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Kim Possible was not in the mood to foil any evil plots. But here she was, sitting with Ron in the Possible family mini-van headed back to the Upperton. Wade had been monitoring the Museum and now, two nights after the first robbery, it seemed Shego was back. Kim stared out the window musing over the possible identity of the other villain assisting Shego. She had quickly ruled out Drakken, knowing full well that he wouldn't have the stealth or the agility to out maneuver the security cameras. The only clue Wade had uncovered from watching the tape frame-by-frame was the quick flash of a black boot. But that helped absolutely nothing. Kim's thoughts were abruptly cut off as Mrs. Possible pulled up to the curb right outside the museum.

"Thanks for the ride mom," Kim said opening the sliding door and jumping out of the car.

"Go get'em Kimmy!" Kim's mom smiled as Ron jumped out of the van and Kim shut the door behind him.

The museum was silent. As silent as it had been two days ago. Nothing moved except for shadows. Shadows that weren't truly shadows. Two darken figures moved wordlessly through the museum just out of sight of the watchful eye of the security cameras. Just like last time their entrance had gone undetected even with heightened security. Soon they had made their way across the lobby, the main show room and had wound through the back halls to the largest, and only vault in the museum.

"So, tell me again what you plan to do with a comb?" one of the figures asked. Both villains stepped into the light source just before the large metal door guarding the safe. The one who had spoken had taken great precision in making sure its face was hidden under the hood of its black jacket. The other didn't seem to care who saw her. It didn't really matter anyway; Shego knew that the police were already holding her responsible for the previous robbery. There was no point in hiding. In her hand she held the pink comb that had been stolen from her greatest foe, Kim Possible, the previous day.

"Easy," she replied pressing a small button on the handle of the comb. The teeth began blinking as Shego placed it between the small gap where the door of the vault and the wall met. Suddenly a small keypad and a screen popped out of each end of the comb. Shego quickly typed something on the keypad as an animated lock appeared on the screen. The lock spun back and forth until it found the right sequence of numbers and the door of the safe opened before the two robbers, "See. You have to love a nemesis who has cool gadgets."

"Apparently," the other said following Shego into the vault. The interior of the vault was completely empty except for a pedestal in the center of the room, which held up the Head of Isisreal.

"Here," Shego said shoving a pair of infrared glasses into her accomplice's hands.

After putting the glasses on, the hooded figure was able to see the infrared beams surrounding the Head of Isisreal, "Piece of cake," the villain smiled stretching its hands above its head. Within seconds the rouge had acrobatically maneuvered its way through the maze of red beams. With a final mid air summersault it stood next to the pedestal holding the head. Brushing a few strands of crimson hair back into the darkness of the hood, the criminal grabbed the head and looked back toward Shego.

"All right, you got it, you kick butt, whoo hoo, party down. Now get back here before someone catches us," Using the same pattern of flips, backhand springs and summersaults, the thief dodged the high intensity beams and landed on both feet next to Shego.

"Let's go shall we?" the hooded villain smiled.

"Might be a good idea. I'm pretty sure someone's on to us by now, Miss-I- have-to-be-all-dramatic-and-flippy," Shego mocked.

"And I'd say you'd be right about that Shego," a familiar voice hit Shego's ears from behind and she cringed.

"Right on schedule Kimmy," Shego smiled turning around to see what she had wished would just go away, Kim and Ron. She clapped her hands together causing green energy to blaze from them.

"You and your partner are going down," Kim said taking a defensive position, ready for whatever Shego had planned.

"Not without a fight," Shego lunged at Kim and Kim lunged back. The two threw punches and kicks at each other leaving Ron and the hooded figure standing outside the vault.

Both turned to each other not sure what to do while their partners duked it out. Ron looked at the person next to him and tried to focus on any distinguishing features present in the blackness surrounding its face. Just when he was sure he could see the glitter of two baby blue eyes, the villain reached out a gloved hand, lightly patted Ron on the head before taking off after Shego and Kim. Ron stood dumbfounded for a second before shrugging the strange interlude off and chasing after the others.

By the time Ron had reached the main lobby, the hooded figure was gone. On the other side of the room Shego and Kim were still fighting with not much care for what happened to the various breakable items in the room. Shego planted a kick directly at Kim's chest, sending her flying into a glass case holding several species of rare butterflies.

