Forever and For Always

By Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: You know the drill I don't own JAG or unfortunately Harm. (Wipes away a tear.)

Author's Note: Here is my latest story. I hope you enjoy it even though it is kind of sad but I PROMISE a happy ending and if you have read any of my other stories you will notice this. Please send me feedback because if you don't I won't post more.


JAG Head Quarters

Rear Admiral Chedwidden's Office

1325 Romeo

Harm and Mac sat in the Admiral's office in silence as they waited for AJ to say something.

"Commander, Colonel, just a few minutes ago I received a call from the SECNAV's office. They are having you two…separated." The Admiral sighed removing his glasses and looking from Harm then to Mac. Who were sitting in stunned silence.

"Um sir you aren't serious, are you…I mean we…" Mac tried to conceal her concern but her voice was shaky. Harm continued for her,

"Sir why are they doing this, I mean we work well together and we can assure you there is nothing going on between us." Everything Harm said was true and some of it both him and Mac wished weren't true.

"I don't know why Commander but all I can say is that you both were a pleasure and a challenge to work with and you will be missed sincerely." AJ sighed again and rubbed his forehead. "Anyway here are your new assignments, Rabb, you will return to flight duty in Pensacola and Mackenzie you will be moved to the San Diego facility. NCIS has packed your apartments and you'll stay at base housing until you can find an apartment. So as of now you are relieved of my command and are free to pack up you offices or NCIS will do it for you. Dismissed." The Admiral rose as did Harm and Mac. Then AJ's senior officers in unison executed a perfect salute and when the Admiral returned it they performed an abrupt about face and left the office.

Harm's Office

45 minutes later

Why us? Why do we have to go and be separated. Harm thought as he picked up the picture of Mac in her dress blues that was always on his desk. Sighing he placed it on top of the numerous things that had once adorned his office.

Then sitting down at his desk he reached into his open briefcase and taking out a legal pad and pen began a letter to his Jarhead that he would secretly slip into her things and hopefully she would find it later when she unpacked her things in San Diego.

Mac's Office

Same time

Why us? Why do we have to go and be separated. And why does he have to go flying again, I may never see him. Mac thought as she picked up the picture of Harm in his dress whites that was always on her desk. Sighing she placed it on top of the numerous things that had once adorned her office.

Then she reached into her open briefcase and taking out a legal pad and pen left her office and headed to the library where they had spent many hours together. When she arrived she sat down in the large empty room and began the letter to her Flyboy that she would secretly slip into his things and hopefully he would find it later when he unpacked them in Pensacola.

JAG Head Quarters

1 Hour later

Harm stepped out of his office, letter in hand and a heavy heart he made a beeline for Mac's office. When he arrived he found it empty with the exception of a single cardboard box containing many of Mac's things. He quickly stepped in and slid the letter into the box. He then decided he needed a walk to clear his head so he turned and left her office and quickly headed towards the elevator.

Not five minutes later did Mac come striding through the bullpen with a tearstained face and a bulging letter in one hand. Looking to Harm's office and seeing no one she walked in and slipped the letter into the remaining box as a tear slid silently down her face. Afraid that someone might note her crying or Harm would come back she quickly returned to her office.

JAG Head Quarters

2130 Romeo

The Admiral had made the announcement of Harm and Mac's departure earlier that afternoon and had allowed everyone to drop what they were doing to spend some time with them before they left. It was almost like a going away party but their was no celebrating just people conversing quietly and occasionally laughing over the good and the bad times they all had shared with Harm and Mac.

Now almost everyone had gone home with the exception of Bud, Harriet, and the Admiral and of course Harm and Mac.

"Sir, ma'am you had better get going you have to catch the early flights out of Andrew's in the morning. We are all… going to miss you so much." Harriet who was crying said embracing them both. Bud then embraced them and wiped a tear from his cheek then held Harriet close for a moment then let her go to converse with Mac.

"Harriet tell little AJ goodbye for me and that I love him very much."

"Of course I will ma'am, oh he is going to miss you so much as will I." Harriet sniffled.

" I'll come visit you as soon as I can get the leave and I will take every case I can where I might have a chance to fly out here." Mac sniffled back, she was crying and she didn't care who saw. Harriet and Mac embraced a second time, then Harriet said,

"Don't spend all your leave out here you go down to Pensacola to see the commander occasionally too." Mac nodded and hugged Harriet with everything she had.

Harm and Bud watched them for a minute before Harm said,

" Bud take care of Harriet and little AJ they love and need you so much."

"Thank you Sir I will and even though this sounds corny I'm going to miss you."

"Bud it's not corny at all, because I'm going to miss you too. You are probably one of the best buddies I have ever had an I'm going to make sure it stays that way, because every chance I get I'll be up here to check in on all of you."

"Well Sir that means a lot but don't spend so too much time here and forget about the Colonel she is your best friend you know." Bud reminded Harm who answered looking over at Mac,

"Don't you worry I won't ever forget any of you." Then to himself he added Especially Mac. He then took Bud's out stretched hand and shook it firmly then pulled Bud into a quick embrace. When they broke apart Mac and Harriet approached them smiling but their eyes holding much sadness. Bud then took Harriet's hand and they gathered their things and waved goodbye as they left the bullpen. Harm and Mac stood there in silence until someone cleared their throat.

"Well I don't wish to keep you two here any longer or you might just start moving back in." AJ remarked as he stepped over to the two of them.

"The thought did cross our minds Sir." Mac grinned back.

"Well then we can't have that now can we? So I'll make this quick. It has been well how does one say this… an adventure and interesting one too. I believe this is just the beginning of another one. Be sure to come out and see us. I am not alone in saying you two will be sorely missed by not just the Roberts but by a grumpy old Admiral too." AJ smiled then shook both of their hands gave Mac quick fatherly hug and Harm a pat on the back then wishing them luck he turned on his heel and headed back to his office.

"Well Mac see you tomorrow at Andrews then." Harm said softly, Mac nodded slowly and they went toward their respective offices and emerged 5 minutes later carrying their box and briefcase. Their ride down in the elevator was a silent one, neither could form the words that they both so badly wanted to say and their minds seemed to be screaming them as they entered the parking lot and made for their cars. Harm waited until Mac was safely on her way before he pulled his SUV out of it's spot and headed to spend his last night in his lonely apartment.