Characters Used:

Marvel's LS Kurt: Evil womanizing Nazi bastard

My LS Kurt: Everyone's loveable version of LS Kurt!

Comic Kurt: Average 616 Nightcrawler; will be referred to as Kurt only

AOA Kurt: Grumpy Nightcrawler with a tattoo over his eye and hates religion...scary

Movie Kurt: Awww he's so cute and overly Catholic

Evo Kurt: Don't make me puke

Kymri: Female version of Nightcrawler from Excalibur 16 and 17

Ultimate Nightcrawler: From Ultimate X-men!

Cadbury: Bastard human from Excalibur 23, he called Kurt ugly!

On with the story!

Kurt had no idea how or why this had happened. All he knew was that he had gone into the Danger Room to practice for an hour when something happened and it malfunctioned to the extreme while he was in the middle of a teleport. The doors slammed shut and the machines fizzled out as electricity raced around, hitting him when he reappeared.

He fell to the ground with a shout, blacking out as he heard the sound of people crying out in surprise.

When Kurt opened his eyes, he thought that he had died and gone straight to Hell. There was this thing staring at him, and it looked like him if he had done excessive drugs and grew his hair long.

"Hey homies!" Evo Kurt shouted. "He's avake yo!" Kurt heard a group of people groaning and when he sat up, he felt like passing out again.

He only recognized about...oh say three of the people in the room with him at the moment, and he hated two of them, Cadbury and Marvel's LS Kurt. Everyone idea.

But they all looked like him in some odd way.

"Computer? Deactivate program." He tried, standing up slowly.

"Program disengaged. Error. Doors sealed. Override manually required to open doors. Error. Override manually required to open doors. Error. Override..."

"Is that damn thing going to keep saying that the whole time that we're in here?" AOA Kurt demanded, his tail flicking to one side irritably.

"Be patient, mein freund." Marvel's LS Kurt said, walking around the walls slowly with a smirk. "I am sure there is a way out of here. Isn't that right?" he asked, turning to Kurt.

"You're going to be a pain in my ass the whole time we're in here aren't you?" Kurt asked with a sigh.

"Oh yes." Marvel's LS Kurt said. "It's time for some payback! But first, I must know who this lovely creature is." He said, turning to Kymri. Kymri snorted, backing up slightly.

"I'd rather lie with a sand shark than with something scummy like you!" she said, her hand straying to her sword. "Nightcrawler, what's going on?" she asked.

"I don't know." Every other Nightcrawler said at once.

"I meant that one." She sighed, pointing to Kurt.

"I really can't say." Kurt said, walking over to the door. He tapped on it with his tail, waiting for a reply.

"Kurt, you ok in there?" Logan's voice called from the other side.

"I think not." Kurt sighed, looking around at all his different forms. "Can you open the door?"

"It's going to take a few hours." Logan said. Kurt pinched the bridge of his nose and cursed softly.

"Hurry up please." He said. Turning around to the others, he sighed, trying to think of something.

As was his nature, Evo Kurt opened his mouth and started to talk.

And talk.

And talk.

"Yo dogs! I cannot stay here for long, yo!" he said, making stupid hand gestures. "I gots a date vith zhe hot fox Kitty und I do not vish to be late for zhat stuff, yo!"

"Please stop talking like that." AOA Kurt said. "It's getting on my..."

"Don't tell me vhat to do, yo! You're not my homie gee in the house!" Evo Kurt protested. AOA Kurt narrowed his eyes, his tail flicking dangerously. Everyone saw the danger except for Evo Kurt.

"I think you should stop while you are ahead." Movie Kurt said softly, keeping as far away as possible.

"This is so vhack yo! Who are you people anyvay man? You're not one of my homies und..."

His head came off with one slice, spraying Cadbury with blood. Calmly, AOA Kurt turned to everyone else, his sword dripping with blood.

"Any protests?" he asked. Everyone including Kurt had to think about it for a moment before they said.

Everyone except Cadbury that is.

"That is just like a bunch of ugly faces!" he spat. "You're all a bunch of animals who need to be controlled!"

"Excuse me?" AOA Kurt demanded, turning on him.

"Back off, ugly face!" Cadbury warned, drawing his gun on him. "I'll blow your face off!"

"You can try." My LS Kurt said, his arms crossed over his chest. "But you won't if you know what's good for you. Think about for a moment. Six against one is not very good odds. Even if you do have a gun and we only have rapiers and swords."

"Don't try preaching to me, baldy." Cadbury shot back, seeing that My LS Kurt was furless and hairless. "You! Try and get this door opened now!" he ordered Kurt.

"It's going to take a few hours, Cadbury." Kurt said, placing his hands on his hips. "Calm down. There's no need for bloodshed here."

"Tell that to the freak with the tattoo! Sure that kid was annoying, but he didn't have to kill him like that!" Cadbury shot.

"I know. Put the gun down and everyone will put their swords down."

