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Harm's Apartment

North of Union Station

1845 Romeo

Same Evening

Harm and Mac were sitting on the floor in silence eating the last of the Chinese they had ordered. Harm's dining furniture still hadn't arrived yet so they were lounging on pillows. Mac couldn't stand the silence and she had something on her mind and she decided to voice it.

"Harm, you didn't have to give up the command on the Patrick Henry for me. I knew it was something you wanted even though you never voiced it." She suddenly felt guilty and she turned her gaze away from him.

"Look at me Mac." Harm said gently turning her face towards his and looking into her eyes.

"Yes I did give up the command to be with you and only you, but that is nothing for you to be ashamed of, and don't you dare think for a minute that you took me away from one of my dreams, because that is not true. I decided on this because I can't stand life without you or a life with you when I would only get to see you two maybe three times a year."

"But Harm,"

"No buts Mac. Besides I can't leave you with a house full of…"

"Of what Harm? Of little Harms driving me up a wall?" Mac asked. Harm nodded sheepishly, grinning.

"Yes Sarah a whole bunch of them and a few little Sarahs if we can manage it. They will always have someone to call 'daddy' and a wife that I can't wait to get home to every night and hold in my arms when I go to sleep." Harm then pulled her into his arms and kissed the top of her head softly.

"You, really mean that, Flyboy?"

"Of course I do every word of…" Mac didn't let Harm finish she pressed her lips to his in a gentle and loving kiss. When they broke apart Harm stood up quickly and walked over to the counter where he reached into his coat pocket, and pulled out a small box. Sitting back down he handed it to Mac.

"What is it?" Mac asked even though she thought she knew. Her hands were shaking slightly as she opened the box, which revealed a gorgeous antique diamond ring. It glittered in the soft light and tears filled Mac's eyes when she looked at it.

"I just remembered it and thought it would be in order since we were making plans. This ring was my grandmother's and she sent it to me when I told her about you. I was going to wait but I can't so would you do the honors and become the next Sarah Rabb in the family?"

Mac was crying now and all she could manage between the tears of joy was,

"Yes, I will." Harm pulled the ring out of the box and slid it on her finger where it sparkled with the brilliance that only a diamond possesses. Mac stared at it for a minute amazed. She was finally going to be with the one person she loved most for the rest of her life. When it finally sunk in she kissed Harm again with all the love that she held in her heart. Harm kissed her back with just an equal amount of passion and felt as if a huge weight had been taken off his chest. Mac was finally going to be his and no one else's and he just hoped that he could be her knight in shining armor until the end of their days. When they broke apart both breathless Mac leaned against Harm's muscular chest and listened to his steady heartbeat. Harm cradled her in his arms and then scanned the room for a minute. When his eyes fell on the letter that he had read everyday after he received it. The letter that started it all.

"What are you thinking about Sailor?" Mac asked in a slightly sleepy voice.

"Just everything and about you and how much I love you. Did I tell you that today?"

"No I don't think you did because if you had I would remember it."

"Okay then, Mac I love you, very much." Harm smiled down at her and she smiled back before adding,

"I love you too Harm just as much and if not more than I ever have."

They then sat there in silence once more and listened to the music that was softly filtering through the room.

"I'm keeping you forever and for always,

We will be together all of our days,

I'm keeping you forever and for always…"