A/N: Clara is my char, who has a pretty good comebacks, an aditude, she can draw, and sing, and is a blackbelt, moved from Angel Grove, and she pretty good with computers. The song Kira sings was thought up by my sister (and a few lines edited by me), so don't try an steal it, and if you wanna use it, just e-mail me or IM me ok?

Chapter 5

Conner, Ethan, and Tommy walked into the cybercafé to watch Kira's gig. Kira noticed them walking in and she rushed over to give Conner a hug and a kiss.

"Hey baby," she smiled to him.

"Hey, hows it going?", Conner asked her.

Both Tommy and Ethan rolled their eyes and left Kira and Conner alone.

"I have to go play, wish me luck?", Kira asked.

Conner leaned in and kissed her and said,"Good luck."

Kira smiled and walked over to the stage and a girl walked in and Conner noticed her and when Tommy and Ethan came over to get Conner noticed her too. She had blonde hair that was almost brown and she was wearing a tight red shirt, with a jean jacket over it, with a short deep red plade skirt, she had amber eyes and she approached the three.

"Excuse me, you two," she started pointing to Conner and Ethan who seemed to be stairing at her chest. "You know if you'd take a picture it would last longer."

Ethan and Conner broke out of their daze. "Who are you?", the both asked.

"Clara O'Connor," she snickered. "Oh, and don't think I'm a little girly-girl because of my outfit, I'm a blackbelt"

"And I'm Dr. Oliver," Tommy said offering a hand to Clara and she shook it.

"Doctor eh?", she asked.

"Yes I'm a doctor of paleintology, and the science teacher at the high school," he commented. "So your a blackbelt?"

"Yup, and I'm real proud of it, martial arts, other then signing and drawing is my real talent and I'm always looking for ways to improve. I just moved here from Angel Grove, and I'm considered the best, well that is to someone else who is like better than me, but he's MUCH older than me," she said. Tommy then looked at her.

"Was this guys name, perhaps, Tommy Oliver?", he asked.

"Yeah, but I some how guessed you were," Clara said. She was about to continue when Kira started her number.

"Don't try to say your sorry,

I've heard enough.

Don't try to call me,

I won't pick up!

Don't try to bribe me,

You can't buy me

Don't try to ask me out,

It ain't working out.

Don't you try,

To tell me a lie

To look me straight in the eye

You know we were together

But now it will never work.

Don't try to tell that you were there for me,

If you don't come to see me,

Then don't knock on my door.

You weren't there before.

Don't try to sell me your story

I've heard enough,

Don't try to call me

I won't pick up.

Don't try to bribe me,

You can't buy me

Don't try to ask me out,

It ain't working out.

Don't try to bribe me,

You can't buy me

Don't try to ask me out,

It ain't working out.


The entire place broke out into applause and Kira hopped off stage and was again in Conner's embrace.

"That was a very good song," Clara commented.

"Thanks, and you are?", Kira asked.

Clara extended her arm to Kira and said,"Clara O'Connor, just moved here from Angle Grove."

Kira took Clara's hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you, I'm Kira Ford," she said.

"I forgot to introduce myself," Conner started. "Conner McKnight, super soccer star."

Ethan shook his head. "Name's Ethan James, resident computer expert, but less egotisical," he laughed.

"You know what things we're good at what are you good at?", Kira asked.

"Well I'm an artist, I sing, and I'm pretty good in soccer and computers, but my REAL speciality is martial arts, which I'm a blackbelt," Clara said.

"Wow, your like all of us rolled into one," Conner said.

Clara raised an eyebrow and simply laughed at Conner and she pulled out her laptop.

"Nice laptop," Ethan commented.

Clara looked up and smiled. "Thanks, it's ok," she said her fingers hammering on the keys. Conner sighed.

"Oh great, someone esle totaly obessed with computers....," he said. Kira slammed him on the back.

"Not nice, I doubt she is obessed.... are you?", she said. Clara chuckled.

"Just with my xanga, I'm obessed with trying to find the right layout," she said turning the laptop around so Tommy, Kira, Ethan, and Conner could see it. The background was light blue with black, and it looked like clouds, and the rest was clad with light blue.

"Nice, took long to make?", Ethan asked.

"About 20 minutes to get the colors right," Clara sighed as she resumed typing.

Suddenly Tommy's brace beeped and the four rangers excanged looks, Clara mearly looked up thinking it was someone's watch.

"Hey Clara, think we can meet up later? We have something to do," Kira said. Clara looked up again.

"Hey sure, I'll be around town, most likely here," Clara replied.

The four nodded and left the cafe, they went behind the place and Tommy lifted his brace to his mouth.

"What's up Hayley?", he asked.

"We have trouble, Electron has returned downtown," Hayley's voice emitted from the brace.

"Ok, we're on our way," Tommy said. He then looked to the rangers. "Ready?" The three nodded. "DinoThuder Power Up!"

"DinoThunder Power Up! HA!", the three called and they all rushed downtown.

"Lookie here, rangers are back for a beating!", Electron chuckled.

"Not so fast you overgrow, mutant, microwave!", Conner snapped to the monster.

"Aw, and there you go insulting me!", Electron growled and sent lightning at the four and they were knocked to the ground.

Kira was the first to recover from the attack. "Don't directly attack him with your weapons, it literly sucks away your power!", she warned kicking at Electron.

Suddenly Electron dissappeared. The four came together.

"Power Down," they said demorphing.

"That was way to weird.....," Kira sighed.