Darkness into clueless eyes

DJ Kaiba- Well here is my fourth fanfic. I am planning on writing more and as long as I don't get too many complaints I will keep on going.

Michelle- You promiss this time.

DJ Kaiba- Yes I promiss. Promiss that I won't be such a pain in the ass.

Mina- Did I hear what I think she said. I won't be such a pain in the ass?

DJ Kaiba- You heard me right Mina. I was a pain in the ass. So here is the prologue. You get to choose which person you want to come in next.



Another normal day in Domino City. Yugi and his friends running, laughing and having fun together. Not that long ago Battle City had taken place and people were not to happy of what had happened. Many peoples lives were in danger and people thought it was funny.

"What's wrong Yami?" asked Yugi.

"Nothing I am just trying to remember more of my past and I can't figure it out. There was a woman with me when I became pharoh and I can't remember her name."

"Really I think we will find out soon."

"I hope so Yugi."


The same day it was hot and sticky. In Egypt people were wandering aroung finding fun things to do. The sailor scouts were there for vacation. They knew it was time for one. Isis and Marik Ishtar had come back over 5 months ago and Trista was stationed there to help them find more artifacts. It was the meeting day for the Ishtars and Miss Meioh. She was in a silk dress and a scarf covering her hair. She came into the office of the Istars house.

"You must be Miss Meioh." said Isis.

"Yes I am. You must be Isis Ishtar."

"Yes. This is Marik."

"How do you do."

"You don't need to polite to him. He won't return it."

"I am sorry. I didn't know that."

"Isis how long are we going to be here this time?"

"Marik be practical. If you want to work here be kind and nice to the other people. Besides Miss Meioh will be helping you uncover Pharoh Yami's tomb."

"It sounds so interesting. Can you tell me some things about Yami?"

"Well he was the last pharoh and he died because he wanted things done right. He got the bright idea of marrying a local green haired woman and had three children."

"Really how interesting."

"Now I want you to go home and get some rest you will begin tomorrow at noon."

"All right."

~Who will be at the house when Trista comes home?~

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