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Summary: Takes place during the Brothers in Arms series. Both Raistlin and Caramon journey to Haven ready to join the army. Friends are made and fights ensue. Prepare yourself for a nonstop action ride when these twins meet up with an infamous mage.

So prepare yourself now.

Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?

Book 1: Walking along side the Devil

" The only true example of self reliance is

The bough tree that bends in the wind. It does

Not wishing for anyone's assistance, it merely

Helps itself."

~Ralph Waldo Emerson~

Spring came to Haven, returning with the robins, as well as the wandering kender, bringing proof that the roads were open and ready for the waylaid wanderers.

Two figures trudged slowly up the gravel paved walkway, one lean and other brawny. The slim figure, leaned partially upon his long staff, his breath coming in slight pants as another spasm coursed through his spine. The muscular toned man turned around and knelt beside the weaker man, his emerald eyes glistening with concern for his counterpart.

With a snap of his wrist, the lean man brushed his partner of hastily but this only succeeded in causing for his lungs to become raped with heavy and deep coughs. Spindly hands gripped at his chest, as his lungs burned for oxygen. His vision whirled swirled around him as his body yearned for air. Staggering on his feet, he felt two strong arms wrapping around his waist. Glancing up, he looked into the eyes of his twin.

" Are ya okay Raist?"

Raistlin yanked himself out of his grasp and leaned once more upon his staff. As soon as he felt the fit calm, he glared over to his concerned brother.

" I am fine Caramon, let us continue."

Caramon stared down at his brother, his eyes furrowed unconvinced about his dear twin's health. But thought against protesting. His brother knew what was best for him, and he didn't.

Nodding, he reached over to Raistlin, in an honest attempt to help Raistlin steady himself. The harsh glare that his twin sent him was enough for him to pull his hand away.

Raistlin snarled lightly, and turned to walk back up the pathway. Caramon quickly scurried up behind him, his body hulking a foreboding shadow against any outlaws who wished to take advantage of the pair.

The sun shone brightly over the two, casting warm rays upon their skin. Raistlin breathed in deeply, taking in the fresh scent of the outdoors. Contrary to popular belief, he really did enjoy nature, he just preferred to bask in it, not rut like others did.

His soft footsteps padded against the stone pebbles beneath his feet. Raistlin's thoughts turned towards the future. As soon as they reached Haven, both of them would join with Ivor of Langtree. His heart leapt a bit at the thought of becoming a warrior mage. His power would increase dramatically. Not only would people have to fear him, they would have to respect him. Joining up with this army was number one on the list of priorities he kept in his mind.

His step quickened as his mind began to race through all the possibilities and rewards he would receive as soon as they joined. Granted the training wouldn't be easy, but it would be worth it. It would all be worth it. He could finally prove himself to all those who doubted his capabilities because of his weak health. Which had grown dramatically worse after he had taken The Test. His illness was merely an inconvience in his book, one that could only be remedied by his advancement in power. Raistlin had long grown past the consequences that he received from taking the Test at the Tower of Wayreth. There was no point in dwelling on it, he had gotten what he wanted and if it meant killing his own sibling then so be it.

Shaking his head slightly in order to relieve his head of such malicious thoughts. Raistlin returned his attention back to the road. His crimson red robe blew gently as a warm breeze floated past them. Sighing inwardly, he felt as the warmth of the sun pass around his body. Further illuminating his golden skin.

Glancing at his sleek hand, which was curved around his staff, he began to reflect upon his appearance. It was never easy for him to make friends with other people, not only because of his appearance but for his personality. He was what others called " cunning", which many people didn't enjoy in the traits of a person.

Even the rag tag group of friends that he and his brother had made back in Solace, feared him, they merely accepted him seeing that he was the brother of Caramon. The ever cheerful Caramon. Taking a quick glance at his brother, he saw him gazing around at the scenery in vacant amusement. Even as a child, Caramon was easily amused by things. At one time, Raistlin had picked a dandelion and told Caramon that if he stared at for three days straight, it would turn into a real lion. It was safe to say, that was the most peaceful three days of Raistlin's young life. Of course, Raistlin received a harsh scolding from Sturm Brightblade as soon as he had found about Raistlin's trickery.

