Title: Faith of the Heart

Author: Cindy Ryan

Pairings: Grissom/Sara, Jack/Sam

Category: Fluff, Xover (Without a Trace)

Notes: This is a sequel to Barely Existing http://www.fanfiction.net/read.php?storyid=1655930.

Many thanks to Kath for beta reading.

It was early in the shift. The locker room was empty as Gil Grissom walked down the center isle.

More than anything he wanted to wrap his arms around the woman standing at the far end of the isle and surprise her.

But Grissom curbed that impulse. Sara would never admit it but he knew she still jumped at unknown sounds. Still looked at shadows a little too long.

"Hey."Sara greeted with a smile as she finished tying her shoes.

"Hey."Grissom replied as he came up behind and pulled her into his arms.

"Nick's waiting in the parking lot."Sara stated making no effort to leave Grissom's embrace.

"He can wait a few minutes."Grissom replied as he handed her a slim brightly wrapped package complete with bow. "I wanted to give you this."

Sara smiled as she turned in his arms and took the package. "Christmas isn't until next week."

Grissom returned her smile. "Open it anyway."

Sara tore off the paper and opened the thin envelope. She looked at the item inside and back at the man in front of her. "Plane tickets to New York?"

Grissom nodded. "I thought we deserved a few days off."

Sara grinned. "And I get to meet the team."

"You get to meet the team."Grissom acknowledged as he pulled her close letting her head rest against his chest.

Sara had been asking him for months to have a few days off so she could meet Jack Malone and the rest of the team that had rescued her. Grissom had tried to arrange it but with budget constraints and how short staffed they were it just hadn't been possible until now.

Sara leaned back and kissed Grissom quickly her eyes sparkling. "Thank you."

"You're welcome."Grissom replied with a smile happy to see the sparkle back in her eyes.

"Do you...."Grissom started to ask but was interrupted by the impatient beep of Sara's pager.

Sara glanced down at the small display and frowned."It's Nick. I better go. Dinner?"

Grissom smiled as he stepped back. "Yeah, just call me."

Sara turned and tucked the plane tickets in her open locker door before she shut it.


"Still here,Sam?"Jack asked as he turned the light off in his office and stepped out into the bullpen.

Sam nodded not looking up from the stack of folders in front of her. "Paperwork. I didn't realize how far behind I was until I couldn't see my desk."

"Leave it."Jack ordered as he walked toward the door briefcase in hand.

Sam met his gaze and smiled. "If I leave it it'll multiply."

Jack grinned. "It's paperwork, Sam, not rabbits."

"I just got off of medical leave."Sam argued. "The less time I spend doing paperwork the better."

Jack looked at the cup of coffee nestled between her computer and the stack of files. He also spied a small bag of pretzels and frowned.

"You didn't eat dinner, did you?"

Sam nodded as she started filling out another report. "Yes, I did."

Jack pulled her coat off the coat rack and walked toward her. "Coffee and pretzels doesn't count."he held the coat out toward her. "Come on, I'll buy you dinner."

Sam sighed and set down her pen and looked up at her boss. "I'll remind you of this tomorrow when you're yelling about the Matson file."

"I don't yell."Jack countered as he handed her the coat.

Sam laughed as she turned off the desk light and powered down her computer."If you say so."

Jack followed Sam out of the office. "I don't."


"When have I yelled?"Jack asked as they stepped into the elevator.

"Ask Danny and Martin tomorrow."Sam replied with a grin. "I'm sure they can think of something.So what restaurant are we going to?"

"Your choice."Jack replied as the elevator closed.