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A/N: I wrote this because of the situation between me, my friend and her knew boyfriend (who happens to be the guy that I liked so much. The guy I had told her I liked so much and she decided to date anyway).

Dedication: This is dedicated to my friend and her boyfriend. I'm not the best for him, she is, and they're the reason I wrote this. They inspired me, and I thank them.

Summary: Luna is now a sixth year and she gets along very well with Harry. She even falls in love with him. But to she's only second best.


Luna Lovegod sat at the Ravenclaw table and watched the Griffindor table. She could see the dark haired boy with green eyes laughing and having fun with the dirty-blonde, bushy haired girl with brown dough eyes. She did not yet understand how she had allowed herself to fall in love. How she had let someone past her seemingly crazy beariers that hid the true her. She had allowed someone to walk into her life and take what did not belong to him like some common thief. He took something of hers without wanting it and made her believe that she was second best. But now that she looked back on it, she realised that she should not have been so quick to think of herself as second best. After all, just because she was not right for him, did not make her only second best. It just meant that she was meant for somebody else. That he was not the one for her.

It had all started in the begining of her fifth year. She had opened up to Harry the previous year and told him what she hadn't even told anyone before. She told him that her mother had died and that was perhaps the start of it all. The following year they had something in common. The loss of somone big in their life. Since she had learned to make her grief subside she spent many nights showing him how. In the process they got to know each other and had become great friends. She let him see her normal side. The side that had been hidden by Loony Lovegood.

That had been her mistake. She let him in. She let him see th true her. After he saw the true her and did not push her away caused her to begin to like him. She saw the real Harry. She saw Harry, not the-boy-who-lived. She saw him for who he was and she felt that she would never find another like him.

After months and moths of sieng him and having good times with him, she began to know that she was indeed in love. She often times contemplated telling him, but she could not find the words to say. How do you explain something you don't completely understand? So she did the thing that she thought was only logical. She asked Hermione.

Hermione was a bright and sensitive girl. She knew alot about Harry, well actualy she knew alot about many things, and it only made sense to ask for her advice. So she went to Hermione for advice. Hermione had told her that she should tell Harry how she feels for him. So Luna decided that she would do as Hermione had told her. After all with advice from Hermione she couldn't go wrong, right?

Wrong. She found that out the hard way. It had been a cold Feburary afternoon in her sixth year when she decided that she would tell Harry her feelings. He was standing in the hallway with his friends when she had approached him. She could still remember the day as if it where yesterday.

"Harry can I talk to you?" He had merely noded and followed her away from his friends. "Harry I like you alot."

"I like you to Lun-"

"No, Hary I mean I really like you," she had said. She remembered that she had been unable to look at him in the face and she had looked down at her feet. "I don't know how this happened, but I really like you. Whenever I see you I get weak, I feel so stupid for feeling so weak, but the fact is that I have very strong feelings for you." She had than looked up at him and he was shocked. After a couple of minutes he finally seemed to snap out of it.

"Luna," he started. "I don't know what to say. I mean I thought that you only saw me as a friend," he said looking down at her. She looked up into his green eyes and she could see that he was feeling sorrow. "Luna you're a great girl and I really like you, but...... I like someone else." She had suddenly felt a sharp pain in her chest. As if she had been stabbed through the heart with a icicle. "Luna don't get me wrong. You're a beautiful, attractive girl and any boy out there would be lucky to have you, but I have strong feelings for someone else. I'm very, sorry, you don't understand how sorry I am if I cause you any pain. I don't mean to."

"I'm okay," Luna said hastily looking up at him. "But do you mind If I ask who?"

"Well...... It's...... It's Hermione," he responded slowly. Her heart seemed to plumet to the bottom of her stomach. She could feel the acids in her stomach begin to deterioate her heart. The acids scorched her heart and melted it to nothing.

"Oh," Luna said loking down. After that point everything seemed to become hazy and ambiguous. The rest of tha day she walked through like a zombie. She did not know what went on around her and she did not know what else she was to do. There was nothing that could stop the pain that she felt inside. There was nothing to make her feel better. No one was there to tell her everything was going to be just fine. No on was there to tell her that Harry did not know what he was missing.

