Home Wreaker

Along came Emma

This is just a thought I've had rolling around in the back of my head for quite a while and when I heard that Emma is the reason that Scott and Jean's marriage is on the rocks at the moment, I thought 'what the hell'. I don't read the comics much any more so I don't know a whole lot about what's happening. The only reason I write is to entertain, so if you guys like it I may write more. Guys, bear in mind that I have no clue about Emma's character so she may seem a little out of context.


            Scott paced like an expectant father around the living room where the residents of the Xavier institute had gathered for an important announcement. Scott did not like important announcements because they often, if not always, involved a life-risking mission that involved him getting his butt kicked in every direction. As leader that was his job. Ever since Jean had stopped going out with Duncan, the current head jackass of the football team, he and miss popularity's chances of getting together were becoming greater and it was contributing to his apprehensiveness. Professor X soon wheeled himself into the room carrying with him a small file. "Children," He said, "There will be a new student arriving tomorrow. Her name is Emma Frost and she will be joining us because of her family's contribution."

"Contribution?" wondered Kurt

"Yes, Kurt the Frost family has agreed to donate a large sum of money to the institute, with the addition of their daughter to the school. Now they referred to her as 'Princess' so she may have a slight attitude."

"We've already got one of those." Rogue chided loudly

"That'll be quite enough." Rebuked the Professor "Scott, Jean, I want you to pick her up at the air port, tomorrow."

"Ok Professor," sighed Scott. He was just glad that they would not be tangling with Juggernaught or dancing with the Brotherhood. Those encounters always seemed to leave him sore. The students left the room with mixed emotions, the boys where relatively happy having a new girl around and were already planning clever situations to stumble into.

Soon the next day came and it was time for Scott and Jean to retrieve the new recruit. Scott and Jean loaded into the new S.U.V. that she just bought and drove to the airport. When they arrived they noticed a young lady in white, almost, skin tight Jeans and a matching tube top that extended from her waist concealing her belly button. She had long straight frosty blonde hair and pale emerald eyes. Scott quickly checked the picture that was in the file. "That's her." His voice cracked          slightly.

Jean rolled her eyes at the testosterone poisoning Scott was experiencing currently and jumped out of the car once it stopped. They approached the girl "Emma Frost?" wondered Jean as the girl perked up.

"The Xavier students I presume?" Emma responded as noticed Scott not trying at all to hide the way she sized him up. Jean saw this and interrupted Emma's view of Scott by stepping in the way. Emma then looked Scott straight into his ruby quartz glasses. "Would you be a darling and help me with my luggage, please." She cooed in the Women do when they want something. Scott, thinking with the only brain that would work at that moment (the one between his legs), silently grabbed all four of the over sized check-ins and hauled them to the back of the S.U.V. Jean glared at Scott and swiftly pointed to the back door as Emma smiled and quietly entered the back of the four door S.U.V.

"Well a silent welcoming committee, that's new by me. I'm Emma frost, pleased to meet you." Said Emma.

"I'm," Scott's voice cracked at an even higher tone than last time. "Ahem, I'm Scott Summers and this is Jean Grey." He spoke with his normal voice.

"Scott Summers," Emma cooed as she completely ignored Jean, "I'll have to remember that."

Jean fumed at the outright, brazen flirting that Scott was receiving from the girl that they had only known for a few minutes. Desperate to shift attention away from Scott, Jean spoke up "So Emma, how old are you?"

            "Oh, I've just turned seventeen a few days ago."

 "Really?" wondered Scott until Jean sent him a picture from her imagination that promptly shut him up.

"So tell me; why did the good professor Charles Xavier send you, particular two, I'm sure that Scott could have handled it himself?" wondered Emma. Jean began to fume again, but before she could fly off the handle Scott interrupted.

"Jean and I are the team leaders. We take care of the other students at the institute when we're needed. Plus we are the field commanders when a mission arises." He explained

Emma then leaned forward and placed her chin on Scott's shoulder. "Will you take care of me if I need it?" she whispered. Scott's face turned the exact shade of his glasses as the wind from her voice cascaded across his ear and the skin of her silky smooth cheek brushed up against his neck. Scott noticed the look of murder on Jean's face and swiftly shrugged Emma off his shoulder. Emma let up realizing that politics could work against her, and decided to save her advances for when she was better aquainted with who her enemies and allies might be.

Soon they had arrived back at the institute and they stepped out of the S.U.V. Jean wanted to get as far away from the new girl as possible, but decided that she wanted Scott away from her more so she stopped as hovered around Scott as hawk did when it was claiming it's prey. Scott grabbed the overiszed set of luggage and hauled it inside the doors of the mansion. Emma promptly thanked him with a lingering kiss to the check and a swift scan of his body with her hands. Needless to say Scott was left speechless as all the blood rushed from his head to a more inconventent spot on his body.

"Brazen Hussy." Muttered Jean under her breath as Emma reached the top of the second floor stairs. Emma turned and smiled directly in Jeans direction.