"Nothing doing!" Cadbury said. Kymri tried to slink towards him with her sword have drawn, but he turned on her and fired a warning shot, making Movie Kurt flinch and try to stay well in the shadows with Ultimate Kurt.

"Back off you ugly freak!" Cadbury shouted at her.

"Did you just call me ugly?" Kymri asked.

"If the shoe fits!" Cadbury shot back. Before he could fire another shot, his hand was severed from his arm and he screamed as blood poured from the wound profusely. Kymri mercifully finished him off with a thrust to the neck, adding a second body to the pile.

"Everyone calm down!" Kurt shouted angrily, stepping into the middle of the room to gain some kind of control with them. "I don't want anymore bloodshed all right! Now everyone just sit down and relax! In a few hours we'll be out of this room and we'll try and figure out what the hell is going on ok?" Marvel's LS Kurt snorted, sitting down and crossing his legs.

"Jawhol, mein f├╝hre." He muttered.

"Shut up, fascist." My LS Kurt said savagely, narrowing his eyes at this nasty version of himself. Marvel's LS Kurt kept his mouth shut, shooting a leering glance over at Kymri.

So for a half an hour the six remaining versions of Nightcrawler sat around and talked calmly, trying to figure out what had happened that wound send eight versions of one man into one room. It soon was discovered that every one of them had been in the middle of a teleport when this occurred, except for Kymri who did not have the ability to do so.

"So whatever did this to us, did it through the parallel universe you all go through?" Kymri asked.

"It seems like it." Kurt sighed, getting up to pace the room. "But to what purpose?" he wondered aloud.

While they were talking, Marvel's LS Kurt was getting restless and bored sitting in one spot with people who were clearly his enemy. Especially the bald furless one who had snapped him with such venom. He didn't like that one at all.

If the big burly version of him got away with killing one of them in a flash, maybe he could get away with killing just one.

"So, what did you do in your world?" Marvel's LS Kurt asked My LS Kurt.

"I was an unwilling soldier to the Reich until I found a way to a world where I could start again with my wife Kitty and our two children." My LS Kurt said. "That is all a man like you needs to know; you lackey for the Nazis!" Marvel's LS Kurt could see that he had pinched a nerve.

"Lackey? A Lackey is better than a turncoat wouldn't you say?" he asked, fiddling with the hilt of his sword.

"If betraying a man who slaughters millions of people in a month is wrong, so be it." My LS Kurt said. "At least I remember that I was raised by the Roma people!" Marvel's LS Kurt snorted.

"At least I haven't soiled my dick with a Jew." He said. "And having children with one! God, they must be deformed whelps with Jew blood in them."

Everyone in the room could just hear My LS Kurt's last nerve snap in two. In a flash he was on his feet with his two blades drawn and ready.

"Come over here and say that again!" he challenged. Baring his fangs in a nasty smirk, Marvel's LS Kurt got up and drew his blades, glancing over at Kymri.

"I shall be done in a moment my dear!" he called, before teleporting behind My LS Kurt and starting the fight.

Kurt saw at once that stopping this fight was useless, and he went to the door and knocked again as the two LS Kurt's battled savagely back and forth.

"Logan, how is it going?" he asked.

"Not good actually." Logan said. "The program says it's having an overload of universes or something like that. It says that it has to clear out some data somehow. I'm not good with this computer shit anyway." He added. "What's going on in there?"

But Kurt didn't answer. His mind was working fast as he tried to think of what the computer was saying, and what was going on.

Everyone was killing each other, and they were all from different universes. What was going on..?

Marvel's LS Kurt was cheating at every possible moment. My LS Kurt knew all of his tricks, but he started to get creative and he found himself with a few deep cuts that bled every time he moved.

"Just give up, turncoat!" Marvel's LS Kurt taunted. "I'll execute you swiftly if you do!"

"I'm not giving up to a Nazi! I'd rather die fighting!" My LS Kurt shouted, charging at him with his swords raised. Marvel's LS Kurt teleported over him and sank his blades into one of My LS Kurt's shoulders, knocking him to the ground with a shout. One of his rapiers rolled away and he was only left with one in his bad hand.

Laughing, Marvel's LS Kurt pressed his blade against My LS Kurt's throat. "I win." He said, raising it up to take his head off.

Ultimate Kurt teleported onto his shoulders and before he could anything, his neck was snapped and he fell to the ground, his sunglasses shattering when they hit the ground.

"[i]Danke.[/i]" My LS Kurt groaned as Kymri and Movie Kurt helped him sit down. "I shouldn't have lost my temper."

"Don't blame yourself." Kurt said softly, placing his head between his hands. "I think there's a reason for all of this. I just have to figure out what!"

Another hour passed without incident, but soon the bodies were starting to stink, and Logan still said the computer wouldn't work for any of them. It wouldn't even the computer whiz Kitty!

