The Edge of Darkness

Chapter One

            One more rescue

She ran down the corridor, her heart in her throat, stopping in her tracks when everything was plunged into pitch black darkness. The back up generator had failed. She collapsed to the floor, unable to go on. That was it; their final hope for survival was gone. Not even a degree in engineering could have made that exhausted old maze of rusted pipes work, but she had tried anyway. It had taken three hours of her precious time-time that now mattered all the more and it was all for nothing. Summoning strength she didn't know she had, she resumed her pace, following the smell, running one hand along the slippery wall to stop her stumbling as she used the other to wipe away the tears.

She halted again as her hands felt in the darkness for the threshold. It should have been right in front of her, but she couldn't find it. Beginning to panic she felt frantically around, her fingers finally clasping the edge of the door frame. She pulled a sodden cloth from her waistband and held it over her mouth and nose, trying to keep out the stench of rotten flesh.

She stepped tentatively into the room


Her pause hung heavy in the air, her heart in her throat once more she whispered his name into the dark abyss again.

            'I'm here Sam'

His breath was laboured, betraying the weakness he had tried so hard to conceal from her.

            'I'm so sorry Daniel. It didn't work. It's over, we're stuck here'

            'Sam, it's not your fault. No one could have fixed that thing-it's a miracle it worked long enough for you to go find the crystals-not that it matters anymore I suppose'

Her sobs caught in her throat, threatening to choke her as she forced the words out

            'I didn't find them Daniel-I couldn't find the case. I'm sorry'

            'Sam, don't waste time being sorry. It's not your fault and anyway we couldn't have made them work'

            'So what do we do now?'

            'Wait I guess'


            'We've run out of things to do Sam. We're stuck here. There's nothing left to do but wait'



Fishing. Why was every word that came out of his stupid sardonic mouth about fishing? Of all the things in the world, he was obsessed with fishing. And he didn't even like catching them! She threw her arms in the air as she sighed in exasperation.

She blinked and stopped suddenly gasping with shock. It was all very well the Asgard playing beam me up Scotty but how did they always manage to time it with her blinks? Always, every time without fail she would shut her eyes in one room and open them in the belly of an Asgard ship. Suppressing the urge to swear out loud she turned to greet her host and found her eyes widening in shock again as she realised Daniel was there too.


            'Huh?' grunted Daniel

            'Why're you looking at me like that?'

            'Oh nothing, just wondering-how do they always manage to get you when you're blinking?'

Sam giggled as Thor came through the corridor to their left to greet them.

            'Thor, how are you?'

            'I am well Major Carter, but I am afraid I have come again to request your assistance…'

            'Our assistance? What can we do? In need of another stupid idea?' Asked Carter, grinning

            'Not exactly. A group of humans on another planet thoroughly behind you in terms of technical advancement has unfortunately come into contact with an a member of my race and fearing them, took them into custody'

            'Custody?' asked Sam, confused

            'I don't mean to be blunt, Thor, but how can we help?'

            'We cannot risk going down to save her, but as humans, we were hoping you could. They will not notice you, you see? She went onto the planet to examine the outer layer of one of several of their buildings. It seems to be a material new to us, and she was expected to find out whether or not it could have been of any use to us. Our scanners seem to be scrambled by this material, both why we are so intrigued by it and also why we are unable to simply transport her out.'

            'So how did they actually manage to catch her?'

            'Her intention in going down there was to take a small sample of the cladding from one of the buildings and then to return, unfortunately it seems the cladding itself is wired somehow to set off an alarm which alerted them to her presence.'

            'So you want us to go and rescue her?' queried Sam

            'Yes, but also to collect some of the cladding. You see the existence of such a material could be beneficial to all enemies of the Goa'uld-if it can scramble our scanners, it would be no match for theirs, but you can see the dangers of them gaining this technology first?'

            Sam looked to Daniel for assent before reluctantly nodding to Thor. 'OK, we'll do it'


She sank to the floor again, her knees hitting the concrete surface hard. Gritting her teeth against the grunt of pain she nearly emitted, she muttered under her breath

            'Last time I help the Asgard, dumb idea my ass.'

Wild schemes flooded her brain, all involving a daring rescue pulled off by the one man she truly loved but couldn't have. Her thoughts focused on him as another wave of tears streaked down her face.

            'Jack' she whispered, her breath so soft noone could have discerned the word-even in the complete silence that surrounded her. All those times she could have said something, could have done something to tell him how much she cared. But she hadn't, and she'd never get the chance again. The tears slid down her face as she fought to stay conscious, sliding down till she was lying immobile on the dank floor. Losing the last battle her body relaxed, she slowly shut her eyes as her head hit the floor. It was over. Finally, it was over.