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Six o'clock am. An ungodly hour to all most all teenagers in the western hemisphere. At just this time in the morning alarm clocks began buzzing in the town of Middleton. The snooze button silenced some, many were thrown across the room, a few were answered with an angsty sigh, and still others were muted out in the cocoon created by a feather pillow. But in the home of one, Kimberly Ann Possible, the blaring of said alarm clock was not so easily silenced. Though her bed was far safer and more humane than the world outside of it, Kim Possible had decided that instead of avoiding the inevitable she would get up and face the morning.

This particular morning wasn't as evil as some. Sure it was early, cold, and the sun had barely risen but it could have been far worse. And if she started now, she might actually make it to school on time. Kim, yawn and stretched before pulling herself to her feet, rubbing at her sleep filled eyes. She slowly changed from her pajamas into a pair of black pants and a long sleeve teal blouse. Why she had resolved that this would be the morning to actually get up would forever be a mystery. Kim reluctantly sighed, trying to shake off the rest of her early morning lethargy, and left her room, kitchen bound.

"Morning KP," The somewhat cheery voice from across the street announced the arrival of Kim Possible's best friend, Ron Stoppable.

"Morning Ron," She managed to smile as she crossed the street to meet the blonde haired boy.

"How's your morning so far?" he asked once the two had continued on their trek to the high school.

"Early," Kim yawned.

"Well, that makes sense. Wait a second! That's what we need to do!" he suddenly exclaimed "You need to use your butt kicking negotiating and kung fu skills to convince the school board that we shouldn't start school until noon or later. It's an injustice I tell you!! Making us poor children wake up before the sun and toil until the middle of the afternoon. We're sleep deficient and life...."

"Ron! Ron!!" Kim said pulling at the sleeve of her friend's shirt, "Nice try, but I use my 'powers' for the good of everyone. Not just lazy teens."

"Hey, I'm not lazy."

Kim looked at Ron pointedly.

"Okay, maybe I am. But I am an American! And every American has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of more tv."

Kim laughed and began walking again, "Let's go before we're late"

"So this means you'll think about the school board thing right?" Ron called after her "Kim? KIM!! Hey, wait up!!"

The halls of Middleton High were the way they always were early in the morning. Dead and alive at the same time. A horde of student zombies patrolled the halls, presumably the students that had hit their alarm clock's snooze button those extra five times. The jocks grunted at each other in some sort of code that only they, and under developed primates could understand. The cheerleaders maintained their usual spunk and perkiness to the disgust of those who felt this morning was the epitome of all evil. Students milled through the hallways conversing with each other, emptying and filling up their lockers, and slowly making their way toward their first period classes.

Kim and Ron arrived on the scene with enough time to join the drones. Stepping away from the masses Kim deftly opened her locker and grabbed her math textbook. She shuffled through her backpack searching for the homework she had completed the night before. "No! No, please be in here!"

"What's the deal Kim?" Ron asked peering over her shoulder

"I can't find my math homework. I know I did it," She dug deeper into the bag, "I couldn't have left it at home!"

"Naked mole rat to the rescue!!" Ron suddenly announced shoving his hand into his pocket. Soon he had removed his hand and in it was a small pink rodent. "Rufus! Help KP find her homework," The creature in question stretched and yawned before looking up at Ron, saluting and jumping into Kim's open knapsack. Kim gasped but held the bag open as Rufus fished for the missing paper.

Within seconds Rufus's head emerged from the bag as he pulled desperately on something. Kim grabbed the rat and the paper it held in its hands, "Way to go Rufus!" she smiled, "Saved the day again"

"And you thought my buying a naked mole rat was a bad thing," Ron gloated taking Rufus from Kim and scratching his ears affectionately.

"Ron, you've been holding that over my head since the first security system he hacked into for us," Kim said placing the paper in her text-book and pulling her knapsack back onto her shoulder, "I understand that Rufus is a vital part of the team and that he isn't a bad thing okay?"

"That's all I needed to hear. Hear that Ruf? You're vital.!!"

"Boo yeah!" Rufus and Ron said high five-ing each other.

