Obviously I don't own any of these characters. Nor will I be introducing any new characters in this story.

I plan to make this an action/adventure/romance story, revolving around two main characters - Siegfried and Sophitia. If you like the other characters more, well sorry, but I'm not going to write much about them. The romance will be very prominent, and will be the main focus of the story (aside from, of course, the obvious plot of breaking Siegfried away from Soul Edge), but I also enjoy a good fight, so I'll probably be writing in lots of fight scenes.

This story begins after Soul Calibur but before Soul Calibur 2 - it could be said that this story is a "remake" of Soul Calibur 2.

The time period for this story will be 1550 or so AD; I'm not sure if actual dates are mentioned anywhere in Soul Calibur but 1550 seems to be around the time that the game occurred according to the events in the story.

One more thing: If I haven't included a two-handed mace by the last 25 percent of the story, someone please remind me to.

And now, kind readers, good luck.. and good journey.

(this is my first fanfic, so tread lightly, and carry a humongous branch that can double as a club or bludgeoning instrument of some kind, as long as you're over 18, which you should be, because one chapter of this fanfic will be rated R and will contain sex - sorry you lemon-lovers, you're gonna have to wait for it, romance comes first. The majority of the story (90 percent) is pg-13, although there is some violence (esp. in chapter 3, most of the violence after that is in regards to slaying demons rather than people). I'll be very clear when I write the mature chapter that it's the chapter that's R and not pg-13.)

The story up to this point:

Soul Blade occurs as normal. Soul Calibur begins – Sophitia goes to find Soul Edge, searches for 2 years (I am assuming that she knows/finds out that Siegfried is Nightmare) and then senses that Soul Edge has been defeated (yes, I'm having Soul Calibur occur 2 years after Soul Blade instead of 4 years). This story begins 2 years after that, so it has been 4 years since the end of Soul Blade, and it has been 2 years since Sophitia last fought. Also, Nightmare still has the entire Soul Edge, despite the events at the end of Soul Calibur. This is part of the plotline of the fic so I won't explain how or why just yet. Also I am giving Sophitia's family a small farm to complement the baking her father does - the idea is that they grown their own grain and such, and sell other foods such as cheese along with the bread. I felt this gave Sophitia more of a country-feel.

Thus begins the tale..

Sophitia sighed softly to herself as she set two milk buckets down next to the cow stalls belonging to her family's quaint, relatively small Greek farm. Kneeling down to begin the rough, unromantic but necessary work of extracting milk from the cows' udders, she felt a wave of relief as a shout from her younger sister carried along a light breeze to rest upon her exposed ears.

Standing and brushing her work skirt off lightly, Sophitia yelled back, "Yes,

Cassandra?" and took the opportunity to exit the dank-smelling, hay-filled barn.

Cassandra, standing at the foot of the family home, noticed Sophitia immediately as she appeared from the gaping entrance to the animal stalls. "So there you are!

Come on, it's time to eat, and you won't believe what I heard at the Foaming Steer today!" And with that, Cassandra headed into the doorway, waving her sister in behind her. As Sophitia stepped up the front steps, the pleasant aroma of newly-baked bread and aged cheese wafted from the entrance to the house, reminding her of the simple pleasures of farm life. Sure enough, a table of home-cooked goodies was laid out in their dining chamber, carefully prepared by Sophitia's soft-spoken, but strong-willed mother.

"What were you doing at the Foaming Steer anyway, Cassy?" Sophitia questioned suspiciously, "We all know how disreputable that place is.."

Cassandra, looking surprised and slightly embarrassed, waved her hand several times, "Never mind that, never mind that. It's just good for the gossip." and took her seat at the table, receiving dark glances from both her mother and father. Sophitia's mother recited a respectful prayer to Athena, and Sophitia managed to snag the best piece of bread with a smirk before her sister could get her hands on it.

"So, why isn't Rothion joining us for supper today?" Sophitia's mother asked with interest.

"Rothion had a lot of work to finish, you know how busy he is with his

smithing - everyone wants horseshoes and hammers from him these days," Sophitia replied coolly.

"Oh, yes, I have heard he's doing a magnificent job. He will make an excellent husband."

To this, Sophitia did not respond, simply sliced a corner off of a potato and placed it carefully into her mouth. Cassandra seemed antsy today, more antsy than usual, and Sophitia decided it was high time she spilled whatever it was she was holding in, "What were you talking about before, Cassandra? You said you heard something in.. in town?"

"Oh, right, well, I heard somebody say, get this.." Cassandra covered her mouth to stifle a laugh, "he said, a 'demon with a terrible weapon' slaughtered half of a local village the other day, can you believe that?" with a shake of her head, "It's like that old story you used to tell us when you ran away a few years ago." Cassandra eyed Sophitia cautiously, fearing a bout of anger, or, even worse, that cold, emotionless mask that Sophitia wore whenever she was accused of lying about her encounters with Soul Edge.

"Oh, not that again!" Sophitia's mother exclaimed, in conjunction with the shaking of her father's head and a long sigh.

Upon hearing this, Sophitia's hand, still holding her fork, immediately dropped to the table. "Wh-what did you say?" She turned her head to face Cassandra sitting next to her, sending her long hair sweeping about her shoulders.