In fact he had never really had any real friends that he could call his own. Well maybe one, Lemuel. The mage that he had saved in haven the year before, when he exposed a cult for what they were, fakes. Judith. . . His Raistlin's mind as he recollected all that she had done to their family. They had trusted her, and in return she stabbed them each in the back. In all actuality, Raistlin had never trusted that woman, not even when he had first heard about her arrival Solace.

Once again, Raistlin shook these thoughts from his mind. Antimodes had not told them much about Ivan of Langtree. The twins were terribly disconcerted, therefore when they embarked upon their journey and asked for his whereabouts, they were met with wide grins, shaking heads, and open knowing looks.

Raistlin's thoughts were suddenly cut short as he watched his brother trip over a branch and land hard upon the ground with a dramatic "oof".

Raistlin stopped in his tracks and stared back at his brother, his eyebrow raised slightly. Caramon laughed sheepishly, his face tinged red with embarrassment. Slowly, he hauled his body up from the ground.

" Sorry about that Raist, I wasn't paying attention. . . "

Raistlin rolled his eyes with annoyance, but inwardly he smirked at his brother's ignorance. If only he knew how much he amused him.

Caramon began to walk beside his brother, his arms clasped behind his back. Raistlin cast a wary glance over at him, his hour glass eyes eyeing him with suspicion. The only time his brother was ever silent like this, is when he was actually thinking. . . And that was a hard thing for him.

" What has you so befuddled brother?"

Caramon's eyes widened at him when he noticed his brother staring at him.

" Oh uh nuthin Raist. . . " he stuttered.

Raistlin stared at his brother for a slight moment before giving up. Raistlin gazed out at the road where a steady stream of men, young and old, walked or rode, all heading for Langtree castle. The area was mostly where the Baron held his battlefields and training grounds. Many of the men where obviously veterans. Their armor was worn down and battle scarred. Much to the dismay of Caramon who spent hours on end shining his armor, making it sparkle as bright as the sun. He learned quickly that shiny armor was a symbol of a mere rookie soldier.

The baron's guards patrolled the streets, keeping a watchful eye on the soldiers. Ready to intervene, if there was trouble yet trouble was rare. The baron always had more volunteers than needed. Anyone who took a wrong step, found himself out of the baron's favor for good. So the soldiers made careful to watch over each other, helping their drunken comrades.

As Raistlin continued to walk through the city of Haven, he noticed how he was gaining some unwanted attention. Now Raistlin was accustomed to people regarding him with disrespect and even suspicion, people still distrusted wizards in these times. But at least they would regard him with respect back in the past.

But no, not In Langtree. It seemed that the soldiers grew more hostile here. Having a deeper hatred for wizards than even the knights of Solamnia. Everywhere Raistlin turned or listened he found himself a victim of a jibe of some sort.

" Hey witch boy! "

" What you got under dem robes boy? Eh? Eh? !"

" Not much from the looks of him!"

" Ooh, watch out, he'll turn ya into a lunkhead like his buddy there!"

Raistlin watched as his brother's fists clenched angrily. Placing his hand upon Caramon's arm, he gently demanded him to control himself.

" Keep walking. . Keep walking. . "

" But Raist!! . . They said. . "

" I KNOW WHAT THEY SAID!! " Raistlin hissed loudly.

Caramon stared at his brother momentarily and caught the heated glaze in his eyes, knowing that it was taking all of his strength to control his own rage. Pushing down his anger, Caramon pulled up an emotionless mask upon his face, not allowing for anyone to see how their words were affecting him. If his brother could do it, so could he.

The jests began to grow louder and more cruel through each moment. Raistlin clenched his teeth in anger, and his eyes flashed red. Anger burned in his chest, on his tongue, on his fingers… begging for release. Before he could lose control, his gaze fell upon a discreet figure in the crowd.

It seemed that he wasn't the only one to notice it. A burly looking man turned around and stared at the person. The person was cloaked in a crimson red robe, similar to Raistlin's. The hood was up, shadowing the person's face.

" Eh now!! Who's this, another one?"

