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Concrete Angel

Chapter Seven: Anger and Amusement

Kouga looked around the battle field. Steam was rising in the cold winter air from the blood and the bodies that littered the ground. The once gray snow was now a dark brownish red color, mixed with blood and mud. His men gathered around the clearing he stood in, waiting for him to signal their victory. Kouga bent down and picked up the head of the leader of the snake demons. He raised it above his head and the wolf demons screamed and cheered. The raised their fists, spears, swords, and other weapons in the air and as each weapon rose, their voices grew louder. The only one who was not taking part in the traditional battle ceremony was Kagome.

She was standing in the far back of the group and since almost all of the men were taller than her she was unable to see what all the commotion was about. She knew they had won but there seemed to be something else that got them all excited.

She walked her way into the crowd towards the front of the group where Kouga would most likely be. The men parted their way for her and shouts of "Thanks Sister!" and "Good job Sis!" and other shouts of praise reached her ears. She tried to smile at them but she still wasn't completely over the high that battle gave her. Adrinaline was still coursing through her veins, her body waiting, wanting, to fight again. Her heart was still beating quickly and her breathing was irregular.

She finally made it to the front of the group and fought to hide her disgust. She looked at Kouga who stood proudly in front of everyone lifting up a head of a snake demon. Its green mouth was hanging open and it long slim tongue was hanging out of its mouth, swinging gently with the breeze. Slimy blood trickled down Kouga's arm and on the ground under the head. She repressed a shudder. For some reason this scene was beyond gross on her scale. She had seen many gruesome murders (most of them done by her) but she never really stopped and took a really good look at everything.

Kouga looked at her and she immedently hide her feelings about this ceremony. She could tell by the look in his eyes that when they got back to the cave. Still she refused to lose this staring contest and kept her 'poker' face on.

Kouga watched as Kagome walked to the front of the crowd. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do with Kagome at this moment, but he decided to settled this with her back at the den. When she finally came to the front of the group he watched her carefully. Her eyes were glazed over slightly. Her eyes were a silver gray and did not have their natural light to them any more. He could just hear her heart beat about the noise from the other wolves and it was going so fast that he could almost dance to it. He looked her body over to make sure that the did not have any serious wounds. Her face was smeared with blood and looked like exotic war paint against her pale skin, a small cut had a tiny river a blood flowing down her cheekbone. Her old wound had opened up and the bandage was not a dark pink color and a long yet narrow cut was across her stomach. Luckily that was barely bleeding. He felt a wave of relief wash over him now that he was sure that she was alive and had all of her body parts.

Now that he could put his worry aside, he let his anger set in. He growled lowly in his chest and she seemed to be the only one who caught it. He glared at her through narrowed eyes sending her a message:

You have some explaining to do…

Her eye's reply:

Oh shit…


"What in seven hells did you think you were doing out there?"

"From the way it looked; saving your ass!"

Kouga glared at Kagome who glared back with equal force. She stood her ground across from him in her room with her arms crossed over her chest. He stood at the other end of the room pacing back and forth in front of her.

"Do you know what kind of danger you put yourself in? You were injured and you still went out into a battle, totally unaware of your enemy and what their abilities were! You could have been killed!" he roared at her. She rolled her eyes at him which caused him to growl loudly. She was really starting to push his patience.

"Well I'm not dead am I? And I remember correctly you were in just as equal danger as I was! You didn't even think that the snake demons could change their appearance!" she countered. Kouga ignored her and continued with his ranting.

"And to top it all off, you disobeyed me! I told you not to leave this room and what do you do? Not only do you leave the room but you break my barrier, sneak past my guards, and break into my barn!" he looked at her and sigh in anguish.

"Oh like you really expected me to listen to you!" she looked at him and gape at the look he gave her. "God! You did, didn't you?"

"Listen here Kagome, I'm in charge of my pack and what I say goes! You got me?" he asked in a strict voice.

"Well guess what Kouga, I'm not a wolf demon so therefore your rules don't apply to me!" Kagome put her hands on her hips and it reminded Kouga of when Kagome was about to 'sit' InuYasha. "Just because you are in charge of this pack doesn't mean that everyone has to listen to you so stop puffing yourself up! You aren't that damn important!" she yelled.

Now he didn't hold his anger back. He stomped up to Kouga until they were centimeters away from each other. Her face came up to his chest so he had to look down to look her in the eye. His chest rumbled with an angry growl and he could feel the red slowly bleeding into his eyes. Kagome looked him in the eye and stood still with her hands at her sides. She'd be damned if she backed down now.

"Listen here, I don't care if you are a full pack member or not, but if you are under my protection and roof you go by words. Got it bitch?" he said lowly. He growled threatenly at her. Then Kagome did something that took him surprise…she growled back. He stepped back as her aura flared slightly informing him that he was too close for comfort.

"Now you listen Prince Kouga," she spat, "If you want me listen to you then you have to earn my respect and by screaming, threatening me, and calling a bitch is not going to get it. Now I want you out of this room in five seconds or I will personally make sure that you will never be able to have children again." She threatened. Kouga stood his ground growling. His demon side refused to give into her but his more sensible side told him that if he wanted to keep all of his body parts he better move now. Kouga growled but walked out anyways. With one last glare at Kagome he shut the door only to be greeted by a chuckling elder.

The elders of the tribe were the highest ranking wolves next to Kouga. They helped him make decisions and had to prove of all of the acts that he wanted to fulfill. They also were the oldest and wisest wolves of the clan.

"I see you are having woman problems?" he mused with Kouga. His reply was Kouga crossing his arms and glaring at the wall across from him.

"She's a stubborn one." The elder stated. Kouga huffed and the elder laughed some more. "Its amazing that you two haven't killed each other yet."

"She refuses to listen to me…" Kouga pouted angrily.

"Would it really be any fun if she did?" the elder asked.

"And she even had the nerve to growl back at me!" Again the elder laughed.

"She's a fierier one, just like your mother was. You and your father seemed to have similar task in women." He joked. Again Kouga huffed.

"I should go back in there and tell her that she can't order me around." He decided.

"Kouga, do you know why your father always left your mother alone for a day or so when they got into a serious argument?"

Kouga lifted an eyebrow. "No?"

"Because he knew that she could kick his ass. If you go in that room I can promise you that you will regret it."

"She couldn't hurt me…I over power her. She knows that I'm stronger than her and that it would be pointless to pick a fight like that with me." The elder just shook his head.

"There are worse things than physical torture for a man, Kouga, and a woman that angry," he pointed towards Kagome's door," would not be afraid to do one of those things just to watch your squirm in pain." With that said he left Kouga to think about what he said. Kouga watched his retreating back, trying to figure out what he meant. Then he thought back to what Kagome said earlier. A blush crossed his face as he figured out what the elder meant. He took one more look at Kagome's door and gulped.

'Maybe I should talk to her in the morning instead…' he thought to himself before he walked back to his room.

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