For a couple of weeks, she watched them together. How they seemed so very close. They where always laughing and he always seemed to have his arm around her. There didn't seem to pass a day where she did not see them together. Everytime she saw them together it was like a whole within her kept getting wider and wider. Or something like a black whole. A wonderful star had once iluminated her and than all of a sudden there was a big bang and it soon collapsed into it's self. It began to suck in everything until the point where there would be nothing left.

One day, half way through march, she had been walking down the hall and soon noticed that Ron and Harry where walking in front of her. She could feel her stomach tighten as she realised that she was walking right behind the one she had adored so much. The one who had torn her heart into shreads. "So Harry, where's your girlfriend, Mione?" Ron had asked. The second she heard that she felt her stomach tighten painfully.

"I don't know, I'm going to see her right now," Harry responded and Luna stopped in her tracks. She watched as the boys kept walking onwards not once noticing that she had been walking down the hall behind them. She than fell to the floor. She had known that Harry and Hermione where probably dating, but to have her suspicions confirmed hurted. Her chest began to fill with pain and she had begun to have troubles breathing.

"Miss Lovegood get off the floor," she heard Snape growl out to her. She looked up at him holding her chest. She breathed in heavily trying to get air to her lungs. Snape looked down at her and noticed her labored breathing and her eyes where glazed. "What's wrong?" he asked kneeling down beside her.

"Asthma..." she started breathing in just as heavily as before. "Attack." Snape imediately picked her off the floor and took her to the hospital wing. This was the first time since she was a first year that she had a Asthma attack. The last time it was brought on when she was on her broom. That had not been a pleasent experience and she found that this time it wasn't any better.

After being treated she looked up at Madam Pomfrey and Snape, who for some reason was still standing there. They both looked down at her with worried faces. Which was strange for she had never seen Snape worried about anything in her entire time at Hogwarts. "Miss Lovegood what where you doing that caused you to have an asthma attack?" Madam Pomfrey asked.

"Nothing, I was merely been walking down the hall," Luna responded truthfully. This earned her a skepticall look from both teachers.

"Well since you seem well now I cannot keep you for the night. Not even if I wished to," Madam Promfrey said in a resigned tone of voice. Luna noded and got off the bed as Madam Pomfrey walked away. Luna looked up to see that Professor Snape was still staring at her.

"Funny how you can have an Asthma attack by merely walking down a hall," he said in his cold usual voice. His right eyebrow raised. "Or may it be who you where walking behind that caused you to have the attack," he continued and at this statement she blushed and looked away. This caused Snape to smile as he saw that he was right. "Well isn't that interesting. Miss Lovegood has an infatuation with Mr. Potter."

"I do not have an infatuation with him," she said looking up at him.

"Really Miss Lovegood, than why do you blush?" he asked. Once again Luna blushed and turned away. "If it is not he that caused your attack than what did?"

"Something he said," she responded still not looking at him.

"And what was it that he said that made you have an attack?" he asked.

"ThathewasdatingHermione," she mumbled, quickly and inaudibly as she looked at her feet.

"Pardon Miss Lovegoood I didn't hear that," Snape said as a sadistic smirk came over his face. Luna felt hot tears welling up in her eyes.

"That he was dating Hermione," she said barely above a whisper. Snape however caught it.

"And why would that make you have an attack?" he ask sadistically.

"Because I'm only second best to her," she responded. At this point his dislike for Hermione overcame the joy he was getting from watching Luna in pain.

"Well Potter is an idiot boy to think that the isuferable know it all Granger is the best," he said. This caused Luna to look up in confusion. However Snape wasn't lookint at her, but looking around. He looked irritated. "Than again he is an idiot teenage boy who would not know what was best for him if it hit him over that overlarge head of his," he continued. Luna wasn't quite sure if Snape was trying to make her feel better or wether he truly disliked Harry and Hermione that much. However it didn't really matter, because eitherway she did feel better. She smiled at her Professor. He than turned and when he saw her smiling at him he grimaced. "Wha are you smiling at?"

"Nothing Professor," she responded shaking her head keeping her smile in place. "Thank you professor, I have to go now," she said as she bounced away.

Snape stood there and shook his head. "Silly girl," he muttered to himself.


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