The cloaked figure didn't speak a word, merely passed by him. The man was infuriated, unhappy with the fact that he was brushed off by someone who was "lower" than him. He quickly reached up to the figure, attempting to grab it's wrist.

Before he knew what struck him, the man found himself flat upon his back, the air knocked from his lungs. The crowd gasped loudly, and backed away from the figure.

Another man ran up to his fallen comrade. Glaring at the person, he pointed a finger accusingly at the person.

" See, you people are a menace!"

The figure scoffed lightly. Then as if in slow motion, slender fingers found themselves from the sleeves of the robe. Slowly, the fingers pulled the hood off it's head.

Raistlin's eyebrows raised as he watched the person take off it's hood. Caramon let out a low whistle as the person revealed himself, or rather herself.

Her silver locks of hair fell far down her back, reaching only an inch above her waist. Turning to glare at the crowd, her clear blue eyes locked on Raistlin's hourglass eyes. Sapphire orbs stared at amber, and for a second it seemed like nothing else in the world existed. But the moment quickly faded, as she turned to continue walking up the gravel pathway. The crowd parted for her as she walked by. Most of the people were still gawking over her unnatural beauty, all but one jealous female.

" And who do you think you are wench?!" she cried aloud grasping the attention of the young woman.

The silver haired beauty turned and stared coldly at the woman, who recoiled in fear as the clear blue eyes seemed to pierce through her soul.

" That information is irrelevant to someone like you.. Good day." she hissed.

The woman turned on her heel and walked away dramatically, her crimson robes billowing vividly behind her.

Everyone stood in awe, mesmerized by what had just taken place. Raistlin was the first to recover, remembering the goal he had in mind. But his thoughts kept pulling him towards the strange woman.

Turning to his brother, he silently gestured for them to continue. Caramon nodded lightly and followed quietly by his brother, his hand on the hilt of his sword in case anyone tried anything funny like they did the woman.

Raistlin's mind reflected upon the girl. She was so gorgeous. Her vibrant silver hair glistened perfectly in the rays of the sun, giving her an ethereal glow, and her ice blue eyes enhanced her celestial flow. She seemed to not even exist of this world, she looked to. . . .to. . . .pure.

The brothers continued to walk. They eventually got out of range of the teasing, the soldiers finally finding something else to amuse themselves with. Though there were the few soldiers who were in high spirits, who needed to release their energy on the first things they saw, and it just so happened to be the twins. So at nearly every corner they came to, they had to endure snide and derogatory comments.

Caramon, who came in with his head held high, began to lose his confidence.

" Raist. . . Maybe we shouldn't have even come." sighed a defeated Caramon.

Raistlin looked surprised at his brother's lack of confidence and his obvious defeat. Strenghtening his resolve, he spoke.

" Nonsense brother, we have come to far."

A small yelp shouted out in front of them, grasping the young men's attention. Rushing forward, both brothers watched as they saw a young man of undeterminable age being pushed over onto the ground. His carrot colored hair fell limply across his face, his body was tall and lanky making him an easy target.

The soldier that was attacking him, leaned down and grabbed him by his hair pulling him up from the ground.

" Now what do we have here?. . . A runt?"

Yet the young man surprised him with almost inhuman speed, and twisted out from his grasp. He lashed out at his molester, clawing and kicking. The drunken soldier staggered back, surprised by the sudden attack.

His companions laughed at him, amused that a fully trained soldier was actually getting beaten by a mere child.

The sodded soldier seemed to grow angrier with each second that passed, as he grabbed the boy by his shirt and slammed hard into the ground. Blood spurted from the boy's mouth, making him shudder slightly. The soldier raised a meaty fist, ready to land upon the boy's bruised face.

Raistlin and Caramon were positioning themselves to attack but stopped when they suddenly heard the swoosh of cloaks. Turning their gaze away from the soldiers, they saw the woman from earlier standing across from them. Her ice cold eyes glaring intensely at the soldiers.

The men stared back at her blankly, un able to comprehend where she had come from. The wind blew lightly, gently lifting several strands of her silver hair. Her eyes glared fiercely at the men, her hand placed nonchalantly upon her waist. She took a slight glance over at where Raistlin and Caramon stood but it was brief.