Kim shook her head with a smile. Suddenly she heard a familiar beeping noise. She reached into her pocket and pulled put a blue electronic device.

"Hey Wade, what's the sitch?" Kim asked cheerfully as the screen of her communicator flicked on. On the other side was a rather large boy of ten years old sitting in a room surrounded by various pieces of electrical equipment. He smiled back at Kim.

"Glad you're in such a good mood this morning Kim. Actually you got a hit on the site. The Upperton Natural History Museum was robbed last night. They think the perpetrator might have been Shego."

Kim stifled a groan as the first bell rang for class. Ron grimaced as well, "Tell me the details later KP. If I'm late for Biology again I'm toast," He quickly tucked Rufus back into his pocket and took off down the hallway.

"Thanks a lot Ron," Kim called after him then turned back to Wade, "Anyway it can wait until after school."

"I'm pretty sure they won't mind. I'll tell the owner you'll meet him at 3 and I'll arrange a ride for you."

"Please and thank you," Kim smiled turning off the communicator. Once the monitor was off she rolled her eyes and sighed. Just what she needed, another mission. So much for her morning looking up.

Kim sprinted past the crowds of students populating the halls. Her chat with Wade had taken longer than she had intended and she still had to get to the other side of the campus. Just as she thought she was in the clear, a girl with blonde streaks in the front of her auburn red hair accidentally stepped into Kim's path and the two collided. Kim went face first into the ground as the other girl fell hard on her backside. After the initial dizzy feeling had subsided Kim turned toward the other fallen girl.

"Oh my gosh! Are you all right?"

"Yes, I'm fine," The girl's British accented voice answered Kim.

"That was completely my fault. I'm so sorry!" Kim stood slowly, as did the other girl.

"No, no, don't worry about it. I should have looked where I was going."

Kim cocked her head sideways looking at the unfamiliar red-head who stooped to pick up the papers she had dropped during the collision, "Are you new here?"

"Yeah, first day. I'm Pandora," the girl said smoothing out her long sleeved crimson shirt and dusting off her faded blue jeans.

"I'm Kim," she smiled extending her hand to Pandora, who quickly accepted it and shook it firmly, "It's nice to meet you."

"Possible!" a voice suddenly boomed behind the two girls. Kim whirled around and came face to chest with a rather upset administrator

"M..M...Mr. Barkin! What a surprise!" she smiled as sweetly as possible

"Save it Possible, you two girls are late," his expression remained stoic as he spoke.

"But, the final bell hasn't rung..." the ring of the final bell cut through Kim's statement "yet"

Mr. Barkin smiled slightly, "That's detention Possible and... who are you anyway?" he asked the other girl.

"Oh, uh, my name's Pandora. Pandora Fiest. I'm new here. I have a pass!" She began shuffling through her papers, "Somewhere here," soon she produced a pink slip and handed it to Mr. Barkin.

"All right then Fiest, you're off the hook. But Possible, I'll see you after school," He turned to walk away

"Oh but, Mr...." Pandora began then looked to Kim for help as Mr. Barkin whirled back around at the girls. Kim quickly mouthed the name 'Barkin' "Mar? Farkin? Barkin! Right, Barkin. Kim, here, was helping me find my way to class."

Mr. Barkin looked between the two girls with his eyebrow raised, "All right then. But don't let me catch you two out here again. Understand?!"

"Yes sir, Mr. Barkin. Come on Pandora," Kim said lightly taking Pandora by the arm, "Let's get to class."

Once they were out of the path of Mr. Barkin both girls breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thanks!" Kim said finally.

"No problem. But I'm still making you show me to class. Before we 'ran into' each other, I was completely lost," Pandora smiled, searching through her papers and then handing her schedule to Kim.

Kim took the paper with a smile, "No big. I'll be happy to help you get to class. Looks like we have math together anyway."

"Well that's good to know," Both girls smiled again and made their way down the hallway toward their mutual math class.

"...So we finally stopped Drakken's plot by blowing him up with his own nano tick but I still had to serve time in detention!" Kim finished her tale with a smile as she and Pandora reached the doors leading into the Middleton High Cafeteria. After learning that Kim was The Kim Possible, Pandora had begun asking Kim all kinds of questions about her many exploits. Kim was more then happy to tell her stories. It wasn't everyday she ran into some one who did already know of her every venture.

