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Chapter 9: Fugue

Three days, seven battles.

Ash was getting impatiently as he waited for the end.


Squirtle, Delibird, and Charmander… only three pokemon, but they were powerful each one.

Yes… he wanted to win quite badly.

He did deserve it in a way.

Lance and Charlotte slept, it was still early morning. However, some idiot had scheduled a battle at 5 A.M. it was now six and he had not shown up.

"Does this not count as forfeit?"

The referee yawned and nodded. "It looks like you'll go on to semifinals now."


Yes, it was. Two more battles and then he would be Champion.

Thank the gods. He was getting tired. He went home and dozed for another few hours.

Charlotte made him chocolate sandwiches for energy.

Lance checked him and his pokemon for magical damage, satisfied there was none, and then wished him good luck.

Ash munched on a sandwich as he waited to see whom his opponent was.

Perhaps it would be a familiar face. But then, he didn't know many people. Either way, there would be no mercy.

Ash really wanted to win.

Very much so…

Ice Field

"Are you ready?"

Ash nodded, so did Paul.

Paul was not nervous. He was calm, as he waited. He knew Ash only had three pokemon, so winning should be a cinch.

"Go! Wartortle!"

Ash's Delibird appeared in midair, flapping its wings.

"Okay Wartortle! Rapid Spin!"

The turtle spun, getting ready to deflect any attacks.

Delibird waited, until it got dizzy before using Present.

An explosion, and another, and another…

Sensing the next present was helpful, Delibird switched and used Peck.

Wartortle's head sprouted a bump. Delibird pecked again.

And again… and that was enough to knock out Wartortle.

"Grr… fine then, type advantage. Go! Slugma!"

Delibird laughed, throwing a blizzard. As expected, Slugma retaliated with a heavy fire move. Heat beam.

Unfortunately, it hit a block of ice and not Delibird.

The ice crashed on top of Slugma, and as the frantic slug tried to escape by melting the ice, it became water.

Slugma having 4x weakness to water did not survive.

Paul seethed, and used Alakazam.

Delibird swapped for Squirtle, who knocked Alakazam underwater. Alakazam teleported but as soon as it got up Squirtle bit it.

So much for that match, Ash thought.

"On to finals!"

He wasn't worried at all.

Lance brushed his hair, to help him relax, while Charlotte's raisin oatmeal cookies also helped.

A phoenix could cook!
And dragons were quite good hairstylists.

Amazing what life taught you.


Three pokemon down, and Delibird was still flying.

The Pidgeot had fallen to Blizzard, the Dugtrio to the same. Blastoise had been shocked when Delibird coated electricity in Ice Beam and then shot it at him.

As the ice melted, the lightning shocked it.

Let's finish this game.

A charizard? Delibird, Return. I choose Squirtle, attack.

A quick finish with Surf and then Hydro Pump. Good work!

Now, a grass-type? No problem, Ice Beam.

Poor oddish. Why didn't he evolve it?

The last one? Now, this is interesting. How on earth did you get that?

Ash snapped out of his semi-focused concentration.

It was one of the Count's pets, just like Charlotte and Lance. But wasn't this a direct violation of the contract to not show anyone?

The boy tossed back his long yellow hair, he had armored plates all over his body like an armadillo.

Maybe that was what he was.

"Now! Onyx, use Slash!"

The boy yelled, charging forwards with hands outstretched.

Squirtle immediately ducked into his shell, using defense curl.


Lance and Charlotte watched with anger. How dare someone use a pet like that against its will!
Onyx looked tired, and angry.

"But if he breaks the contract he will die."


The battle soon finished, Squirtle still surviving long enough to drain off most of Onyx's HP, before Charmander finished with a powerful Dig move.

Ash cheered as he was finally proclaimed a master.

Afterwards, the award ceremony over, he smiled at the two girls.

"Well, Lance, I did it!"

"You certainly did. So?"

"Can I kiss you?"

Lance and Charlotte both blinked. Charlotte quickly backed out of the room.

"N-nani? Nandeska?"


Lance blushed. "H-hai…"

They kissed.

Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match, Squirtle hummed in the background.

Lance looked slightly miffed, but didn't comment, as Ash held her in his arms.


It was about time, and under the right circumstances, love could develop from friendship.

So there, there it was. Finished.

She smiled.

He smiled back, happy. Yes… it was safer to stay safe. But she would never hurt him, she would hurt others for him, but she wouldn't hurt him. Never.

Ash smiled.

End Chapter

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