She stepped forward, revealing her leather boot. It seemed to be made of some sort of dyed leather for it matched the color of her robes. She lifted her head upwards, and pointed a slender finger at the soldiers.

" I would suggest you leave the boy alone."

The men snapped out of their reverie. One of the drunken men smirked at her, revealing yellow encrusted teeth.

" And what are ya going t' do if we don't?" he said, his words sloshing together.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

" This."

In a split second, she disappeared from where she stood. Much to the amazement of everyone there. Raistlin's eyes quickly scanned their surroundings, attempting to find her. And it surprised him to no ends when he saw her emerge from the man's shadow, slinking from the ground.

Her eyes connected with his. For a split second, Raistlin noticed a brief spurt of emotion, enough to tell him to keep his mouth shut.

She leaned forward, tapping the man politely on the shoulder. The soldier whirled around, and nearly soiled himself when he saw her standing directly behind him.

Her mouth upturned into what looked like an amused smirk. Leaning close to his face, she whispered lightly into his ear.

" Boo."

The man flew through the air, and slammed unceremoniously into a tree. The men gawked in amazement as she walked over to the fallen boy. Then they turned to run.

Bending down, she helped in stand. He stood slowly, brushing off his tattered clothes tenderly. Then he flashed her a quick smile.

" You alright kid?" she asked passively, her eyes roaming his body searching for serious injuries.

The boy waved his hand lightly. A smirk still present upon his face.

" Been better, but hey as long as I'm still among the land of the living eh?"

The woman nodded lightly, and stood up. Meeting face to face with a bright eyed Caramon.

" Hi! I'm Caramon Majere. . " he began happily.

The woman stared at him, her eyebrow raised in vacant amusement.

" And this here. . " Caramon points to his brother. " Is Raistlin!"

Her eyes roamed over to his. Nodding her head respectively, she walked over to him ignoring the cheery man in front of her. It didn't matter anyway, the man had already found solace in the young man who was bandaging his wounds.

Raistlin watched her, confusion taking him over.

She walked over to him, her eyes never leaving his. Stopping in front of him, she reached down and grabbed his hand. Then shook it.

Raistlin stared at her blankly. Still unable to grasp what she was doing. She must've noticed this because her sultry lips pulled into a smile.

" Nice to meet you Raistlin." she spoke softly.

Raistlin snapped out of his haze. Pulling his hand out of hers, he stared back at her curiously.

" And you are?" he asked politely.

The woman looked abashed for a moment, and for a slight moment a tinge of pink covered her tanned cheeks. Then she slapped her head in an idiotic gesture.

" Oh how rude of me… I am. . "

A shrill whistle broke their conversation. Turning, everyone watched as a group of soldiers began to charge at them. One of the men from earlier was a part of the group, pointing at them.

" There they are!!, they are the ones who attacked Shi'laaran!"

Everyone glanced at each other, and broke out into a run. Raistlin ahead of them all, surprisingly enough his legs pumped faster than the others. Following closely behind was the woman and Caramon, who was carrying the boy under his right arm.

Raistlin ran harder than he had ever ran in his life, feeling the wind smacking his face hard, his lungs burning only slightly. Raistlin dashed off down the street, his red robes flapping around his feet.

It was until they nearly ran into dead end did Raistlin stop, cursing loudly. Whipping around, he watched as the others followed him into the area. The female glancing around the area warily, searching for some kind of escape, the shrills of whistles getting steadily louder.

Raistlin searched around frantically, his mind not grasping on anyway of escape. As the sound of soldier's footsteps grew nearer, he began to panic.

The woman suddenly let out a yelp of realization and whipped around to face the others, her silver hair smacking against her face in her haste.

" You there, Caramon is it?"

Caramon's eyes brightened up at her recognition.

" Why yes yes it is and you are.."

The woman cut him off harshly.

" You're strong aren't you?"

Caramon nodded.

" Yes, people say that. . I mean I'm strong enough to pick up Raist. . "

Raistlin growled low in his throat at Caramon's comment, making his brother wince outwardly. The woman ignored the reaction and pointed to the high wall.

