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"So well I guess I owe you some kind of explanation huh Ritchie boy?" Brennan asked nervously. Looking down at his feet.

He raised his kid as normal as he could get Rich. Brennan rarely showed his powers to anyone and his son didn't even find out until he was six. To throw him into his past without any warning, well it wasn't fair. How was he going to train his son to be good enough to fool "the next Hitler?" His son had a sheltered childhood and he made sure of it. But he also made sure his son knew well enough to not take any kind of bull shit from anyone.

"Dad I get it. You don't need to tell me nothing," Rich looked everywhere besides his dad.

He felt betrayed. Rich tried to hide the hurt and the pain, but he knew he couldn't, not from the one person who stood by him throughout everything. He trusted his dad, with his life, with his old life...or the one that had to do with "military service." What he heard last night wasn't his heroic father that he use to hear stories about before going to bed. He was a criminal. He was human.

"Yeah I do," Brennan led his son to the dojo where it overlooked pretty much almost all of sanctuary.

He was going back to the beginning, back to when there was no dominion. He was going to tell his son of a time when Lexa wasn't there, and Adam hadn't betrayed their trust. He was going to tell of a time when Emma was alive and back even further to when he was still living on the street pulling jobs to make ends meet. It was his past he was going back to. A past he promised himself his son would never have to go through. A past only he knew to tell properly. It was his past.

"Before when I was your age, I use to live on the streets," Brennan started not knowing really where to go from there. It was important for it to be in chronological order. "No, go before that. I was about six years old when my whole life changed. My dad, he went off to Vietnam, so I didn't really see him growing up. After a few years my dad was suppose to return home and he never did. He was one of them people 'missing in action,'" Brennan fidgeted with a tennis ball he somehow found. "Anyways, soon after that, I got really sick. You know what leukemia is?" Rich nodded waiting for his father to continue. "Anyways I had that, and I was really sick..."

"Dad you don't look like you ever had cancer," Rich interrupted.

"I did, my mom was desperate and there was people who kept persisting my mom go to Genomex for help. That's where I met Adam for the first time. They told my mom they'd pay for everything if she gave up guardianship of me to them," Brennan coughed struggling with his old memories. "Anyways my mom says yeah, and that was the last time I hear of her. Adam had a best friend named Ekhart, who was the bad one of the two. Adam was trying to find a cure, but he made a mistake, and somehow I got this power," Brennan's fingers lit with tesa-coils. Slowly they died out. "I don't know, they ran tests and experiments, and I felt like a lab rat. So I ran. That place was a torture chamber. I swore to myself I'd never let my kid experience that shit. I lived around. By this time I was around 14. The next two years I lived on the street learning how to do things without and with my powers. I used them to my advantage when I could. They got me jobs easier. And each time the jobs got harder and harder. Before you knew it I was in over my head.

Well then one night I'm at a bar and this woman bumped into me. She looked like she was in a hurry. She projected something in my mind. Like I had a kinetic bond with her. Turns out she was a new mutant too. Genomex was after her. I thought I'd never see her again. Usually when Genomex wants something they get it. But one night one of my 'friends' ratted me out and before you knew it I was back at Genomex. They made me an 'agent' against my will really. My first job was to go with someone and go bust a mutant x safe house. That's really where I first met your uncle Jesse. After I failed to kill him Ekhart was pissed so he took me and wanted to kill me. Emma, Jesse, Adam, and uh Shalimar came to save me.

They took me under their wing, and helped me gain my life back into prospective. For the first time in my life I belonged somewhere. I never wanted to overstay my welcome, but pretty soon this was the place I called home. These people became my family. My friends from the past no longer existed. I guess a friendship evolved into love after a couple of years. Then one mission went wrong, don't ask me what. Anyways, that's really when I saw your mom as more than a friend. I lost Emma and Adam on that day and Lexa came to us for the very first time. It wasn't a warm welcome. For the next year it was only me, Shalimar, Lexa, and Jesse. I fell for Shalimar so hard that year. I was ready to give her my heart. In fact I did.

Adam came back after that year. Mutant X was starting to get back on track like we use to be. I got closer to Shalimar, she started being my whole life. One day she told about you. I remember, I was eating breakfast, Jesse's pancakes, and I was about to go drink some orange juice when she came in half smiling half frowning tears coming down from her eyes. I thought she was sick or something so I asked her what was wrong. And she just smiled at me. Like you were too good to say. She whispered it. From then on out you and her were my life. But then a few months before you were due Shalimar, tried to go save a friend..."

"Wait she went to go save a friend WHILE she was pregnant? Wait that's so stupid!" Rich said indecorously.

