Eyes Wide Open by: Raye

Category: Angst

Rating: PG

Spoilers: Based on something mentioned in 29 seconds

Summary: Katie just wants to be left alone.. and make it home, safely.

Warnings: A little dark.. I'm not saying THIS is what happened.. i'm just letting my imagination RUN!

Note: This story follows another one in time... for the first story .. please read, "Havin' A Little Fun"

Disclaimer: Didn't create em.. don't own 'em.. and i'm just tryin' to have a little fun... so don't sue me or take pot shots.. i'm just human.

She found herself shaking like a leaf and running for her life.

"Come on, Katie girl!"

His taunting voice sent chills straight through her middle.

Her kid boot caught on a wayward root in the darkness and she tripped. Sharp bark tore at her palms as she tried to save herself from a tumble. Lord knows where he was now.

Katie gasped out a breath as the cold air raked across her bleeding hands. Behind her, she could hear his heavy footfalls crushing the undergrowth as he moved ever closer.

She lurched to her feet and kept moving, but she was nearly blind in the night. The thought that she might accidently circle back toward him gave her fears a voice. "Leave me alone!"

"Aw, come on, Katie-girl, I'm just havin' a little fun with you!"

Tears seemed to score their paths down her cheeks in the darkness, scratching her skin as they went. Still, she didn't give in to her terror. "You're drunk, Eric. Go home!"

"But... I've lost my way, Katie... care to take my hand and lead me out of the woods?"

She stumbled into a tree, her toe drilling painfully into the base of its solid trunk. Silently, she cursed the tree, the darkness... her own folly in leaving home that night.

A stiff wind blew through the trees and strafed across her exposed arm. "My dress." She sobbed out the words as her other hand grabbed at the torn edge of fabric sagging against her shivering skin. The fabric had been worn before, suffering the journey to Colorado and salvaged from one of her mother's voluminous gowns, but it had still had some wear left when her mother turned her shears on it.

"Now..." she breathed, "now... it's ruined."

His footsteps grew closer with each passing second and she knew she had to run.. run home... run farther... just run.

Again, her feet tripped her up as roots seemed to reach up to drag her down, but she wouldn't stop... couldn't, not when she knew that home was just a moment away.

Shining between the thinning branches of pine were two glowing amber lights, like the pair of lanterns hanging on either side of their front door.

"Come on, Katie... I'm losin' my patience..."

She pause at the end of the tree line, home just a few yards away. "Leave me alone, Eric.. please!"

He didn't respond, didn't say a thing... but she heard the rush and rustle as he hurtled through the trees and so she ran and didn't stop until she was in her room, huddled against her door, eyes wide open.