" Caramon, throw us over the wall!"

Raistlin stared at her in wonder.

" How in the world will my brother be able to commit such a feat?"

He asked staring at the height of the wall. The woman waved her hand impatiently.

" Just trust me, I'll take care of the details."

The shrills of the whistles got closer, giving Raistlin no other choice. He nodded his head at her. She nodded back quickly, then gestured to Caramon to throw the boy over. He did as he was told after getting some silent assurance from Raistlin.

His body flew over and landed with a soft thump, muffled by something. The woman smiled lightly, but her eyes glistened dangerously.

" Good, now everyone else climb!"

Caramon shook his head and looked at the frail form of his brother.

" We can't.. Raist…"

Raistlin brushed him off, and began to scale the wall. The woman smirked lightly but began to follow his actions. Caramon still stood staring up at them, with mild amazement. The woman stared back down at him in annoyance.

" Hey you big lunkhead, are you coming or not.. Or would you rather spend your night in Haven in the prison house with the kender?"

This provided Caramon with enough encouragement. He began to heave himself up the wall quickly. As they reached the top, they glanced down and nearly blanked.

The wall had to be fifteen feet high, at the bottom was a gargantuan size of hay, which had protected the boy from injury. The woman prepared herself to leap, only to be stopped by a hand on her shoulder. Turning with annoyance, she glared at the possessor of the hand.

Raistlin didn't flinch at her glare. He merely took it as he took everything else anyone sent his way.

" Are you sure about this?"

The woman shrugged lightly her eyes scanning the heavens for a split second.

" You don't quite know until you try."

With this she leapt from her spot on the wall and landed softly upon the hay. As soon as she adjusted herself, she pulled herself up, and gave the thumbs up to the two brothers. They looked at her as if she was daft but dove anyways.

Both brothers landed at the same time. Raistlin was the first to emerge from the hay, spitting out small sticks of it from his mouth.

The woman chuckled softly and was about to pull him out when she heard the shrill sounds of whistles.

" Shit.." she said lightly, then jumped into the hay, submerging herself underneath it.

At first the boy didn't figure out what was going out until he noticed he was the only one not hidden.

He leapt in after them, and hid himself beneath the hay. All of their backs were plastered flat upon the wall, hay thoroughly covering them all.

As the soldiers neared their area, Raistlin sucked in his breath. But that was a mistake, for as he sucked in the air, pollen an dust sunk into his lungs. A raspy cough began to rise into his throat but he attempted to submerse it before they were caught. His face slowly began to redden as he tried to hold it back. The woman turned slightly and her eyes widened when she saw him choking.

When she was satisfied that the men had left, she reached into her robes, and pulled out a pouch. Caramon stared down at his brother in blatant worry, this had to be his worst fit yet. Of course it could've been brought on by the fifty yard dash and the leap they made from the wall. That was the fastest he had ever seen his brother move in his entire life.

The boy stared at the slender young man with concern as well. He had never met anyone with an illness like this before.

Raistlin began to hack harder, his vision dizzying with hot red dots behind his eyes. Suddenly his haze cleared as he felt something cool press upon his tongue. When his vision returned he saw the woman staring at him intently, holding his jaw shut. He tried to open it to speak but she shook her head.

" No, you must let the medicine work."

Caramon watched the interaction between the woman and his brother. She seemed nice enough, seeing as she was helping his brother. And this was the first time it was actually suppressed so quickly.

After a small moment, she released his jaw. Raistlin pulled his hand up and rubbed his jaw thoughtfully.

" How did you do that?"

The woman grinned at him, her eyes sparkling mischievously.

" Sore Wa Himitsu Desu." she spoke in a different dialect.

He looked at her in confusion.

" It means: It's a secret." she said with a smile.

Raistlin frowned lightly but it quickly dissipated as she smiled back at him. Then she abruptly turned away from him to scold the boy.

"Now Scrounger, what have I told you about wandering away from me like that?!"

Scrounger looked at her sheepishly, rubbing his carrot colored hair.

