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Summary: In a turn of events, Sora and Tai, both at the age of 21, end up living together in the same house for seven days. Can Sora keep herself from falling for the chocolate haired man? Or will Tai charm his way into her heart once more. TAIORA.

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Chapter I – Prologue

            "Sora! Over here!" A young woman with shoulder length brown hair called. 

            The auburn haired woman turned at the mention of her name and smiled brightly at her friend. Her long silken strands of beautiful cinnamon were tied up in a tight ponytail and moved from side to side as she made her way to the table. Sitting down, Sora took off her thin jacket and smiled apologetically to the brunette. "Sorry I'm late, Kari, I got a call from my publisher as I was leaving the apartment."

            The younger woman waved her hand as if dismissing the topic, "Don't worry about it, you're hardly late and I just got here myself." Picking up the menu from the table, she offered it to her friend. "Here, order something. I already picked what I'm going to get."

            Sora looked at the brunette with a raised brow, "Just got here, huh?"

            Kari laughed, "Would you believe that I memorized the menu?" she suggested.

            The auburn haired woman smiled, "Kari, I know you love this café, but I'm not so sure if anyone would memorize the menu."

            "Okay, so I gave myself away, just order, Sora."

            "All right then, when did you get so impatient, Kari?" the redhead joked, while calling over the waiter who was standing nearby.

            The waiter practically flew to the tableside, notepad out and flashing a handsome smile at Sora who remained oblivious. She pointed to an item on the laminated booklet, "I'll have a mocha latte and a bacon and egg roll." Turning to the brunette, she asked, "Kari, what about you?"

            "An iced tea and a smoked salmon," she said, watching the waiter jot it down quickly on the notepad. He flashed another smile at Sora who wasn't even looking at him and walked off quickly. Kari started laughing, catching the other woman's attention.

            "What is it?" she queried.

            "Nothing, nothing. So Sora, breakfast for lunch?"

            "Hey, I miss breakfast the most. My policy is, if it's possible, get breakfast, even for dinner if it's available."

            Kari laughed, and thought over the new policy. "I like the way you think, Sora."

            She smiled smugly before turning her attention back on her friend. "So Kari, how's it like, being eighteen and engaged to the man of your dreams?"

            The young woman gave a dreamy sigh, "Takeru is so wonderful; I don't know what I'd do without him."

            "Ah, to be young and engaged. I wish I could've experienced that."

            "Don't be foolish, Sora! You're only twenty-one and you've become a successful author. I envy you!"

            "Thanks Kari, but love is completely different than having a career. Besides, you're only in college, you have plenty of time to build a career."

            "I guess so, but if it makes you feel any better, Sora, that cute waiter was checking you out."

            The auburn haired woman wrinkled her nose, "Me? Why? You sure it wasn't you?"

            Kari laughed at her friend's denial. "All right Sora, when was the last time you dated?"

            "Uh… two years ago?"

            "Girl, we've got to get you a date!"

            Sora laughed along with Kari, "All right, all right, I get the point. I need to start dating again."

            "Good. So how are things, Sora? I read your book, it was amazing."

            "Thanks Kari, but I've been thinking about doing a children's book. I mean, I love drawing and all, and I need a break! Maybe you'd like a copy of my book when I'm done? So you can read it to your cute little mini Takerus and mini Hikaris?" she joked.

            Kari colored deeply. "Sure… auntie Sora!"

            "Auntie?! I sound so ooooold! And technically, I can't be the aunt, considering that I'm not related or anything."

            "It feels like you're my older sister, Sora."

            "Thanks, I'd love to have a sister like you." The waiter returned, this time carrying two cups, one with iced tea and one with mocha latte. Setting it on the table he turned to try to get Sora's attention again, but found her staring at something out the window. Giving up, he walked away, head bowed down.

            Kari broke out in laughter. "Sora, you did it again!"

            "Did what?"

            "Ignore the cute waiter!"

            "Oh please Kari, it wasn't me he's interested in."

            "Okay. Date. Right now."

            Sora laughed, "Okay!"

            "So Sora, where are you going after lunch?"

            "Getting a reservation at a hotel."

            "What, why?"

            "I'm renovating my condo for a week, and they need me out of the place."

            "Sora, you have too much money now, tsk tsk tsk."

            The auburn haired woman's eyes widened, "Wha-"

            "Joking joking! But seriously, why don't you just stay at my place for the week?"

