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"Hey Kira! Wait up!", Conner yelled to Kira. It was Monday, and Conner noticed Kira in the front of the school. He ran to her, and despite his great soccer playing he was out of breath, due to the fact he was getting over a bad chest cold.

"Hey,-how-are-you," he said between breaths. Kira looked at him and stifled a giggle.

"I'm better off than you," she said. She suddenly bursted out laughing. "I'm fine, but if we don't hurry up we're gonna be late for Dr. O's class, and I really don't need the detention." She then ran into the school, leaving Conner there out of breath.

"Great," he coughed. "Just great...."

The bell rang as Conner arrived right outside the door of Dr. Tommy Oliver's class room, and it stopped as he stepped into the room.

"Conner, I would like you to meet me after school," Tommy said turning from the board. When he saw Conner, he was just about to his seat, next to Kira.

"Aww... you were so close," she joked to him. Conner just huffed and puffed as he had run up to the school before he recovered from running to catch up to Kira.

"Ha-Ha-Ha, not-funny-Kira," he said again between breaths.

"Conner, can you please quiet down?", Tommy asked.

Conner's face turned bright red, matching his lightning red shirt. "Sure Dr. Oliver....," he said, his voice trailing off. He looked at Kira, and when she started to look up from her notes, he shifted his glance to the window and the soccer field. Then he had a thought.

"OH GREAT! I won't be able to go to soccer practice, even if I get out in time because some type of monster will attack the city!," he thought angerly.

"Conner!", Tommy called to Conner, who had been day-dreaming half the class.

"Huh? What?", he said snapping out of his confusion. He then noticed that the class was empty.

"I would suggest getting the homework assignment from Ethan or Kira, or another classmate, seeing you were day-dreaming half the class, which you can stay longer after school today," Tommy said erasing the board, as a new group of students walked in.

Later that day Conner slouched into Tommy's class room, to find he was the only one serving his detention.

"Take a seat Conner," Tommy said. Conner made his way to the back of the room but Tommy stopped him. "No, I'd like it better if you sat up front."

Conner turned around and sat in a seat right up front. "I'm gonna guess I'm gonna get a lecture huh?", he asked droping his backback on the floor.

Tommy walked from behind his desk and pulled a chair over and sat down. "Yes I am," he said. "Why were you late for class today?"

"I ran to catch up to Kira this morning," Conner began. Tommy nodded understandingly. "and I was pretty out of breath because of a cold I had, so I had to take a minute to catch my breath then I ran up to the school, and then I was even more out of breath," he finished.

"Well no matter what, you still had detention for being late, and for talking in class," Tommy said. As he went to return to erasing the board from his last class, his 'morpher' went off and Kira's voice emerged from it.

"Hey guys, we've got- AH!- trouble, downtown!", he voice called. Conner jumped out of his seat.

"Think it's safe to morph here?", he asked.

"No, lets get to the back of the school," Tommy said. The two rushed outside. When they got outside, then noticed the only other person outside was Ethan who rushed to them.

"You got Kira's message right?", he asked. Conner and Tommy nodded.

"Ready?", Conner asked. He placed his and on his morpher and Ethan and Tommy followed the lead.

"DinoThunder Power Up! HA!", they said together. Suddenly they were at Kira's side downtown.

The unmorphed Kira landed on the ground next to the other rangers. Tommy and Conner helped her to her feet.

"I swear, can't go any where without these damn tyrannodrones attacking!", she yelled. "DinoThunder Power Up! HA!" She stood there and kicked a few trannodrones. "Come on guys!"

In a flash of light Zeltrax and Elsa appeared.

"Oh great, the goon patrol appears!", Tommy said a hint of scarcasm in his voice.

"Such a sence of humor, too bad, we don't like it!", Zeltrax commented rushing in an attack at Tommy.

"Brachio Staff!", Tommy said pulling the staff out and there was the sound of crashing metal.

"We can take out the tyrannodrones and Elsa while Dr. O handles Zeltrax," Conner said.

Kira and Ethan went after the tyrannodrones and Conner pulled out his sword and the sound of crashing metal filled the air louder because at the same time Elsa and Conner attacked, Tommy and Zeltrax also did.

Kira and Ethan took care of the tyrannodrones and as they were defeated Zeltrax and Elsa retreated.

"Why did they just attack, and without a monster," Kira asked. There were at Cyberspace. They kept their voices down in order not to be heard. Kira's hand was in a bandage from when she fell unmorphed.

"Yeah that's just too weird," Ethan commented. Conner was day-dreaming again.

"Conner??? Earth to Conner!", Kira said basically screaming in his ear.

"WOAH!", he yelped. "I'm sorry, I have a lot on my mind for some reason. Hey Kira how is your hand?"

Kira smiled and held it up. "Ah, it's ok, it stings but some pain meds should take care of that, but I have to hold on the music for a while," she sighed.

"You'll be fine, I've seen worse injures," Tommy said. Kira smiled. "But that was very weird, but that'll mean that Mesogog will give us a monster to fight some time soon."

Conner, Kira, and Ethan nodded in agreement. A song started to play in the background, Hayley placed a CD in. Kira immeditly knew what song it was.

"I like this song, 'My Immortal' by Evanescence," she said. "'I'm so tired of being here, Suppressed by all my childish fears. And if you have to leave...'", she sung along with the song. She noticed that Tommy, Ethan, Conner, Hayley, and Trent were watching her sing. She blushed.

"You can keep singing," Conner said. This made Kira blush even more.

"He is being so nice to me lately, I wonder why," Kira thought. She took Conner's advice and picked up near the end of the song. "'When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears, when you scream I'd fight away all of your fears, I held your had through all of these years, But you still have, all of me......'"

Every one in earshot of Kira claped. Her face turned bright red and she stood up smiling. Conner started to whistle. "I think he likes me," Kira thought as she continuted to smile.

On Mesogog's island fortress he was able to see the rangers having a good time.

"Have a good time while you can rangers, it will not last long," he said.