" I didn't run away, I was going to find the Langtree estate."

The woman stared at him sternly.

" And you couldn't wait for me?"

Scrounger shook his head.

" no. "

The woman sighed deeply, rubbing her head in exasperation.

" Scrounger, you are what age now?. . . "

" 16. . . " he said blankly.

The woman nodded her head, as if it was all coming back to her.

" Yeah that's it, anyways, shouldn't you be acting it?"

Scrounger merely shrugged nonchalantly, his eyes glistening with boredom as if he had heard this speech a million times over.

Raistlin glanced over at the conversation between the woman and the boy.

" Is he your son, m'lady?" he asked politely.

The woman turned around, her eyes wide with shock and confusion.

" My son?. . . Him? " she asked incredulously.

The boy laughed aloud, his merriment lifting high into the air. The woman quickly smacked a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound. Then she turned her attention back to Raistlin, who was eyeing curiously.

" He is not of my blood nor is he familiar to me in any way." She spoke coldly.

Scrounger looked at her with mock hurt staining his expression.

" Awww, and I thought we were friends. . " He said with a pout.

The woman rolled her eyes, and sighed. Caramon and Raistlin glanced at each other momentarily, then turned their sight back on the woman.

" I am afraid we do not understand. . " Spoke Raistlin lightly.

Scrounger eyes brightened up, eager to explain. The woman shook her head lightly, staring off into the distance. The boy ignored her reaction and began.

" You see, I was traveling one day, across L'shire road when I was jumped by two thieves."

The woman glared at Scrounger momentarily.

" You weren't jumped, you just walked up to them."

Scrounger stuck his tongue out at her childishly.

" Hey, aren't I the one telling the story here?"

The woman frowned slightly but waved her hand in a gesture saying "continue".

" As I was saying, I was walking down L'shire road and was jumped by two theives. They wanted to rob me but I didn't have anything on me, seeing that I was poor an' all. "

Scrounger looked up at Raistlin and Caramon. Raistlin nodded his head, indicating that he was paying attention. Caramon stood next to him, his eyes wide with anticipation.

" Well because I was didn't have anything they wanted, they decided that they wanted to kill me because they thought I was holding out somehow. It's true because one of them said it to me. Anyways, they were coming at me, their daggers shining in the moonlight. " Scrounger waved his hands dramatically attempting to emphasize his point. " Then out of the blue, she came!. "

Scrounger pointed over at the woman, who was rummaging through her pouch.

" She fought them and won. It was amazing. I never saw anyone move so fast in my life. . " rambled Scrounger. " Of course after she finished beating them up, she took their possessions and began walking down L'shire road. I followed after her, naturally because it would be rude if I didn't thank her for saving my life an' all. At first she was irritated because I was following her, but after a while she got used to me. Now we travel everywhere together. "

" Not voluntarily." the woman said lightly while shooting Scrounger a look.

Scrounger flashed her a quick smile and turned his attention back to Raistlin and Caramon.

" So how did you two meet?"

Caramon puffed out his chest proudly.

" Oh, we didn't meet. We always knew each other because we're twins!"

Scrounger's eyes widened in shock and stared at them both.

" Really? I thought that twins would look alike."

Raistlin cocked an eyebrow at him, and opened his mouth to respond but was cut off.

" That's because they are fraternal twins Scrounger, not identical."

All of the men looked over to her. She shrugged lightly and began to walk down the roadway. Scrounger scurried up behind her and grabbed upon her robes. She stopped and looked back at them.

" You want to go and get something to eat?"

Surprisingly enough, a low grumble spouted from Raistlin's stomach answering her question. She raised an eyebrow at him, amusement twinkling in clear blue eyes.

" Follow me."

Raistlin and Caramon followed beside her, their eyes never leaving her face. She must've noticed for she glared back at them.

" What?!"

Raistlin responded calmly.

" Your looks."

Scrounger looked over at Raistlin, his face contorted in confusion.

" What about her looks?"

The woman nodded at Raistlin in understanding, but the boy was still confused. She looked down at him and opened her mouth to explain.

" Scrounger have you noticed that there are a lot of people here?"

