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Recap: Raistlin and the Gang are getting rid of a booby trapped book.

Is Blood Really Thicker Than Water?

Book One: Derisory

" A single tear falls upon the

tender flesh of the twice scorned

lover of fate. Fantasy's wings ever eternal

in it's constant vigilance over nightfall.

Chronicles Of Huma

The Baron rubbed his hands.

" I'm starving.."

He peered into the basket and raised his eyebrow.

" Doesn't look very appealing Horkin, Cook's giving you worse than usual.."

" Don't touch it sir! . . " Horkin was quick to warn.

At the Baron's querying glance, the War Mage's face flushed.

" Red here thinks there is more to this Black Robe's spell book than meets the eye.."

Horkin threw a thumb in Raistlin's direction.

" He's going to conduct a little experiment on it."

" Are you?" the Baron was intrigued. " Mind if I watch? It's not any of that wizardly secret

stuff now is it?"

" No sir." Raistlin answered.

He had been plagued with self doubt ever since they left the castle grounds and had been on the verge of admitting he had made a mistake. The book had looked very innocent riding along in the basket. He had no reason to suspect it was anything that it was purported to be. Horkin had lugged it around and nothing untoward had happened to him. Raistlin was going to look like a fool, not only in front of the others but also in front of the Baron; who might be mad but whose respect Raistlin was suddenly desirous of earning. He was about to humbly admit he had been mistaken and to retreat with the dignity he had remaining, when his gaze once more fell upon the book.

The spell book with it's gaudy cover and gilt-leaf edges and blood red ribbon. . . A palanthas whore. .

Raistlin seized hold of the basket.

" Sir…" he said to Horkin. " What I am about to do is dangerous. I respectfully suggest that you and his lordship remove yourselves towards the safety of the trees.. . "

" An excellent idea, my lord. . " said Horkin, planting his feet firmly and crossing his arms over his chest. " I'll join you there myself in a moment."

The Baron's black eyes sparked, his grin widened, his teeth gleamed stark white against his dark beard.

" Let me move my horse. . " he said and dashed away, stiffness and soreness forgotten in the prospect of action.

Raistlin turned slightly to cast a glance towards the others who stared back at him, their faces set in grim defiance.

Marius had a ludicrous grin spread across his face, his hazel eyes glistening madly underneath the sun's rays. He held himself casually and glanced excitedly at the book.

Crysallis had but a single eyebrow raised in faint curiosity. Her emerald eyes fixated upon Raistlin's own amber orbs. Silently sending him a lone message.

There is no way you're doing this without us. . .

Raistlin sighed internally at their sedition.

The Baron returned quickly, doing a slight running trot from a grove of trees.

" Now what Majere?"

Raistlin looked up, surprised and gratified that the baron actually remembered his name. After this was all over it would most likely be remembered with laughter.

Seeing that neither Horkin nor the Baron was going to take his advice and retreat to a place of safety, Raistlin proceeded to reach with extreme care into the basket and lifted the spell book. For just an instant he felt a tingle in the nerve endings of his fingers. The tingle dissipated rapidly , leaving him to doubt that it even happened at all. He paused a moment, concentrating, but the tingle did not return, and he was forced to conclude, with an inward sight, that he had only felt it because he was so desperate to feel it.

He laid the book on the ground. Removing the skein thread of silk thread from a pocket, Raistlin formed a loop in the end of the thread. Moving with extreme caution, trying to refrain from lifting the book's cover, he prepared to pass the loop of thread around his thumb and the first and second finger of his right hand. Raistlin slowly slipped the thread over the corner, secured it, and quickly withdrew his hand.

Looking up, he saw the Baron and Horkin watching on in tense anticipation. Marius was gripping the corner of his robes as if they were a life line. Crysallis, on the other hand, simply stared blankly back it him.

" Now what, Majere?. ." the Baron asked in a hushed voice.

Raistlin drew in a shaky breath, tried to speak but found his voice gone. He cleared his throat and rose trembling to his feet.