"Shego! Leave her!!" A deep harsh voice called from the entrance to the museum. The hooded villain held the head under one arm and propped the museum door open with the other.

Shego turned to her companion, then back to Kim raising her glowing hands, "But it'd be SO easy to finish her off."

"NOW!!" the hooded figure yelled. Shego sighed reluctantly then turned and ran out the door.

As soon as the villains had left, Ron ran over to Kim, "You okay KP?!" he asked taking Kim's arm and helping her back to her feet.

"Yeah, I'm fine," She replied shaking off her aches "We have to follow them!" Kim exclaimed running after the two villains "They've made me mad now!"

"Why didn't you let me finish her?!" Shego asked her cohort once they had run a few blocks away from the museum, "I had her!"

"Because," the hooded figure replied, still holding the Head of Isisreal, "she probably would have done something you didn't expect and we would be in jail right now."

"Fine," Shego seethed, "Where is this hideout of his? And why are you still wearing that hood?" She asked grabbing at the black hood and pulling it off the head of her associate.

The girl glared at Shego before pulling her ponytail out of her jacket and smoothing down the loose ends of her blonde and crimson hair, "Is there a reason you had to do that?" her British influenced voice asked Shego.

"Pandora, they're going to figure you out sooner or later. No use hiding, especially when they're not here!"

Pandora Fiest looked at her friend and sighed, "I guess you're right, but I'd rather deal with the 'later' aspect of that statement. This way," Pandora said turning down a darkened alleyway. Soon the two came to a dead end.

"Wow! You're employer went all out with the hideout huh?" Pandora simply grinned and pressed on one of the bricks in the wall next to her. Suddenly a hole opened in the ground just to the right of Shego.

"After you," Pandora instructed pushing Shego into the darkness. Shego fell with a scream, which caused Pandora to laugh, quickly following the screaming villainess.

After what felt like a long while, Shego landed on her back with a thud. Pandora wasn't far behind her, but she hit the ground in a far more graceful manner, "Lair, sweet, Lair." Shego commented standing up and rubbing at her lower back.

"Nice to see you've both finally arrived," a voice cut through the semi- darkness of the hideout.

"Calm it Dr. D." Shego glared into the darkness, "We hit a snag, nothing big."

"Did you get the head?" asked a second voice rather desperately.

"Of course," Pandora said nonchalantly tossing the head to the voice as she had the comb the day before, "You both really need to have more faith in us,"

Suddenly the lights of the hideout flicked on revealing the personas behind the two voices. Both were male, yet one was blue and the other had opposable toes. One was a "genius," the other was part man part monkey. The super villains known as Dr. Drakken and Monkey Fist stood around the Head of Isisreal marveling at the artifact their associates had stolen.

"Nice work ladies," was the only compliment Shego and Pandora received for all of their effort.

"Let me see it!" Drakken said trying to grab the head from Monkey Fist.

"No you fool! You'll drop it."

"I will not," Drakken whined, "My sidekick helped get the stupid thing, I want to see it!"

"So, monkey man, you never explained to us what this stupid head thingy does," Shego said trying to stop the two male villains from fighting before they even accomplished anything.

"A very good question, my dear Shego," The English man began, "You see, the Isisreal artifacts hold a certain mystical monkey power."

"Figures," Shego and Pandora rolled their eyes in unison.

"Isisreal was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, who sick of all the good press cats got," he glared rather pointedly in the direction of Pandora, "Decided to create a power that would make all cats into a nobler creature. When the head and the jewels are combined," he explained pulling two emerald gemstones from his pocket and placing them in the spaces where the eyes of the head should have been, "they release said power on whomever they are pointed at. Say Drakken for instance"

Before he had time to react, Monkey Fist had pointed the head straight at the evil genius. A dark green light shot from the head and surrounded Drakken. Suddenly there was a blinding flash. When the three villains looked back at the spot where Dr. Drakken had once stood, he had been replaced by a small, blue monkey. Pandora gasped in surprise, Shego suppressed her laughter at her boss, and Monkey Fist laughed in triumph, "You see! Now I... I mean..WE can turn the entire world into monkeys and have them serve under us!"