As the time passed, Movie Kurt sat with his legs crossed on the floor with his rosary in his hands, whispering softly to himself, the beads clicking in a gentle rhythm. Everyone thought that it was kind of peaceful, listening to his lilting German as he prayed for a way out of this.

Everyone except AOA Kurt, actually.

"Would you stop doing that?" he snapped. "It's really pissing me off!" Movie Kurt was in a trance however, and he continued to pray for himself and the people in the room. Kurt saw where this was going and he did not want anyone else dying in this room.

"Kurt..." he said, holding out a hand to AOA Kurt. "Calm down."

"Why does he need to keep praying like that? It's not like it's going to do him any good!" AOA Kurt protested.

"Let him pray." My LS Kurt said softly. "It helps him stay calm so just let him."

"[i]Ja.[/i]" Ultimate Kurt agreed, his tail swaying side to side like a cat's.

AOA Kurt let it go for another half hour. When it was over however...

Movie Kurt barely escaped losing his head as he dodged the sudden swing from AOA Kurt.

"I said stop praying damn you!" AOA Kurt screamed at him. Everyone tried to calm him down, grabbing him by the arms, and telling him that Movie Kurt was done praying, but he wasn't having it. He was going to kill him.

Movie Kurt backed away from AOA Kurt, holding out his hands in peace.

"I will stop!" he said. "Please..." AOA Kurt elbowed Kurt in the nose and charged at Movie Kurt, stabbing at him.

Ultimate Kurt teleported in front of Movie Kurt with his arms spread in protection. He had meant to grab the blade and then teleport away with it, but the blade entered his lower stomach, and he doubled over as blood shot out of his mouth.

"Murderer!" Kymri screamed as AOA Kurt kicked Ultimate Kurt off of his blade to get to Movie Kurt.

"He shouldn't have gotten in the way!" AOA Kurt snarled, turning on Movie Kurt again. My LS Kurt's wounds were very bad, and he was starting to lose feeling in one of his arms, but he wasn't going to let AOA Kurt kill Movie Kurt like this.

Struggling to his feet, My LS Kurt charged at him and slammed AOA Kurt into a wall, making him drop one of his blades.

"He's not even armed you coward!" he spat, taking a punch to the face. "Calm down!"

"The Nazi should have finished you off!" AOA Kurt shouted, stabbing My LS Kurt deeply in the side. He fell to the ground, and Kymri fought with AOA Kurt, screaming curses in her alien tongue.

Struggling to sit up, My LS Kurt slid one of his rapiers over to Movie Kurt.

"The least you could do is help!" he said through bloody teeth. Movie Kurt teleported onto AOA Kurt's back and he stabbed him between the shoulder blades, the blade coming out of his chest. He was thrown off from the screaming madman and he was stabbed in the stomach in one last burst on energy before AOA Kurt fell on top of him.

"I don't understand any of this!" Kurt screamed, tears falling helplessly. "Why is this happening!?"

"Ever hear of gladiators?" My LS Kurt coughed, his vision fading. "The computer has to clear out data. We're the data. It's making us kill each other."

"But to what purpose?" Kymri asked, kneeling down beside My LS Kurt. He was all ready gone though, and it was down to two people.

"Logan! Is it working yet?" Kurt called, not wishing to fight Kymri.

"It says that one more file needs to be removed, or something like that." Logan said.

"I can't do this." Kurt said. "I won't." Kymri looked around at all of the dead, and she knew what had to be done.

"Nightcrawler, this is your world right?" she asked.

"Yes, why?" Kurt asked. When he saw the look on her face he shook his head. "I won't kill you, Kymri! Not to get out of here!"

"This is you world, Nightcrawler. You belong here. Besides, we'll both starve to death if we don't!"

"There has to be another way!" he insisted. When Kymri shook her head, he couldn't help but weep helplessly. "This is insane!" he cried.

"If you won't do it, then I'll perform suicide." Kymri said calmly. "I'd rather die by another warrior's hand, Nightcrawler." Looking into her eyes, he saw that it was hopeless to fight with her about it. Drawing his sword, Kurt walked up to her, his tail curling around one leg. She tilted her head to one side, smiling weakly at him as she shrugged.

"Hey, at least we saw each other again right?" she asked. They embraced, and Kurt drove his sword through her stomach, snuffing out her life.

That's when the doors opened. Stepping inside, Logan found Kurt all alone, weeping softly and whispering the name Kymri.

"What happened? It just said space saved and opened up again!" he said. Kurt walked by him, his head bowed and his tail drooped and unmoving.

"Elf? Elf!" Logan called, running after him. ***
He didn't know what had been going on the whole time. He had been teleporting away from his angry master when he found himself in a metal room with eight other versions of himself. They started to fight and soon all except one of them was dead.

It was scary and exhilarating at the same time.

Leaping down to the ground, Limbo Kurt walked out of the Danger Room and into a new world.

The End