Just One More Time A TAIORA Fan Fiction Written By: Christina Lockheart (Takahashi)

Warning: This story has plenty of sad stuff. You'll most likely need a box of tissues. Also I haven't left out any swearing or sex talk. There isn't much about the digimon in this story so don't expect any good size digimon battles. This is mostly about Taichi & Sora's relationship that Sora almost screwed up. This story takes place when they're adults.

Japanese to English Translation Guide (For Your Convenience)

koibito - sweetheart tenshi - love kaze - wind niji - rainbow neko - cat arigatou - thanks fakku - fuck dou itashimashite - you are quite welcome/you're quite welcome

CHAPTER 1 - A Second Chance

Sora was 36 years old. It had been exactly ten years since she'd gotten married to Yamato, ten exact years since they'd ended their relationship, nine years since Yamato had gotten remarried to Mimi, and lastly, ten exact years since anyone had seen Taichi. He'd last been seen at Sora's wedding to Yamato which hadn't even lasted overnight. Taichi had run out in tears. He couldn't stand seeing his so called best friend kissing his soul mate after saying "I do." He'd left behind all his stuff including his digivice and digimon. Koshiro had tried his hardest to track him down, although hadn't had any luck whatsoever in doing so.
Sora stared out her bedroom window watching the midnight rain fall. She felt almost as though Mother Nature was crying with her. She could hear Piyomon and Agumon in the living room right outside of her bedroom chatting, although she didn't really seem to care. She looked down at the bed covers below her feet crying to herself, "I wish.... I... wish that I'd just told Taichi I love him instead of screwing both our lives up.... I knew.... straigh.... straight from the beginning that... I loved him more than anything or anyone else. So, why did I.... why did I fuck things up? Oh Taichi, if you can hear me right now... I need you right now more than ever. Please run into this room right now and wrap your arms around me." Because of the way she felt about love making Sora was also still a virgin. She would only ever make love with her soul mate when they both felt 100% comfortable with it. If she never saw him again for the rest of her life then she'd stay that way 'til the day she died. Sora wasn't terribly desperate for sex. She was terribly love sick and angry at herself for what she had put Taichi and herself through. By now the two of them could've had an excellent marriage, their dream careers, and a couple lovely children. Sora cried herself to sleep that night and the next morning was awakened by a beeping sound coming from her computer which kept saying over and over again, "You've got mail." Sora dragged herself out from under the covers and over to her computer. Then she clicked the Email icon on her desktop expecting it to be a note from Mimi bragging about the fact that she was pregnant again, or Koshiro explaining to her that he'd tried finding Taichi again and had failed. It wasn't either of them. It was the one person she'd spent all of last night crying about. It was Taichi Yagami. Sora opened the email and began to read the letter.


I don't know how you've been all this time, although I'm simply praying that you're happy right now, which at this moment I seem to doubt very much. I happened to stumble across your divorce papers on the Internet while trying to find a recipe for lasagna. Show's you just how good I am with computers, huh? The date and information on those papers put me in instant shock. If I had've just stayed those few extra hours we might've been together right now. I'm sorry for leaving your wedding although I just couldn't stand watching him kiss you like that. I'm also sorry for leaving you with Agumon. He's my responsibility. I should've taken him with me if I was going to leave. Right now I'm in Houston Texas in the United States. In two weeks I'll be leaving for Toronto Ontario in Canada. Please forgive me. The return address isn't the one listed at the top of this email. Mine's sora_n_soccer4ever@yahoo.com and my cel number is 1-7-4-2-8-9-7-5-5-6-4. Still, I don't think it's a good idea if you try to call a cel phone from overseas. Oh Sora, that reminds me. If you'd like to meet me in Toronto grab yourself a plane ticket using whatever you need to use to buy it, and I'll pay you back as soon as I see you. Please write back. I'm dying to hear from you. Well talk to you later.

Taichi Yagami

PS. I attached a recent photo of myself.

Sora clicked on the icon to open the picture file. It was Taichi alright. He still had that same type of haircut which she'd always loved to play with. In the picture he was only wearing a pair of Homer Simpson boxers, his muscles had grown quite a bit and he even had a good size four pack. It was all too obvious that he'd been working out. The picture turned Sora to mush so much that she almost fell off her chair. She didn't know really what to say at first, although finally she decided on exactly what she'd write in return. She clicked on the reply icon, changed the return address to the one he'd given her and wrote:


It's been so long since we've seen each other, although I'm dying to see you. That photo turned me to instant mush. I'll take it you've been working out lately. Yeah, I'll buy that ticket to Toronto to see you. I'll also bring our digimon with me. Please just give me an exact date, place and time in their time zone that we'll meet each other.

Then she decided to do something a little adventurous herself. She left the email alone for a few minutes without sending it. Sora hopped into the shower, got totally washed up, did her hair, and then put on her bra, underwear and a transparent soccer shirt. She only did the buttons up halfway though. Then she fixed up her bed so it looked more than half decent, and using her computer camera she snapped a few sexy shots of herself. Then she saved them, attached them to the email and continued to write:

Oh, and Taichi, don't worry about anything. I forgive you, and I hope you'll forgive me for everything I've put you through. Agumon is doing fine although frankly does miss you quite a bit. Koshiro's been trying to track you down all this time, although didn't have any luck. Your sister got married to Takeru and right now they have three children; a boy and twin girls. I hear however that she wants another boy. Beats me on whether or not she's actually going to do it. Oh, and I've attached a couple pictures of myself too. Enjoy. Hope to hear from you soon.

Sora Takenouchi

As soon as Taichi read the letter he was all to happy to hear the news, and the second his eyes caught sight of the photos she'd attached he turned straight to mush himself. For a second he even began to drool on his lap. When he realized this he grabbed a tissue and wiped the side of his mouth trying to get a hold of himself. "Whooaaa!! I swear she did those directly on purpose just cause of her reaction to the one I sent her. Still," he began to drool again as he finished saying, "boy does she look HOTTT!" Then realizing he was drooling again he closed the windows of the picture files she had sent him. Unfortunately, now they were stuck in his head. He had to do something to get them out of there. He couldn't walk around all day drooling every time those images came to mind. Taichi got up, walked over to the fridge and grabbed a can of Pepsi. Then he gulped it back trying to think of only the taste of the liquid running down his throat. It didn't work. It only made him think of her soft sweet kisses they used to share 21 years ago. Then he laid down on his bed, but as he turned over to face the wall he thought he saw her right there laying on the bed beside him. The illusion simply smiled, reached over and began to unbutton his shirt. He blinked his eyes tight for a moment and then the illusion was gone. "How could getting her out of my head be so difficult?" he asked himself sitting up as he wiped the sweat from his forehead. That night Taichi hopped into bed and fell fast asleep. He dreamt of Sora, although not in the way the photos had portrayed her, but rather simply being with her, winning the soccer world cup together and then the dream ended with a soft passionate kiss.