"Um.. not that I care all that much, but will that ray thing turn the monkey's back into people?" Pandora asked now trying, like Shego, not to laugh at the monkey Drakken. Monkey Drakken was too concerned with picking at his blue fur to notice any of them.

Monkey Fist scratched his head, "I don't really know. I guess it's worth a try," he turned the head back toward monkey Drakken and the same green light flowed over the creature. After another blinding flash, monkey Drakken was replaced, by the regular Dr. Drakken, completely oblivious to the changes he had just undergone.

"What?" Drakken asked, "What are you all staring at?"

Shego and Pandora tried harder not to laugh.

"With this power, we shall finally succeed in taking over the world!!!" Monkey Fist declared raising the statue with the emerald eyes high above his head.

"What power?! You never explained it!!" Drakken lamented, "And why do I have a sudden urge to eat bananas?"

Before anyone could answer any of Dr. Drakken's questions, a scream was heard coming from the tube Shego and Pandora had entered the lair through. All four villains looked at each other, not quite sure what to expect. The screaming grew closer and louder until the door at the end of the tube opened and two individuals fell onto the ground. They rolled for a second before landing at Monkey Fist's feet. Pandora quickly recognized the intruders, covered her eyes with her hand, and hid behind Shego.

"KIM POSSIBLE!!!" Drakken yelled. "And the buffoon!"

Kim quickly pulled herself to her feet and tried not to groan, "Drakken and Monkey Fist. Trying that whole, villain team up thing?"

"Brilliantly deduced Possible," Monkey Fist said, clapping sarcastically.

"So you were the one with Shego?" Kim asked

"Are you kidding me?" Shego piped in "Me and monkey man? No way"

"Then who.." Kim started.

"Hey!" Ron exclaimed cutting her off , "Aren't we usually being attacked by a big mob of ninja monkeys by now? Why are there no monkeys?"

"I'm glad you asked, Stoppable," Monkey Fist smiled, "Let me introduce my new secret weapon. My 'sidekick.' Pandora!"

Shego stepped aside revealing Pandora who looked away from the crime fighters guiltily. Kim and Ron gasped and stared in shock. Ron quickly recognized the black jacket that had been worn by the felon with Shego.

"You're the one that was with Shego!" he shouted.

"You.." Kim quickly steadied her voice trying to hide her hurt, "You used us to find out what the museum was doing with the artifacts."

"Yup. That's about it," Pandora replied.

"Shego! Pandora! Take them down!" Drakken yelled

"With pleasure," Shego said as her hands began to glow and she ran towards Kim. Pandora sighed slightly before chasing after Shego.

"Two on one," Kim said as the villianesses stood before her ready to attack, "Defiantly not fair and so not your style Shego"

"You know me Kimmy. Never one to play fair," Shego punched high and Kim moved to her left barley missing the blow.

Kim kicked toward Shego's head causing both Shego and Pandora to duck as her foot came full circle. As she came back up, Pandora kicked up at Kim hitting her squarely in the stomach. Kim gasped and clutched her stomach, but quickly saw Shego and her glowing hands coming toward her. She hit the ground and dove between Shego's legs sliding across the floor and quickly scrabbling to her feet as her momentum began to slow. Kim turned around now face to face with Pandora. Every punch and kick Kim tried to hit Pandora with was avoided with athletic agility or perfectly blocked. She was starting to grow tired when Pandora ducked for the fiftieth time and slammed Kim back a few feet. Kim landed with a thud on the ground.

Meanwhile Drakken and Monkey Fist were busy fighting over the Head of Isisreal.

"Look! I'm the one with the monkey powers, so I get to wield the monkey artifact," Monkey Fist declared holding the emerald eyed statue just out of Drakken's reach.

"But I just want to see it!" Drakken yelled jumping toward the Head and falling flat on his face as Monkey Fist pulled it away.

"My powers, my idea, my statue!!" Monkey Fist glared at Drakken. Suddenly he turned to his left noticed a pair of hands trying to grab the statue. Monkey Fist spun around to see Ron Stoppable.

Ron chuckled nervously, "Um.. can't blame a guy for trying right?"

"Oh, I'm fairly sure we can," Monkey Fist smiled evilly turning the statue toward Ron. Rufus quickly jumped from Ron's pocket and tried to stop Monkey Fist, but it was too late. The green light surrounded Ron and after the blinding flash Ron was replaced by a blonde haired monkey. Once again Monkey Fist laughed maliciously at his triumph.

