Jade: This is an alternate universe fic. Remy is a part of the Guild and the X-men are just friends. Yes they all have their good old powers but there are a few added things.....heh you'll see.

In the heart of the French quarter darkness lulled over the lively town of New Orleans. The streets buzzed with life and the people chatted merrily. Too early for drunks but too late for sobers many were still tipsy. It was Fat Tuesday, one of the biggest tourist days of the year; also known as sweeps for skilled pick pockets and thieves.

"People can' make dis any easier, no?" Remy said with a small chuckle as his fingers twitched slightly with anticipation. He waited quietly in a dark ally; a pair of shades hiding his glowing embers, which resided in his eyes. Something was different about this thief though, unlike many of the guild he was cursed with gifts beyond any being's desire. Beyond even a mutant's desire.

"Come on Marie, don't be such a prude....just one drink? Live a little..." A voice nagged just to the left of the alley entrance. Remy's ears perked as he heard the repulsive accent of English strike his ears. "Ah don't wanna drink that crap Betsy now let it go!" a voice shouted in anger. A small smile crossed the Cajun's lips once he heard the accent of a fellow southerner. "Last thame Ah got drunk Ah woke up in a closet....Ah still don' remembah how Ah got there." The southerner said flatly. The Brit native couldn't hold in her laughter and began to roar. "Oh come on let's go before some creep yanks us into an ally...." Marie said with a hint of paranoia.

As the two women slowly passed the ally way Remy took a careful observation of the two girls. The Brit had a beautiful physique with an unusual hue of blue hair and a tattoo upon her face. Remy almost immediately cast her as a mutant then focused upon the other one, an easier target. She also held the physique of a goddess with pale crème colored skin and auburn locks with white highlights. She appeared to be a bit more frail then her companion so Remy slowly began to approach them in stealth to make his move.

"Somethan' ain' righ...." Marie said softly as she trailed behind Betsy slightly as they roamed the colorful streets, crammed with pedestrians and floats. "Oh stop being so paranoid love, the boogy man isn't out to get you, besides with that pale complexion of yours you're likely to frighten him away if he is..." Marie shot her a cold glare as she bit back a smile which was upon the verge of cracking on her soft pink lips. Remy took this opportunity to slowly walk behind the two ladies and reach for Marie's purse, carefully unzipping her handbag. A sudden explosion of fireworks filled the sky, drawing Marie and Betsy's attention towards the sky. This gave the thief a bolder attempt to reach in and retrieve what he needed. His slippery hands maneuvered into her purse and carefully expelled the wallet before stashing it into Remy's black leather trench coat pocket. (Sorry but leather is sexier...) Remy then slipped a small business card into her purse and walked off, vanishing into the night.

"Wow, they really go all out don't they...." Betsy said with marvel. Marie nodded as she watched the fireworks show. After several moments of explosive booms and shots of spark the two girls found themselves watching another parade and dancing to receive beads. (I REFUSE TO MAKE THEM FLASH...) "Come on Marie.....I bet if you flash those girls of yours that guy over there will give you the enormous bead necklace he is holding. Marie shook her head and growled at her friend. "Oh come on you have your bra on for crying out loud, what's it going to hurt dear...." Betsy egged on. Marie sighed in surrender as she approached the gentleman and stood in front of him. "Hey mate, would you give my friend that jumbo pearl necklace if she flashes you?" Marie turned crimson as Betsy inquired on her behalf. The young man gave the two women a goofy smile before nodding. Slowly Marie lifted up her shirt then shouted. "Awww, a bra? Well I guess a deal is a deal den'..." the native Cajun said as he handed over the necklace and sighed. Marie lowered her shirt down to her waistline once more and put the necklace around her in triumph.

"Thanks so much." Betsy said as she grabbed her friend by the hand and led her away. "Hey what are you doing?" Marie asked as Betsy aimlessly led her about. "I'm starving....so we're going to go find a place to eat." She replied simply as her head shifted from right to left, searching for the perfect restaurant.

After passing several drunks, stoners and prostitutes the two women found themselves in front of The Ragin' Cajun Restaurant. "Sounds spicy, lets go in...." Betsy said with a chuckle as she read the name of the business. " Yeah, Ah'm starvin...just don' cry ta me later if your stomach hurts because the food here is too hot. Ah heard this restaurant is actually real good." Marie muttered as she pushed the door open to the eatery. Betsy laughed even harder at Marie's comment. "Oh please, I've probably had curry that is hotter than the food here." As the host greeted Marie, he couldn't help but over hear Betsy's comment. "Oh don' be so sure' bout dat madam...." He said with a sly grin. He then gathered two menus's and lead them towards the back of the restaurant and seated them. "Your server be wit you momentarily." The host said before excusing himself.

Marie looked about the interior and was surprised that this particular restaurant was actually on the upper class. "Funny how a place lak this is a more formal place....especially wit uh name like The Ragin Cajun...." Betsy giggled and nodded. "No kidding that was what I was thinking..."

As the two women gossiped and looked over the menu a set of eyes carefully observed them from the bar area. "See somethin' you lik?" the bartender asked. Only a smile was offered at the comment.

To be continued.

Jade: Ooh yeah....I'm bad because I am giving you guys a cliffhanger. Who's watching them, and why? What did the business card say in Marie's purse? All of these questions shall be answered in the next chapter of A Walk on the Dark Side