"No it's heroic. She was willing to risk her life for someone else. Anyways, she got hurt in the process. Hurt bad, and we weren't even sure she was going to make it. Adam told me if we kept you in there you would have died. So I decided to take you out. There was an emergency c-section. And all I could think about was let them live. Listen Shalimar was my life, Rich. I don't know if you get that but someday you will. Someday you'll love someone with all your heart and you would be ready to do anything for that person. She was the one. I knew that the one thing she cared about wasn't her life, but her baby. Shalimar wanted you to be handled first.

Afterwards, Shalimar was under strict orders of bed rest for like a month, and you, well you were on your own. You were young and anything could have happened. You couldn't have died though. You were our symbol of love. We created you. We watched you protecting you from anything. You were going downhill. You were so weak it was almost to the point of no hope. But you slowly got better. You slowly got healthier. Pretty soon you were like normal babies, annoying and golden.

Everything at sanctuary was ok again. That is until Adam and Lexa gets into a fight with the dominion, the people we are working with, and the dominion tells us we are no longer needed.

After 5 years of being together day in and day out, they expected us to leave and go back with normal human contact. And after just thinking about it I thought I couldn't live without Shalimar..."

"You weren't married?" Rich asked again interrupting his father.

"No...anyways, I looked up a home big enough for two kids, a dog, plus me and Shalimar. I got her a ring. I decided my proposal wouldn't be anything fancy and elegant. I called her into my room the day before Jesse and Lexa planned on leaving. I told her, 'Shalimar I love you and Richard with all my heart,' but before I could continue she stopped me. She told me it wouldn't work out. Before I could even ask her what she meant she left the room. I guess she uhh..." Brennan's voice broke. "she left that night, leaving behind a note and a two year old. It said something about being a good father and someday I'll see why she left.

It was too painful when you asked me when you were younger where your mom was. Kept asking who she was. The thing is that I didn't know where your mom was. I know how hard it is growing up without a mom and I know every kid needs one. Every time I had a friend over your eyes would turn dark and mutter that's not mom and go to your room. The biggest problem though was money. There wasn't enough to keep the house, but I wanted to keep it. To hold onto memories we have. The one's you and me have. So I got a new job, one with me working flexiable hours and you having to manage yourself.

I'm sorry you had to grow up without a mom, kiddo. I tried my best and I know it's no excuse to punish you," Brennan sighed.

"Hey dad...you were great. You did fine dad," Rich went over to hug his dad who was fighting back tears, and wiping the ones that escaped. "Dad I love you, you got that? And to me there's no better dad out there besides the one sitting in front of me right now," Rich said feeling uncomfortable during such a touching moment.

"Thanks Richard, you don't know how happy I am to hear that," Brennan smiled hugging his son.

"Good," Rich teased ruining the moment.

They smiled and looked around sanctuary. Meanwhile Shalimar hid behind the wall listening to everything Brennan had said. She made a mistake. She thought Brennan was going to break up with her. She couldn't handle a baby. She wasn't ready. The kid needed a good life. Rich needed Brennan. In the middle of the night she said her goodbyes to her sleeping family. The only one to see her leave was her son. Her son cried when she said goodbye. Almost knowing that Shalimar wouldn't be coming back anytime soon. Her life was going to change once she left the confines of sanctuary. Her once safe home was no longer a place of welcome. She always knew this day was coming. She just never knew it wouldn't be with Brennan.

She had loved him. Brennan was her life. Every night she had dreams that her knight in shining armor would come and rescue her from her fake life. All the little things reminded her of Brennan. She watched thunderstorms thinking it was the only way to feel a little of the something she left and barely could live without. She cried for him, she cried for her son. She left them for them to have a good life because she was afraid of getting hurt. If she only knew what was going through Brennan's head she would have had a happy ending to her Mutant X era. But it was sad, painful, even torture knowing her son was growing up without her, that the love of her life was living again without her.

There were times she picked up the phone dialed, and hung up scared about what Brennan would say. She always promised herself the next day, she'll see them the next day. But days past, then weeks, then months, then years, and as they passed it got harder and harder to call. It got easier to forget. In time she learned to live again, but always regretting not living with the two people who mattered most.

She let a lone tear escape her eye trailing down her face before sulking to her room. She gently closed the door so no one could hear her. Looking around the room it was just like she left it. Pictures of Richard and the rest of Mutant X lied messily on the desk as the untouched scrapbook laid restlessly ready to live again. Shalimar and Brennan started the project when Rich was born, they never really finished it. Something about it caught Shal's eye and so she walked over to it. The cover was lacking something. There was a blank space where a picture was suppose to be.


"Shalimar what are you doing?" Brennan asked as Shalimar attempted to stick a picture of the team and Brennan and Shalimar holding Rich on the front cover of the scrapbook.