" Yes?. . But what does that have to do with you?" he asked impatiently.

The woman kept a calm look upon her face as she explained.

" Did you also notice that no one here has silver hair and blue eyes?"

" Yes. .so what?"

She sighed slightly at the boy's denseness.

" Well, considering that we are on the run here, don't you think they'll be looking for a woman with silver hair, blue eyes, and wearing a red cloak?"

The boy's eyes widened as realization hit him. Smacking his head at his own ignorance, he glanced back up at the woman.

" So what are you going to do?"

The woman picked up a small silver strand hair that had fell into her face.

" Oh this is easily remedied. "

" How?" Scrounger asked curiously.

Raistlin watched the woman intently, interested on how she would change her appearance.

The woman stopped walking and pressed her hands around a small dragon pendant that hung from her neck. The stone in it began to glow a precocious violet hue and it surrounded her body briefly. The light blinded the others as it flashed across her body. Raistlin shielded his eyes slightly, but allowed some light in so he could see what she was doing.

As soon as the light passed, everyone pulled their hands down. Standing where the silver haired woman had, stood a woman with long black hair, streaked with crimson. Her eyes sparkled with a green shimmer. She no longer was in her robes but in what seemed to be casual everyday clothes. A small piece of chain mail crossed her chest, only slightly covering the roundness of her breasts, beneath the chain mail was a velvet red shirt. She wore tight brown leather pants with the same crimson boots. Around her waist was a belt, with a sword sheath. The sword's handle was intricately made from ivory, and carvings of the ancient gods Lunitari, Solinari, and Nuitarari were placed on it's base. Around her neck were two pendent necklaces on what seemed to be flax thread. The first one, was the one she had used earlier, with a dragon wrapped around a small green orb. The other pendent was simply the claw of a dragon, grasping upon a similar looking orb, but it changed with the flashing of light.

To make up for her lack of robes, her outfit was sown in with red thread. In her ears were two silver hoops, one with an ankh symbol. Her face looked the same as before, only more human. . . But still unearthly beautiful.

She watched with amusement as the men stared at her with shock. She waved her slender hand at them and beckoned them to follow her once more.

Scrounger snapped out of his reverie and ran up beside her, and tugged on her pant leg.

" How did you do that?"

The woman simply shrugged.

" Sore wa himitsu desu."

The boy pouted softly, disappointed by the fact that she wouldn't tell him. Yet he quickly got over it as they began to come closer to a tavern. The scent of food wafting down the streets.

Caramon moaned sensually, his stomach rumbling angrily. Even Raistlin seemed pleased that they had finally made it.

Scrounger was the first to walk into the tavern. Raistlin glanced up at the sign, and read off " the Swelling Ham".

' Hmm.. Isn't that inviting?' he thought sarcastically.

The Swelling Ham seemed to attract the poorer crowd than the more prosperous taverns along the main street. There were a few veterans, only those who squandered their earnings, but many hungry hopefuls. Caramon looked around the tavern, searching for familiar faces but saw no one.

The four found a seat at a dirty table. Caramon was forced to appropriate a chair, first removing a slobbering drunk from it and depositing him upon the floor. The barmaids were to busy to pay attention to the drunk, so they either stepped over him or on him. One of the barmaids hurled four bowls of ham and beans in their direction, handing Scrounger and Caramon two ales. While the woman and Raistlin merely had small glasses of wine.

Scrounger greedily dug into the food, sloshing it all over the table ungraciously. The woman rolled her eyes in annoyance and slapped him hard behind his ears.

" Oww.. . Sorry.." he mumbled while devouring some moldy bread.

Raistlin looked over at the woman. She was poking at her food, observing how some of the meat remained uncooked.

" Seeing how we haven't had a proper introduction, let us do it now." spoke Raistlin.

The woman glanced up at Raistlin, her lips turning into a smirk.

" Well I already know who you two are. I suppose you wish to know who me and my companion are no?"

Raistlin nodded wryly at her.

" I am Crysallis Sohma and the greedy little pig over there is Scrounger."

The boy looked up at her and grinned before turning himself back to his food.

" We're here to join the Baron's army."

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