            "I really couldn't, Kari. But thank you so much. I was going to go ask my mother, but she recently got remarried and I don't want to… disturb them… if you know what I mean."

            The brunette giggled and took a sip of her iced tea. "Well I don't see why you can't stay over at my place."

            "I'll be so troublesome-"

            "Nonsense, I'm going away with Takeru for the week, so it'll be good to have someone watch the house for me." The younger woman said, looking at her cup to avoid Sora's eyes.

            "You sure?"


            "All right then, thanks Kari."

*          *          *          *          *

            Sora sighed and landed with a soft 'thump' on her bed. Sitting up momentarily, she loosened her hair from the ponytail it was confined in, and let the auburn strands flow over her shoulders and down her back. It was the late afternoon and the woman had just returned from seeing a movie with Kari after eating at the café. Kari was so kind. After Sora had moved away two years ago, she always kept in touch with Kari, her 'adopted sister.'

            Kari had moved to the states as well, just after Sora left and now lived conveniently in the same city. Her brother, Taichi, had stayed in Japan, but continued to study English vigorously. Sora's mind drifted to Taichi, hn… I wonder how the stupid dork is doing now… It was the least of her worries though, as she was sure she wouldn't come across the chocolate haired man for a long time.

            She yawned and placed a hand over her mouth. Maybe a nap wouldn't be such a bad idea. She had been working on that children's book really hard and she deserved a break. Packing could wait for another day.

*          *          *

            Kari opened the door to her house and yelled, "Tai! I'm home!"

            She waited, but there was no reply and Kari soon spotted a bush of chocolate hair peeping from the sofa. Trying to keep her laughter down, she tip toed to where her brother slept and bent down, close to his ear. "TAI WAKE UP!!"

            The man jumped up with wide eyes, "Take the silver!" he yelled.

            Kari giggled, "Tai, is this how you'd react if someone broke into the house?"

            Rubbing his eyes, Tai groggily replied, "Yes Kari, yes. Now is there something you wanted to say?"

            "Oh yes, I'm going to be gone for a week, I'll be with Takeru. But in the mean time, one of my friends is going to be staying here."


            "Her home is being renovated." Pausing for a second or two, she added, "Tai… be nice to her."

            "Since when am I not nice?"

            "I know you're a wonderful big brother and all, but be super nice to her, please?"

            "Yeah yeah yeah, are you cooking tonight or am I?"

            "Oh, I just ate, you're on your own tonight." Kari said, smiling innocently at her brother before walking up the stairs to her room.

            About a couple of months ago, Tai had moved to the states to live with his sister, sharing her bills. He had plans though, to become an architect, but that was a dream that would take a lot of devotion and time. In a few months, Kari would be Mrs. Takeru Takaichi and Tai simply wanted to spend more time with his sister before she got married. Kari smiled; Tai was such a thoughtful brother.

            Picking up the cordless phone by the bed, Kari dialed the familiar number and waited until her fiancé picked up the phone. "Takeru you busy?"

            "Never too busy to talk to my girl." The blonde on the other line answered.

            The brunette laughed genuinely. "What are you doing next week?"

            "Besides going to college?"

            "Yes, I know we still have school. But besides that."

            "Spending time with my beautiful fiancé, of course."

            Kari felt herself heat up. Even talking on the phone with Takeru made her blush. "Stop it, I was kind of wondering…"


            "Could I stay with you for the week?"

            "Moving in already?"

            "Keru!" Looking around to make sure that her brother didn't pop up she continued in a softer tone. "Sora needed a place to stay for the week and I offered her my home."


            "But then she felt bad for being so troublesome so I told her that I was going somewhere with you for the week."          

            "You didn't mention that Tai was there."

            "Uh… I kinda left that part out."

            "I see, you sneaky angel."

            Kari laughed before asking again, "So do you think I could stay with you? I want to give the two some space."

            "I'd love it if you stayed over. When?"

            "Uh… tomorrow?"

            "Sounds great. We'll be sharing a bed, you know."

            "Takeru Takaishi!"

            "Okay okay, joking!"

            Outside of the door, Tai's footsteps were heard as the chocolate haired man made his way over to his sister's room. Quickly whispering a rushed goodbye, Kari hung up the phone and jumped onto her bed, pretending that she had been sleeping on it for the entire time. I just hope Sora and Tai can get along with each other and patch things up once more…

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