Prophecy Girl
Yet Another Yu-Gi-Oh Fic
By: Azurite - [email protected]

Yadda yadda: Yeah, I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. I spend time that I should be cleaning my room or planning for college working on fanfiction. But for some bizarre reason, I love it. *THAT* is my payment, and it's enough for me. Kazuki Takahashi has my utmost respect.

Blah Blah: "Why is Az posting so many fics at once?" I know I have UF Syndrome -- Unfinished Fic syndrome, that is-- and I tend to write the beginnings to a lot of fics without finishing them. But every writer has their own... style, or whatever, and mine is to get as many ideas out at once. I honestly think that if I get stuck on one fic or fandom, I'll lose my ability to write it with the same fluidity that I did when I started. I'm not, by any means, giving up on WDKY or TJOY; I'm away from my home computer... and my betas! *waves to Witchling and Atlantis2* Only my major fics will go through the betas... unless they insist on it being otherwise. ^^;

'Prophecy Girl' is another Téa-centered fic, this time taking place from the start of Battle City. It has vague connotations with Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Tru Calling, but has no plot from either show.



She could hear the flapping of their wings as they passed by her, but her vision was blurred.

She couldn't see them.

Not clearly, anyway.

There was a mass of color, not far from her... indigo and golden blonde?


Then there was a brilliant change in light-- from the bright daylight of the outside world to a dim, dank hall. The smell of old dust assaulted Téa's senses.

Where am I?

And then, the blur disappeared, and she saw it.

The tablet.

The legend... the inescapable destiny of Seto Kaiba and Yugi Mutou.

And, standing just beside it, Isis Ishtar.

"You will remember. The fated battle --the duel of destiny-- shall soon begin!" Her voice echoed off the walls of the Domino City Museum, and then everything became blurry, hazy...

Téa woke up in a cold sweat, panting in short breaths.

What the...?!


What am I doing here?

Téa stared up at the imposing stone structure that was Domino Museum. The Egyptian Exhibit was slated to be here through the next month or so. Téa was sure that Isis, as the owner of the private collection that Domino City was displaying, would be inside.

But what could she say?

I had a dream about you telling me that I'd be in some destined duel. I want an explanation.

No matter where Isis was from or what powers she possessed, there was no way she could explain Téa's odd dreams... right?

When she entered the museum, she was surprised to see the reception desk empty. There was no one in the surrounding area, and the lighting was dim. Taking a moment to allow her eyes to adjust, Téa glanced around, wandering deeper into the recesses of the museum... deeper into the restricted area in which the tablet was displayed.

Her gaze running over the various displays --ancient wall fragments, pottery, and jewelry-- Téa was startled when she turned around and saw a lone, hooded figure standing before the tablet from her dreams.

The tablet from her date with Yami...

From when they'd first met Isis...

Thinking the figure was Isis, Téa approached, and felt her heart leap out of her throat when the person wheeled around right as she arrived in front... of him.

It wasn't Isis. Not at all.

"You!" Téa breathed in shock.

"Me." The man echoed in a flat voice. His brown eyes were narrow, lined beneath the lower lids with Kohl and giving him a distinctly frightening appearance.

Téa's heart was palpitating at a million beats a second regardless --when last she'd encountered the mysterious Shadi, he'd nearly killed her in a puzzle game with Yami. She'd been controlled by him... her very mind and soul rearranged to suit his purposes.

"What are you doing here?" Téa ground out, taking a step back and eying Shadi warily.

"He is here for the same reason as you, Téa," a voice echoed from the side hall. Téa turned towards the source of the sound; it was Isis, a mysterious smile on her face. In the flickering firelight that lit the massive room, Téa could see the Millennium Necklace gleaming on Isis' neck.

"To make your Destiny... a Reality."


"Wait..." Téa interrupted Isis, setting her cup of tea down. She'd been sitting with Isis and Shadi (though keeping a good distance between her and the silent man) in an office in the Domino Museum. As it turned out, the Museum was closed that day-- and Isis had been expecting Téa, and had known just when she would show up.

"You're saying that *I* have some sort of Destiny in this whole Egyptian mess? Same as Kaiba and Yugi?"

It didn't make any sense. Yugi she understood-- Yugi had the Puzzle, Yugi was the reincarnation of the Pharaoh, right?

On their 'date,' Isis had told Yugi that the tablet predicted the future-- that Yugi's destiny was to continue dueling Seto Kaiba, and to remember Yugi's past as Pharaoh.

"Indeed." Shadi intoned, sipping from his own cup.

"B-But... I... I don't have a Millennium Item. I'm not... I'm not on the tablet, I have no--"

"Don't." Isis interrupted Téa with a raised palm, "Like it or not, your Destiny is intertwined with the Pharaoh's..." Isis paused, the corner of her mouth curling upwards again, "And his Priests."

"Priests? W-What are you talking about? I thought... the only other person involved in Yugi's Destiny was Kaiba, and he..." Téa broke off, putting two and two together.

Why Seto Kaiba and Yugi always fought...

Why they were bound so deeply, had so much in common, and yet... they always fought.

"He's one of them," Téa realized with a whisper, "Kaiba. He's one of the Priests."

"Yes. A Guardian of the Pharaoh. A wielder of a Millennium Item."

Téa closed her eyes, remembering the tablet in the main hall with distinct clarity. The man who bore a frightening resemblance to Kaiba... the Blue Eyes White Dragon hovering over him in a ferocious display of power.

And in his hand...

"What item?" Téa asked in a soft whisper.

"The same item that my traitorous brother now holds," Isis responded, squeezing her eyes shut at the mention of her brother. His betrayal still stung, fresh in her mind... no longer the sibling she knew.

"The Millennium Rod."

"The blood of the innocent taints its power," Shadi said eerily, "Darkens him, increases his power."

"And his insanity," Isis added. "Ever since our Father died, Marik has... well..."

"I need your help." The tall Egyptian woman finally said to Téa. "It is not enough that there will be duels... battles of the Gods. Unless someone intervenes, fate will repeat itself. I cannot stop what I am not a part of, Téa. Only you can save them-- save the Pharaoh... save Seto Kaiba."

Are you kidding me!?