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Name: Richard Thomas Mulwray Age: 16 Parents: Brennan Mulwray and Shalimar Fox Eyes: Brown (the twinkle) Hair: Short and curly, jet black color Height: 5'10

I ran home from school already fifteen minutes late for curfew. My dad's going to have my ass this time. It was the fourth day in a row I was home after dinner, which was usually around 5. I tried calling him on my cell phone, but it died, and dad doesn't trust me with keys. I jumped the bushes growing in the front lawn as a fence and ran up the drive way hoping desperately my dad was late coming out of work.

"DAD YOU HOME?!" I screamed once inside. The lights were off so that's a good sign.

I live with just my dad. Don't ask me who my mom was because I don't remember her. There's no pictures of her around the house either so that doesn't help the situation none. My dad's a workaholic. He's always at work or he's always bringing his work home. On rare occasions, he'd have some free time where he and I just hang out.

No one answered so it means he was still at work. I turned on the hall way lights and the setting sun was enough light for the kitchen and living room. I staggered to the kitchen to get water and to start on some late night dinner. Figured I could start my homework and maybe later I could eat some dinner with dad before I go and hit the sack.

Just as I finished cutting the tomatoes the house phone rang. I lowered the volume of the stereo and grabbed the phone on it's fifth ring.

"Yellow, Mulwray residence, it's Richard," I said trying to balance the phone on one ear and separating the noodles with the other.

"This is Adam do you remember me?!" The voice on the other end sounded excited. I felt bad for not remembering an Adam in my life. "Probably not, you were still a baby last time I saw you. Anyways is Brennan home?"

"Naw, he's at work right now. You want to leave a message though, I'll make sure he gets it," I said grabbing a piece of paper.

"Tell him Adam Kane called concerning he-knows-what. You sound all grown up now Rich; I can't believe we all missed it. Well I have to go now; hopefully I'll see you soon." With that the guy hung up.

That guy had a one on one conversation with himself. I said ten words tops, and the rest was all him. A couple of hours later, I heard the front door open and slam shut and my dad walked into the kitchen with a briefcase jammed pack.

My dad's probably in his late thirty's early forty's. He's tall with brownish black hair and intense brown eyes. He's tall and muscular. He's got his share of problems right now, and he won't talk about his past. He most of the time cool unlike other fathers, and he taught me a lot of knowledge on how to survive on the streets. Of course that one's come back to bite him in the ass so many times I bet he's regretted it, but oh well. Another thing about my dad that's unlike so many other dads is that mine has 'special' powers.

He has the power to manipulate electricity. It's like something generated from inside of him or something. I've got powers like him, only mine isn't really something to do with electricity or something. I could move things with my head, like when I see it in my mind, I can move it and it would actually move. No I haven't told anyone about it, but I think my dad knows.

"Hey dad, I cooked us some dinner," I looked up from my homework smiling.

He looked absolutely wiped out. I wished he would quit working himself half to death. Sometimes I think he works himself so hard to get away from me. It's like he sees someone else besides me every time he stays with me for a long period of time.

He was on his way to go feed the dog when I stopped him. "Dad I already fed Rocky, and I walked him too. Why don't you go sit down at the table and I'll get everything ready?" It was more like an order than a question.

He smiled showing the dimples he and I shared. He sorted through the mail taking the bills and throwing everything else in the trash. "What would I do without you Ritchie boy?"

"Live here without total chaos," I teased. I set down two plates of spaghetti, one for him and one for me on the kitchen table. I stared out into the now dark ocean watching the waves come splashing onto shore. It surprised me how quiet it was tonight.

"So how was baseball?" He asked trying to make conversation halfway through his second plate.

"Some dude called Adam Crane...or was it Kane...Oh well, whoever he is, yeah he called," I said through mouthfuls of spaghetti stirring away from baseball.

"ADAM KANE?" Dad almost spit out his drink. Wow, who would have thought his name would have such an impact.

"Yeah he says he was calling because you know what. So what do you know that he knows that I don't know but will know?" I asked him curiously.

"He knows something that I know but you'll never know," He smiled teasing me. "Now you never answered my question. How come your coach called me during work today?"

"I'm thinking of quitting the team..." I said knowing full on well a lecture was going to start.

"Your coach tells me your grades been slipping, and you got into another fight with someone on the team," He said sternly. "Is that true?"

"My grades are fine, and that bastard was asking for it," I stated in my defense.

"Is that why when I called your teachers they say you've been giving them the excuse family emergency for two weeks right now? Oh yeah by the way, your teacher told me to tell my wife get well soon," My dad sad sarcastically. "Richard, I don't have a wife. What's that bullshit about family emergency? Why are you really falling behind in school?"