Cassandra, seeing her sister's reaction, faltered slightly, "I uh, I heard that a d-demon with a terrible weapon murdered a group of villagers up in the mountains near Beroia.. it's just a rumor, Soph, it's not true!"

Sophitia, suddenly overtaken by a sense of horror and apprehension, felt the urgent need to find out more about this supposed rumor, "Beroia, you said?

Was the demon described in any detail? What about the weapon?"

"I don't know.. well, several of the patrons said the demon was large, wearing a mask on its face.. and it seemed to have no sense of reason or compassion.. they were all drunk, sis! It was just drunken gossip!" Cassandra tried desperately to talk some sense into her worried sister, now regretting the fact that she'd mentioned the rumors at all.

"You heard this from more than one person!" Sophitia shot to her feet, sending her fork clattering to the ground.

"Sit DOWN, Sophitia! We didn't raise a daughter so that she would run off at any mention of demons and goblins and ghosts and witches at a drunken BAR!"

Sophitia's father exclaimed, slamming his palm onto the table with a loud boom, causing the plates and ceramic-ware on the table's surface to shake and clatter briefly. Sophitia slowly sank into her chair, deciding that now was neither the time nor the place to try to combat her disbelieving family. Supper was finished in silence, and soon after, Sophitia left the company of her family to gather the necessary items from her room in secret.

Cassandra woke up with a start, hearing the familiar creak of the 3rd stair going down from the second floor of her home. 'Strange..' she thought to herself,

'Who would be moving about the house at this time of night?' Slightly worried,

Cassandra pulled on her slippers along with a coat to protect against the cold of a fast-approaching winter, and carefully crept from her bedchamber out into the hallway and towards the stairs. Noticing the flicker of a shadow in the moonlight pouring in through the hall window, Cassandra pressed herself against the wall to avoid being seen. The moment she was sure the shadow, and, more importantly, the person it belonged to, had moved on, she quickly moved down the stairway, skipping the 3rd stair to avert making the same mistake that had caused her abrupt awakening.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Cassandra turned a quick right, making her way silently towards the front door just as she heard it close with a very faint click. 'Whoever it is, I don't like people invading our house.. this guy's going to regret breaking in here' she thought to herself as she pressed against the wall near the door, peering out one of the front windows. A lone figure, shrouded by darkness, made its way across the front yard, stopping at the stables where the riding horses were kept. 'Damn him, he's trying to steal our horses!' Cassandra thought in anger, cracking the door open silently and padding across the yard towards the horse thief.

Deciding to spy in from the window as a precaution rather than simply bursting in through the front, she moved to the wall of the barn and tiptoed atop a barrel, giving her just enough height to peek in through one of the ventilation openings. The moment her eyes swept the room, she noticed two very familiar figures standing in the moonlight near Sophitia's favorite horse.

Letting out an inaudible sigh, Cassandra almost stepped down from the barrel, recognizing Sophitia and her fiance Rothion. 'I guess they wanted to be alone, but why couldn't they just do this during the day?' Cassandra thought to herself, rolling her eyes. But then, come to think of it, Cassandra couldn't remember ever actually seeing Sophitia and Rothion engaging in any act of intimacy.. not even holding hands.. her thoughts continued, 'Well, this could be interesting.. I guess just a little peek would be fine.' And Cassandra retained her position, intent on taking in the scene below.

After several moments during which Sophitia and Rothion conversed in low voices, Rothion handed Sophitia a large satchel with something inside that glinted in the moonlight. 'What the.. aren't they going to kiss.. or at least hug?' Cassandra thought to herself, confused by the strange interaction. Sophitia took the satchel and strapped it onto her favorite horse, then turned back to Rothion. 'Oh, here we go..now they'll do something interesting..' but, contrary to what Cassandra expected,

Sophitia and Rothion simply clasped hands in a friendly warrior's hand-shake. They nodded to each other, and Rothion quickly made his way out the front of the stable, while Sophitia completed the tacking of her mount and climbed onto its back. Cassandra was dumbstruck, 'What? I don't understand, they're supposed to be engaged.. what the hell is going on?' As Sophitia's mount turned towards the stable's exit, Cassandra also noticed an excellently crafted sword sheathed at Sophitia's right shoulder. 'Oh no! She's doing it again!' Cassandra jumped down from her vantage point, tripping in her haste and sending both her and the barrel sprawling across the ground. She scrambled to her feet, dashing towards the barn door and briefly slipping on some cold mud on the way, completely soiling her favorite slipper.

"Sophitia!" Cassandra hollered after her sister, who by now had managed to gallop out of the stable and a good distance down the road. "Soph! WAIT!"

Cassandra ran after her sister as fast as she could, stumbling twice on the cold dirt and rocks of the road, but Sophitia either did not hear or, for whatever reason, did not care to spare a glance behind her. Finally, as Cass watched her sister disappear around a turn in the forest surrounding the farm, she trotted to a halt, laying her hands on her knees and panting for breath. "DAMN!" Cassandra shouted, angry at her sister for running off like that again, and even more angry at herself for being the one to have caused it. Gritting her teeth, she jogged back towards her house, thoughts and worries for Sophitia slowly coming together and gathering into something that vaguely resembled a plan.

End chapter 1

Just getting them all into the mix… don't worry, I have a good plan to solve the Sophitia/Rothion thing, it'll be interesting.