"Oh," Drakken said looking at the Monkey, "That's what that does."

Monkey Ron looked down at himself and screamed. Well since he was a monkey he didn't really scream he made a loud monkey noise that was the equivalent of a human scream. He then glared up at Monkey Fist.

"Aww. Does the boy who hates monkeys not like being one himself?" Monkey Fist mocked.

"Oh Please! Oh please let me do one!" Drakken begged.

"Fine!" Monkey Fist finally conceded handing the statue to Drakken, "Just aim it at Kim Possible once Pandora and Shego are out of the way. She can join her sidekick."

Drakken laughed evilly and started to turn the statue toward Kim. Suddenly Rufus and monkey Ron jumped from behind Drakken and grabbed a hold of his head. Drakken began yelling and because he still held the head it began shooting random beams of green light.

"No you fool!" Monkey Fist yelled as he ducked the beams and tried to pull monkey Ron off of Drakken's head.

Shego, Pandora and Kim turned toward the two villains and monkey and stared at them confused, "Duck" Shego yelled as the green lights began shooting from the head. The three girls, slid, ducked, and flipped themselves out of the way of the beams.

"GET IT OFF!!!" Drakken yelled. Monkey Fist finally got close enough to Drakken to grab a hold of monkey Ron by the scruff of his neck and pull him off of Drakken's face.

Rufus and monkey Ron was soon sent hurling through the air and landed with a thud at Kim's feet. Kim stared at the monkey, "Ron?" Before she could contemplate the strange monkey anymore, the final beams of green light shot toward her after bouncing off of a nearby mirror. Kim grabbed the blonde haired monkey and naked mole rat and jumped out of the way rolling toward the mirror. She stood up and looked around. Shego stood on the opposite side of the room while Drakken and Monkey Fist continued to fight over the Head of Isisreal. The light sound of someone landing on the ground caught Kim's attention. Pandora was crouched next to her on her hands and knees rather monkey-like.

"Give it here you fool!!" Monkey Fist yelled grabbing everyone's attention as he pulled the statue from Drakken's hands, "This ends here Kim Possible!!!" Pandora and Kim looked between each other and Monkey Fist. Monkey Fist raised the statue above his head and pointed it at Kim. Just before the light hit her, Pandora hooked her foot around Kim's ankle causing her to fall to the ground. The green light hit the mirror behind Kim and was sent speeding back to Monkey Fist. The light hit the Head of Isisreal and the entire thing glowed bright green. Monkey Fist looked at the glowing statue and quickly set it down on the ground in front of him, "Villains!" he hollered "RETREAT!!!!" Monkey Fist and Drakken took off running toward the exit to the hideout.

"Move it Pandora," Shego hollered as she chased after Drakken and Monkey Fist. Pandora looked toward Kim and monkey Ron and quickly stood up.

"Third door on your right," She said simply, "probably the quickest and safest exit. Go!" With that she scrambled to her feet and took off after the other three villains.

Kim watched the villainess retreat before looking back at the more intensely glowing Head of Isisreal. She grabbed Rufus and monkey Ron and headed for the exit Pandora had suggested. Racing down a series of hallways Kim finally reached the outside of the hideout, just as the Head of Isisreal exploded. Kim was sent flying forward loosing her grip on the monkey and naked mole rat as a green light passed over all three heroes. Quickly pulling herself back up to her feet, Kim looked around desperately "Ron! Rufus! Where are you guys?!" She heard a small groan behind her and quickly spun around.

The now human Ron slowly pulled himself up to his feet and tried to shake off the dizzy feeling in his head, "Hey KP. What happened? Did we win?" He smiled half heartedly.

"Close enough" Kim smiled taking her friends arm and helping him support himself "Let's get Rufus and go home"

The next day, everything in Middleton was back to normal. Not that anything had really changed, but no one seemed to notice the tension between those who had once been friends. Still, Kim was almost surprised to see Pandora in her math class that morning along with all the other classes they shared. At lunch they sat on opposite sides of the cafeteria avoiding any and all eye contact. The long and depressing day finally ended for both girls and they both headed for their lockers. Lockers that were, now, inconveniently located near each other.