"Baseball?" I tried.

"Nice try. Come on Rich, we've been over this already. Fighting isn't the answer to nothing. And lying? Rich if you want me to treat you like an adult I know you can be then act like it. You already know fighting isn't going to solve anything and yet you still do it. And you know that you have to try in high school. If you don't get into..." Dad started.

"Dad stop nagging me I know," I sighed picking at my food. All of a sudden I lost my appetite.

"If you know then why do you still do it?" My dad asked me setting his fork down.

"I don't know," I said now getting annoyed.

"That's because you don't know," He started.

"Ok I don't know get off my back will you!" I said annoyed putting down my fork. I grabbed my books, ran up to my room and slammed the door shut.

**No ones POV**

Brennan winced as he heard the door slam and seconds later hard rock music blared through the closed door of his son's room. He sighed defeated running his fingers through his hair. His son reminded himself of...well himself so many years ago. Yet, Rich also reminded him of Shalimar. The stubbornness to listen to authority, and the need to be fiercely independent often made him realize the hidden feral within.

He gathered the plates and placed them in the sink leaving them to clean up later and went into the living room to relax. Coming home after a hard day's work was easier when it was coming home without any tension in the house. Lately it hasn't though. Normally he and Richard would get along fine, but lately Rich has been growing.

He decided to call Adam back, maybe get his mind off work, and Rich. They both needed to calm down, but when he called Adam he could barely hear him with the music still blaring full blast.

"ADAM! HOLD ON ONE SECOND!" Brennan screamed into the phone. "RICHARD, TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN BEFORE I GO UP THERE AND 'FIX' IT MY SELF!" Brennan screamed at the top of his lungs. 'Jesus Christ I have to shout to be heard in my own damn house' Brennan thought.

Immediately the music turned down considerably and Brennan could think again. "Sorry about that Adam. Richard decided to TRY AND MAKE ME DEAF DOWN HERE!" Brennan screamed the last part of Rich to hear.

"How's the kid? I talked him earlier. Wow his voice already changed. I bet he's growing up to be just like his old man," Adam said trying to make small talk.

"Let's hope not," Brennan said remembering all the mistakes he made back in high school. "So what's new Adam? It's not everyday I come home and my son tells me you called."

"Well hard to believe but the Dominion wants, and needs us once again," Adam said more excitedly.

"No kidding. Thought they said they wouldn't need us ever," Brennan remembered their last uttered words to Mutant X causing them to go their separate ways.

"Yeah well it seems they do need us once again. I called Jesse and Lexa. They are on their way as we speak," Adam said carefully avoiding Shalimar's name.
"Adam, I don't know with work and all..." Brennan was about to continue when he realized it was too quiet at his house. "Hold on Adam."

Rich was dead tired so he decided to just give up on the music and just watch some television in his room quietly. Maybe he would get in less trouble. "RICH!" Richard heard his father call.

Sighing he stepped out of his room and entered the loft overlooking the living room. He saw his dad was on the phone lying down on the couch. "Yeah pop?" He looked down into his dad's brown eyes.

"Are you alive up there?" Brennan asked now hearing the television.

"Yeah pop," Rich said going back to his room and this time leaving it ajar.

"K I'm back, Adam. Like I said before I don't know about it. You know with work and not to mention Rich. He's at a rough age right now and I don't know if..." Brennan started.

Adam knew Brennan would you Richard as an excuse not to return. He already had it carefully planned out. "I know he's been getting into trouble. He'll be with other people who do care about him. Besides it would give you a break from single parenting. We could send him to a new high school his transcript and record erase he could start all over. Please come Brennan it would mean a lot to me, and to Jesse and Lexa."

Brennan looked up to see the color bounce off the wall from Rich's room. Could moving maybe solve his attitude problem? Would he be able to face the past? Would he be able to face her? He sighed knowing he would need Rich's opinion, but why ask him when he didn't even know what was going on in the first place. All Richard's life he had tried to hide his past. Now all of a sudden Adam wants Rich to come back and live his past.

"RITCHIE BOY, GET DOWN HERE FOR A SECOND WILL YOU SON!" Brennan screamed at the top of his lungs. "Ok Adam, but he has to agree with it too." "What's up?" Rich asked coming down the stairs.

"What do you say to a little vacation?" Brennan searched his son's own intense brown eyes for answered. It sparkled and lit up.


Brennan laughed and went back to his conversation. "Well Adam, I guess we're coming."

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