They've been working on it since last week and they got three pages done. They never really seem to focus and when they really do, either A) a mission comes up or B) Richard started crying. This was the longest they've ever been at it for a long period of time...one hour.

"Putting this picture on the cover," Shal said as she unsuccessfully centered the picture.

"It's not special enough. Shal the front and the last page need to be like you know...indescribable. I mean we are talking about the first thing and the last thing you see here. This is like the first five and the last five minutes of a movie," Brennan continued.

"Ok well how do we know if it's 'special' enough?" Shalimar rolled her eyes.

"You don't really know. It just kind of pops out and is like...," Brennan struggled with his words.

"Indescribable?" Shal offered rolling her eyes.

"Indescribable..." Brennan leaned over to kiss Shalimar, and that was the last time they had time for the scrapbook.

End of flashback

"Indescribable," Shalimar repeated remembering the conversation.

Shalimar flipped through the scrapbook. Every possible memory was squashed into the book. It was full of collages, and different memories they each recalled. Ironically only the first and last pages were unfinished, but the pictures scattered were those they were willing to take into consideration. Their life was in those pictures. The life only they knew about. The one only they could recall correctly.

Hours later someone knocked on the door and a soft voice called for her as not to disturb the feral. "Shalimar?" the deep voice said once again.

It's funny how Jesse knew her better than anyone else. Brennan didn't know her as much as Jesse and even though they haven't seen each other in so long he still knew when something was bugging her. When it was only her and Jesse they depended on each other to survive out there fighting agents and such. They knew each other's weaknesses and most embarrassing moments. Shalimar would give her life up in a heartbeat to save Jesse. And Jess would too. There were few people who could say that about their friendship and go through with it, and they were one of the few.

"Go away Jesse," Shalimar sighed knowing even he couldn't protect her from this.

"Open the door Shalimar," Jess called out again.

"Please go away Jesse?" Shal said sighing knowing he wasn't going anywhere.

Jesse phased through the door and walked over to where Shalimar was standing. "Ah, the scrapbook. I remember this old thing," Jesse said deciding to make a little small talk.

"Yeah, pretty much finished," Shal said sadly.

"No, the first and the last page aren't done. And you can always start a new one," Jesse flipped through the pages recalling the same memories Shal did minutes before. He sighed closing the book and looking at his sister.

He wanted to take the pain away. His sister never deserved any kind of pain. She's been through enough. But she also needed to face him and their son sometime. How could he possibly choose between his sister and his best friend? Especially something he didn't know anything about. She is hurting just as much as he is. And in a way she asked for it, but still she didn't deserve it.

"So what's up Shal? Why'd you leave him...them?" Jesse said sitting on the bed motioning for her to sit next to him.

Shalimar sighed and started telling him everything. Her fears and her dreams, all her regrets everything she kept inside for so long. She finally got it out. And Jesse listened wiping away the occasionally tears and hugging her giving her comfort she needed. Jesse knew Shalimar was hurting but he never knew she was hurting this badly. And this time he can't protect Shalimar from this. He couldn't.

"Funny thing isn't it Jesse?" Shal said standing up from Jesse's protective chest and wiping her tears.

"What's funny?" Jess asked looking at Shalimar who was trying to recompose herself to be the confident feral everyone assumed she was.

"How the one thing that kept us together is the same thing that tore us apart. Mutant X...we met through Mutant X, we worked and lived together. I mean this team was all we ever had going for us. But once it tore apart, we did too," She responded looking at one of the pictures of the old team, the one with Emma in it.

"We never tore apart Shalimar, not one of us did," Jesse told her.

"Yeah we did Jess. I mean besides you and Lexa, who else have you stayed in contact with all these years. I didn't get one call from you, and I didn't give you guys one call. We all went our separate ways. Maybe we weren't as strong as we thought we were," Shal rationally explained.

"Here's our chance to fix everything Shalimar. Tell Brennan what you told me. I mean he still loves you. He always loved you. Don't you think sixteen years without a mom is too long? Sixteen years without a son is too long isn't it Shalimar? They both need you now more than ever." Jesse knew he was right.

"What if they don't?" Shal asked uncertainly. She couldn't stand one more heart break, she just couldn't.

"Stop with the 'what if's' Shal. That's what got you here in the first place. Listen, it's up to you to take my advice, but isn't it better knowing than wondering what if your whole life?" With that Jesse left the room letting Shalimar think.

Jesse was right. She needed this as much as they did. She needed to take this risk. No matter what the consequence she needed to know. This was her second chance to make everything right again. After giving herself the confidence she needed to decided to take a quick shower and then head out of her room to face her son, and the love of her life.

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