she perched on the window and stretched. Well, I'll be back in a minute.


            A few minutes later, she flew back in, looking happier for a few rays of the sun.

            Ash finished feeding them and then, with a birdcage and terrarium hanging from his backpack, went forth to Oak's lab.

            Oak was mildly surprised. "Ash! Don't tell me you're bringing those pets of yours on your pokemon journey!"

            Ash looked indignant. "Why not?"

            "What if they escape?"

            "They won't!"

            "Wild pokemon attacks?"

            "I'll protect them." Ash vowed.

            Oak sighed. "Very well then. Your starter?"

            Charlotte and Lance looked over Ash's shoulder at the little glass balls filled with creatures.

            "Professor? Can I get more than one?"

            "I suppose… you wouldn't happen to have fifty dollars on you?"

            Ash grinned in triumph. He had been working at the Pokemon Center as an intern or just a helper for three years, since he was ten.

            And he had gotten paid after the first year. So he had a good chunk of money in his savings account.

            Ash handed over five ten-dollar bills and then took the two poke balls they had indicated.

            One contained a Charmander, the other portrayed Squirtle.

            Fire and water were two of the four main elements, after all.

            After that, he took his pokédex and five poke balls and two potions that were given as standard, packed them in his backpack, and thanked professor Oak before leaving.

            None of the other trainers had shown up yet, but they were only seven or eight and inclined to sleep in.

            Ash firmly thought that they were too young, but he kept quiet.

            Charlotte and Lance both looked happy, as he walked down the hill and back to his house, to tell his mom the good news.

            Delilah was very pleased, and waved goodbye as he walked away. "Good luck, Ash!"

            "Bye, mom!"

            And so, his journey began.

End Chapter