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You're Missed!!!!!!!

Author's note:

Dear Readers,

If you read my other fanfiction, please excuse me for not yet continuing it. I needed to let out my little sadness before I continue with that lively interview! Check it out! The title is "My stupid interviews". I'm sad because there's no more YuGiOh in Cartoon Network. If you live in the states, I'm different, I live in the Philippines! Our cartoon network is different from yours. It's been replaced by Medabots . =(. I'm sorry if you like Medabots. I miss Yami.... These quotes are for him...

Fyi: This are quotes...not a poem... or these are verses.

You're Missed!

It's surprising how often

I think of you,

Turn to speak to you,

And realize

You're not right there

As I expect you to be.

I guess I hold you

So close in thought

That it's hard

To understand sometimes

That you aren't close

In person.

But I wanted

To let you know

I'm thinking of you

And wishing we could talk

And just be together


You're really missed!

That's right, that's what I just needed. Just to write this. Please don't

flame me because I'm sad and don't make me sadder. Please! I'm

really serious that there's no more YuGiOh in 'our' Cartoon Network. If

you read my 1st fanfiction, please send reviews. You may or may not

send reviews to this, but if you do, I'll really appreciate it.