"That's amazing!" Pandora laughed as she opened one of the double doors, "I bet you could write a book about everything you've done. Or have a tv show about your life"

"Nah, who would want all that drama?" Kim contemplated as she sat down at one of the cafeteria's many lunch tables. Pandora sat across from her and they both pulled their lunches from their backpacks.

"Too true," She said then added almost as an after thought, "My life has never been that exciting," Pandora turned her eyes from Kim and down to her brown lunch bag.

Kim looked at the girl sympathetically for a moment. She hated how people wanted to be her, but she couldn't blame Pandora for wanting some adventure in her life. Suddenly a thought hit her, "Hey, Pandora, can you drive?"

Pandora looked at her new friend with a raised eyebrow, "Yes..."

"That's totally perfect!" Kim exclaimed.

"It is?" Pandora asked worriedly.

"Well, I can't promise anything totally exciting, but you can come with Ron and me on our latest mission. We have to investigate a robbery at some museum in Upperton and it might be cool if you came"

"Really?!" Pandora's eyes lit up "I'd love that! And I'll try not to pay attention to the fact that your letting me come along purely so I can be your taxi driver," she added with a wink.

"Yo KP!" came the familiar voice of Ron, preventing Kim from saying anything in her defense. Kim waved her friend over from the opposite side of the cafeteria. In a short time he had traversed the crowd and taken a seat next to Kim, "What's the sitch with the museum thing? And..." he stopped mid sentence seeing the new girl for the first time, "Who are you?"

Kim smiled at her ever observant sidekick, "Ron, I'd like you to meet Pandora Fiest. Pandora. This is..."

"Ronald Stoppable," Ron finished for her as suavely as he could, adding a wink for good measure.

Pandora began to giggle and Kim rolled her eyes, "But everyone calls me Ron," replied the normal but deflated Ron.

"It's nice to meet you Ron," Pandora replied once she had finished giggling. Suddenly she saw a pink thing on the table. The creature blinked and stared back at her, "What is that?" she asked more from curiosity than disgust

"That's Rufus," Ron replied proudly

"He's a naked mole rat," Kim added.

Rufus and Pandora continued their staring contest for a bit longer before Pandora finally spoke, "Nice to meet you Rufus," she smiled. Rufus took the index finger of Pandora's right hand and kissed her fingernail as if he were kissing the top of her hand.

"He likes you," Kim teased.

Pandora found herself giggling for the second time that lunch hour, "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Hey, if you two are done making fun of both of us, can you tell me what the deal is for after school?" Ron asked as Rufus left Pandora's company and sat on the table near him. They both looked a little hurt.

"Aww Ron. We were just teasing. No big," Kim smiled patting Ron's arm, "Anyway, after school Pandora's taking us to Upperton to investigate"

"You can drive?!" Ron looked at Pandora in amazement, as if the idea of someone close to his age being behind the wheel of a vehicle was a foreign concept. Pandora nodded, "That's so cool!"

"Um... thank you?"

"So, how long have you been going to school here?" Ron asked her taking a bite of the food he had stuffed into his lunch bag earlier that morning.

"I just started today. But I've been in Middleton for a week now."

"Really? Where are you from? Cause you look like an Ohio girl, to me at least," He said assessing the girl before him.

Kim rolled her eyes for the second time that lunch hour, "Hello Ron, accent much?"

"I'm not following you Kim"

Pandora stifled a laugh "I'm from across the pond?"

"You're from Ireland?"

It was Pandora's turn to roll her eyes as Kim resorted to slapping herself in the forehead

"The UK?" Pandora tried again

She received a blank stare "Britain?"

Stare "ENGLAND?"

"OH!" Ron finally answered "Why didn't you just say so?"

This time Ron received a double eye roll with two sides of forehead slap.

Kim leaned across the table and whispered to Pandora, "I promise, he's not usually this bad"

"I'll take your word for it," she whispered back with a slight chuckle.

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