Summary: One of the boys receives shocking news. He doesn't know what to think of it, and neither do the others. What will he do about it? What can he do about it, if he can't take back the past?

Author's Note: Hi everyone! This is my first Holes fan fic. I hope you all like this, and I hope it's original. Just a small warning, there's some swearing throughout the story, nothing too heavy; just enough to make it realistic to the behavior of actual teenage boys. Be sure to tell me if you like this, or what you think I need improvement on. Thanks very much!

Disclaimer: Luis Sachar is the mastermind of Holes. Thank him for such an amazing story. I own nothing.


Chapter One: The Jolting News

"Face it, man. I kick your ass every time we play. I'm just too good," Magnet joked with Squid.

"Aren't you the modest one? One more game, and this time I won't go easy on you," he promised, chalking his pool stick.

"Oh, really? Don't be so quick to talk. What are you gonna use as an excuse when I beat you, again?"

"Just shut up and break." 

Just then Pendanski walked into the wreck room, looking a bit surprised.  

"José, I got a letter for ya. Though I don't know why anyone would bother writing to a delinquent like you," he commented as he handed a letter to Magnet.

Magnet took the letter, though he looked confused as ever. He turned it over, looking for a return address. He found one on the back, and he knew he wasn't going to like what was in it. At least what he thought was in it.

"Well, who's it from?" Squid asked. The only person who ever received letters was Caveman, and he didn't care too much for what was in those. He thought of the kid as a mama's boy and didn't seem to care for him much.

"Um…just from…from some girl I used to know," he had to stop himself before he said too much. He didn't want any of the boys to know about her. They'd ask too many questions and he didn't want to deal with that.

"Why don't you open it already?" Armpit said from behind.

"I'll open it later. I don't feel like reading what she has to say right now," he tried to leave it at that, but the boys wouldn't have it.

"I don't think so," X-Ray grabbed the letter out of his hand, intent on opening and reading it to see what it said for himself.

"Hey! That's mine, what the hell are you doing?" Magnet yelled while attempting to snatch the letter back. He almost had it, but X-Ray held it behind his back. Squid went to X-Ray and swooped the letter just in time to get it away from Magnet's grip.

"I'm not gonna chase you guys around for my own damn letter. Just give it back to me," he began to get irritated, and nervous. He knew what was in that letter, and he didn't want them to find out he was getting 'dumped' in a letter.

It wasn't so much that he was getting dumped, seeing as they weren't still officially dating. But she was most likely going to say how she was over him and seeing someone else. And they were inevitably going to make fun of him. Adding insult to injury just wasn't on his wish list.

"D-tent don't keep secrets. We know everything, including what's in letters," Squid explained as opened the envelope.

Magnet went to grab the letter from Squid, but the boy jumped onto a chair and began to read aloud. Magnet, knowing he wasn't going to get the letter back anytime soon, resigned and plopped himself onto the couch.

"Dear José," Squid began, raising his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, "I hope you're okay at that camp. I've really missed you, and so has the rest of the gang," numerous amounts of 'awws' were heard. He didn't stop though, only raised his voice to be heard over all the noise, "This is the hardest letter I've ever had to write. God, I'm so nervous. I have no idea how you're going to react," as he continued reading he dropped the girly accent and began to lower his voice until he was only mouthing the words.

Magnet saw him frown and his eyes widen. It wasn't a good sign. "What? What'd she say?"

"Here," Squid handed the letter to Magnet.

As he was reading the letter, the other D-tent boys were staring at Squid like he were crazy. "What were you thinking? He's never gonna tell us what's in the letter now," whined Armpit.

"Pit, you don't need to know what's in that letter. I shouldn't have read it, sorry 'bout that," he apologized turning to face Magnet.

However Magnet was too shocked by what he had just read to have heard Squid. "She can't possibly be serious. I mean…we…it's just…this kinda stuff isn't supposed to happen."

"Listen, if you want to talk about it, I'm here. I might not have too much advice, seeing as I've never been in that situation, but I'll listen," Squid tried his best to comfort the boy. He felt terrible. He read something that was completely private, and something that Magnet told him not to read in the first place, which in turn made him feel even worse.

Everyone watched as Magnet left the room, clutching the letter in his hand. When he was completely out the boys turned their attention to Squid. "What'd the letter say?" X-Ray asked, expecting an answer.

"I can't say. He should be the one to tell you, if he even wants to tell you at all. It really isn't any of our business."

"Don't give me that shit. Since when did you turn all 'respecting other people's business', huh? Besides I only want to help. That letter obviously shook him up," X-Ray retorted.

Squid just looked at the wreck room door, not knowing what to do. He knew Magnet would want his privacy, but then again maybe he'd want someone to talk to.

The rest of the boys looked at each other, wondering what to do. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's find Magnet, and see what this whole deal's about," Armpit decided for them.

They got to the tent to find Magnet sitting on his cot, staring at a random spot on the floor. "Yo, Mag. You okay? You look a little…pale?" X-Ray asked, more than stated. He had never seen Magnet pale. "Has he ever looked light to you guys before?"

The boys shook their heads no, also realizing how pale he appeared. "Man, you are pale. Sure you're okay?" commented Squid, forehead furrowed.

"Yeah! I'm fine, back off!" Magnet yelled suddenly. He didn't feel like telling people anything. He was getting tired of them being so nosy. Whatever happened to not asking too many questions?

"Dude, calm down. We're just worried is all," Squid tried to explain.

"And you don't look too fine to us. We just want to know what we can do to help. And in order to do that we need to now what the hell's got you like this," X-Ray added.

"Yeah, man. That's all."

"You wanna know? 'Cause if it's so important I'll tell ya," he stood silent a moment as he sat back down on his cot. No one made a sound, too afraid he was going to explode again.

" I'm gonna be a dad."


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