Envy Leads to terrible things

By KerrianneLupin

Chapter Five

Uneasy feelings

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Peter glanced around him with an annoyed look, scanning both sides of the passageway for any sign of Sirius. Trust Sirius to be such a drama queen and to rush off leaving Peter to hurry after him, his much anticipated fudge cake, being left on the table. He rolled his eyes as he continued looking, knowing his luck James would end up eating it.

He was about to give up the search and to go back in to savage what he could of his cake when he overheard the conversation of two Hufflepuff girls who were walking towards him.

"I can't believe Sirius Black nearly knocked you over and didn't even apologies for it, he really does think himself King of the school or something"

"He looked upset though…" Peter didn't wait to hear what the girls had to say, instead he slipped past them and hurryied down the left hand side of the corridor. Now he knew the direction he knew where Sirius would have gone, the only place Sirius would have considered going in an upset state.

Sure enough as he ran up the stairs to the Owlery, out of breathe and uncomfortably hot, he could see Sirius sitting on the floor, stroking a beautiful tawny owl with one hand, staring ahead of him with a look on his face that almost made Peter turn and run back down the stairs and back to the safety of the Great Hall, no one liked dealing with a pissed off Sirius Black and he was no exception to the rule. He resisted though, James had told him to come after Sirius and that was what he was going to do.

"Sirius?" he called out, stepping away from where he had been hiding in the doorway and into the room, at first he thought Sirius hadn't even heard him, since all he did was sit in exactly the same position, stroking his owl in the same absent manner and staring ahead. He was about to try again when Sirius's eyes finally moved to look at him slowly, his head followed and Peter found himself under the same scrutiny that Sirius had been giving the wall a few minutes ago. He moved awkwardly from one foot to the other, swallowing deeply as he did. Sirius finally spoke, his voice sounding surprisingly cold for him.

"What do you want Peter?" he demanded, getting to his feet and throwing his arm in the air, his owl took to the air and settled on the rafter between another pair of owls, Sirius crossed his arms across his chest and leaned against the wall staring at Peter all the while with the same unnerving stare. He really was beginning to think that Sirius was spending too much time with Remus since he was beginning to pick up aspects of Remus' personality, such as the unnerving stare. He took his courage in both hands and stepped forward a bit more into the room, glancing round at the Owls nervously.

"I just wanted to make sure that you were ok, I mean you seemed really upset when you left the Great Hall and you just belted it as if your butt was on fire or something." Sirius snorted, his face twisting into a bitter smile

"Me" he said "Oh I perfect Wormtail I'm just basking in the loving words of my lover, that's all" Peter bit his lip wondering how much he should say, finally he spoke quietly

"It's probably not my place to say but he didn't mean a word of what he said Sirius, you could just tell by looking at him, you know how much he loves you Sirius, you don't need anyone to tell you, It's just Remus has got it into his head since his talk with James that he's neglected his friend spending all his time with you instead. It's not true of course but you know what Moony is like when he gets an idea into his head, he spends all his time brooding over it and driving himself mad, he's just trying to make it up and he's going slightly overboard with it all" He stopped shaking his head, then looked up to see the sullen look on Sirius face had disappeared and he was instead looking at Peter with his head tilted to the side and a thoughtful look on his face.

"And how do you know all this? Did Remus tell you this?" he asked, Peter noticed with relief that Sirius didn't sound angry anymore; instead he just sounded very tired.

"He didn't tell me anything" Peter said hastily "It's just that sometimes us quiet people notice things that other more loud people miss because they're always too busy to notice anything" A slight smile came to his face that could almost be described as wistful "He really loves you, you know. I don't think there is much that he wouldn't do for you, you should count yourself lucky to have such a person to care for you and you should try to remember that when you feel slightly peeved off with him" He stopped wondering if he had said too much.

Sirius was staring at him as if he had never really seen him before, before he could comment though the door to the Owlery was flung opening, startling the pair of them. Remus ran in a second later, red in the face. He glanced at Peter who gave him a reassuring smile and then ran to Sirius stopping in front of him and scanning his face with worried amber eyes.

"Sirius" he said, his voice sounding out of breath and slightly frantic "I didn't mean any of the things I just said, you have to believe me I mean why would I believe them, if I did then I wouldn't be with you in the first place. It was just something that James came up with and I thought you knew about it, it wasn't until I said it that I realised you didn't and…" he was silenced as Sirius leaned forward and gave him a slight kiss.

"Relax Moony or you'll burst a blood vessel or something" he said with his usual roguish smile "You have nothing to be sorry for, it was me just being an impulsive dick that's all. I know you wouldn't mean something like that, Wormtail made me see that" they both turned and looked at Peter, Sirius with a respectful look and Remus with a relieved look. Peter waved awkwardly at them going red as he did.

"Happy to help guys" he commented before turning his back on the pair of them and staring hard at an old tatty picture that someone had put on the wall. Remus smiled at his friends discomfort then turned to Sirius who was grinning at the same thing. Sirius glanced down at him and his grin dropped into a happy little smile. Remus smiled helplessly back as Sirius leaned forward and grabbed Remus's loose red and gold tie and pulled him closer, pressing his lips against his in a gentle kiss. Remus made a silent sound, bending his head back further allowing Sirius better access to his mouth. Sirius took advantage and slipped his tongue in, giving Remus the kind of kiss that he used to dream about giving Remus before they were together.

"Well that went bloody well, did you see the way she looked at me, all confused as if she didn't know who I was" James said loudly looking very smug as he did, Sirius broke the kiss and glared at his best friend over Remus's head "Great acting by the way Paddy" James remarked glancing at Sirius and leaning against the wall opposite, crossing his arms in the same way that Sirius had done earlier "When you stormed away anyone would actually think you meant it " Sirius remained silent, instead releasing Remus's tie, he spun him round so the pair of them were facing James and Peter, who had turned back round at James's entrance, and placed his arms round his waist pulling him back against him in a hug.

"Glad I could be of help James" he said coldly, James nodded obviously choosing to ignore his best friends tone.

"A few more days of this Moony and she'll be putty in my hands" Sirius felt Remus stiffen in his arms even as the other spoke

"That wasn't enough?" he asked "I think you already have you attention James and she'll get suspicious if me and Sirius fight again, after all we having fought in all the time we've been dating" Sirius made a face for a second as he realised the truth of Remus's words, they actually never had argued over anything major.

"We can give it a week I guess, like you said she'll be suspicious otherwise" he conceded before smiling at them "I really appreciate the pair of you helping me like this, it means a lot and I'll repay you one day" he suddenly looked embarrassed and turned to Peter "come on Peter, there's a lesson to go to and I'll give you a hand on your work this lunchtime or you'll be murdered in Potions" Peter nodded, smiling at the other two and following James down the wooden stairs

"Sirius I…" Remus began but Sirius silenced him with another kiss

"Forget it Moony" he said "Let's get off to class" Remus nodded and unwrapped Sirius's arms, walking to the door, Sirius followed frowning as he did. If only it was easy enough to get rid of the jealous feeling in his stomach as it was to silence Remus.

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