"Somebody's Granny..." by: Raye

"Somebody's Granny.." Jerod grumbled out the comment as he stood before the
mirror in his office, caught in a moment of vanity. "... the Deuce you

He resisted the urge to rip the glasses right off his nose and throw them into the spit bucket. Goodness knows it pinched his nose enough.. and there was just the other night, when he'd fallen asleep reading one of Finch's
books and woken up to find his spectacles bent and wildly askew on his pillow. Lord, it had taken almost an hour for him to straighten the frame out on his own. Then two hours for the Doctor to fix them the right way.

Jerod leaned his forearm against the wall and winced as his nails dug into his palm. "Granny. I don't look like anyone's Granny..." His eyes rose to the mirror again and settled on his own troubled gaze. "Hmph. What do they
know, anyhow?"

Straightening his spine he took a step back from the wall and stood
admiring his profile. "I'm not old.. far from it in fact."

"I only need them for reading... well, and a couple of times when I was riding... and some distance... oh alright!" Jerod bounced the side of his
fist off the wall with an oath.

Looking up into the quiet rafters of his office, Jerod felt a weary sigh
pass from his lips. "Alright.. I need 'em, happy?"

"Are you quite alright, Marshal?"

"Finch!" Jerod straightened and looked down at the floor beneath his feet.
"What are you doin' here?"

Looking at his contemporary with a curious gaze, Latimer Finch raised a brow in the Marshal's direction. "Just had some reading to do. Thought you
might enjoy some company-" Finch's voice trailed off. "Did I.. eh..
interrupt you, Marshal?"

Jerod stalked to the wall and grabbed his coat off the hook. "No.. no.. I was just... headin' out for a walk. You, ah... use the office as long as you want.. I'm just... going out... to walk." Jerod paused for a moment, his head pounding with an overwhelming head ache. "I'll be back.... later."