Kim gulped as she shut her locker door. 'Now or never KP' she thought 'You'll have to get it out of her one of these days.' She turned to Pandora and took a deep breath, "Pandora"

The voice hit Pandora's ears as she stared into her locker. She wasn't ready to deal with all this just yet. 'Now or never Pandy' she sighed to herself 'You're going to have to tell her one of these days.' Pandora spun on her heels and shut her locker door in one smooth motion. She looked Kim directly in the eyes, "Yes?"

"Why...why did you do it?" Kim asked gathering her thoughts as she went "I mean, why did you lie to me? And why are you working with the super villains, especially Monkey Fist?"

Pandora opened her mouth to speak but was cut off by Ron as he ran up to Kim.

"KP. Ready to...." He stopped short after seeing Pandora and noting the visible tension between the two girls, "Go? Hey Pandora. Am I interrupting something?"

Pandora smiled slightly, "I thought you said two on one wasn't fair."

"Different sitch" Kim pointed out, "Pandora was about to explain some stuff," Kim informed Ron.

"Oh..." Ron said then looked at Pandora as if urging her to continue the story she hadn't even started.

"Look, it's like I really have a choice here!" Pandora exclaimed suddenly becoming defensive

Kim's eyes opened wide, "Yes you do!"

"Look, Kim, Ron, I can't explain it to you right now. I just, I work for Monkey Fist and that's all there is to it. You can't change my mind on it."

Kim and Ron looked at Pandora, "So you're just a Monkey girl!?" Ron exclaimed breaking the uncomfortable silence.

Pandora laughed slightly, "Not exactly. More like Monkey Fu girl. I've somewhat mastered the art of Tai Shing Pek Kwar, but I don't have any physical monkey traits."

"So that's why you could do all that crazy flippy monkey stuff!" Ron thought out loud

"And that skill is why we didn't see you on the surveillance tapes," Kim added, "You could move quickly and with enough agility to throw off the cameras and never let them see you."

Pandora nodded her head, "Glad you figured everything out."

"But why were Drakken and Monkey Fist working together anyway?" Ron asked.

"That, I couldn't honestly tell you. I think Monkey Fist didn't quite believe I could handle the job alone, so he teamed up with Drakken entirely to get Shego to help him retrieve the Isisreal artifacts. Monkey Fist understands I'd rather work with virtually anyone but him, even if I am his sidekick," Pandora tried to explain. A long awkward silence followed as each party tried to figure out their next plan of conversation.

"So," Kim finally said shattering the silence, "Where does that leave us? I don't suppose you're willing to stop being evil"

"Like I said, I wish it could be that simple," Pandora replied staring at her hands "As for the relationship we have after this conversation, really, it's entirely up to you. I'm the one who didn't tell you who I truly was."

"And lied about being my friend," Kim added remorsefully.

Pandora's eyes shot back up to Kim's face, "I never lied about that! Kim, you were the first person to even give me the time of day when I got to this school. You and Ron were the first friends I ever made and even though we might be on different sides, I will never forget that!"

"Is that why you helped us last night?" Ron asked.

"Who me? I didn't help either of you. Ask the other villains. That blasted Kim Possible and her sidekick foiled our evil plots again," Pandora smiled, "Look, I can't expect you to completely trust me right away. I can't even expect you to talk to me again after this conversation, but I'd really like for us to still be friends. Even if it's only during school."

"But..." Kim started, not sure how to respond to any of this, "Why? How is it going to work. How are we going to know when one or the other of us doesn't secretly have some plan to stop the other one?"

"Here," Pandora said taking a red bracelet off of her left arm and handing it to Kim, "I've got one, you've got one. We'll wear them when we have a truce. How's that?"

Kim looked at the bracelet, still not sure how far to trust Pandora, "You're going to have to give me a while. I've still got a lot to think about."

"That's all I ask. Do let me know when you decide on whatever. Whatever you decide, it's, 'no big.' I'll see you both around," Pandora smiled quickly and took off down the hallway and out of the high school.

"So, what are you going to do KP?" Ron asked as the both watched Pandora leave.

"I don't know," Kim replied putting the bracelet around her wrist and starting off own the hallway, "But I have a feeling we haven't had our last adventure with Pandora Fiest."


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