" We must go back to the trees. . " Raistlin said. Reaching down, he very gently lifted the skein of thread , began to carefully unroll it. " Once we have reached safety I will open the book. "

" Here let me unroll the thread, Majere. " the Baron offered. " You look about done in, don't you worry, I'll be careful.. . By Kiri Jolith. . " he said backing up, allowing the thread to slide through his fingers. " I didn't know you wizards lived such exciting lives. . I thought it was all bat shit and rose petals. . "

The five reached the stand of trees, where the horse stood grazing, rolling its eyes as if it thought everyone of them deserved to bear the Baron's moniker.

" We should be safe enough. What do you think might happen, Horkin?"

The Baron put his hand to his sword's hilt.

" Shall we be fighting a flock of demons from the Abyss?. . . "

" I have no idea my lord, " Horkin replied, reaching into his spell components. " This is

Red's show. . "

Raistlin had no breath left to comment. Kneeling down so that he was at the level of the book, he slowly and carefully tugged on the thread until it was taut in his hands. Raistlin looked around, motioned with his hand for both mages and officers to crouch down. They did so, their mouths agape with wonder and excitement and expectation, their weapons ready in their hands.

Holding his breath, Raistlin said to himself, "Now or Never" and pulled on the silk thread. The loop tightened around the corner of the book, held it fast. Working carefully, as to not dislodge the thread, Raistlin tugged on the string. The book's cover began to rise.

Nothing Happened.

Raistlin continued to pull on the thread. The cover opened. The cover remained in that position, wavering a moment, and then fell. The silk thread slipped off the corner. The spell book was open, it's flyleaf, with large letters done in gold, red, and blue inks, as gaudy as the front cover, winked derisively in the slanting sunlight.

Raistlin lowered his head so the others couldn't see his shame. He looked back at the book-sitting there so calmly, so benignly- with hatred.

Behind him he heard Horkin give an embarrassed cough. Marius shoulders slumping down with a dramatic flair. The Baron, heaving a sight started to stand up.

A slight breeze ruffled the pages of the book. . .

The force of the blast knocked Raistlin backwards into Horkin and flattened the Baron against the tree. Crysallis had been blown back into tall grass near the grove of trees. Marius had landed on top of her nearly squishing her into the ground. The horse neighed in terror, jerked loose his tether, and galloped off for the safety of his stall. He was a battle trained horse, he was used to screams , shouts, blood and clashing swords. He could not be expected to put up with exploding books. Or if he was, he deserved something a damn sight better than a mashed apple.

" Lunitari take me, " said Horkin in awe. " Are you hurt Red?. . "

" No Sir. . . " said Raistlin, his head ringing from the blast. He picked himself up .

" Just a little shaken…"

Horkin staggered to his feet. His normally ruddy face was moist as clay on the potter's wheel, his eyes wide and staring.

" To think that I carried that. . . That thing. . . Around with me for days…."

He looked at the gigantic hole blown in the ground and sat down again quite suddenly. About a foot away from Horkin laid both Marius and Crysallis, neither of them quite recovering from the shock as neither were moving. Raistlin staggered slightly over to them and kneeled down next to them.

" Are you two al-. . ." he started

Without warning, Crysallis shot up from underneath Marius; sending him sprawling upon the ground.

" What the hell was that?. . . " Crysallis huffed out, her emerald eyes wide with shock.

Raistlin opened his mouth to answer but found himself quickly interrupted by a low groan escaping from Marius.

" That hurt like the bloody abyss. . . . "

Crysallis rolled her eyes at Marius's off centered comment then turned her attention back to Raistlin.

" You should go and see if the Baron needs help. . . I'll handle things here…"

Raistlin turned on his heel and went to assist the Baron, who was trying to extricate himself from the branches of the young tree he had taken down with the fall.

" Are you alright M'Lord?. . " Raistlin asked.

" Yes, yes. . . I'm fine Damn!. . . " The Baron drew in a breath, heaved it out in a gusty sigh. He stared out across the field. Wisps of smoke from the blackened grass drifted passed on the breeze. " What in the name of all that is holy and not holy was that!"

" As I suspected milord, the chest was booby trapped. " Raistlin.

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