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Sora Takenouchi chewed the end of her pen absentmindedly as she watched her favorite Food Network program. She was seated in front of her laptop on the coffee table, pausing from her book writing responsibilities. A yell was emitted from her lips as something that could only be described as a ball of fur pounced into her lap. Deep laughter could be heard from behind her.

Sora turned to glare at Tai, who could only look at her innocently. "Cute Tai, did you teach him that at the park today? To sneak and attack?" Looking down at the bundle in her lap, she began to stroke it contently.

"Aw look at that, he's the one that scared you and he still gets more loving than me." The man complained, taking a seat beside her on the rug.

Lifting up the small golden retriever, Sora placed a gentle kiss on its velvety head. "Of course he would, you're the one that taught him such nasty tricks, isn't that right, Mango?" she coddled, scratching the puppy behind the ears.

"It's because he's cuter than me, isn't it."

"That might help."

Taichi pouted at Sora and swiveled the laptop around to read what she had written.

"No, don't," she said, and closed the device defensively.

Taichi raised a brow. "What's that you've been writing? Cheesy romance novel?"

She glared, "First of all, romance novels aren't all that cheesy and second of all, it's not. It's just something I've been working on, that's all."

He reached a hand out to play with her shoulder-length auburn hair. Sora had her hair cut a couple of weeks ago for Kari and Takeru's wedding. "So, what's it about then," he asked as he began to massage her neck, coaxing her to tell him.

"It's… just something I was thinking about…"


"It's about these two people who broke up and were given a chance two years later to be together again."

Taichi smiled. "Sounds familiar. So I'm guessing he was this stupid guy who made a mistake but couldn't stop thinking about her?"

"And she never stopped loving him."

"It is a cheesy romance novel."

"It is not!"

Mango decided to wake up at that moment. He had fallen asleep happily in Sora's lap as she stroked his golden fur. "Aw baby, did that dense baka wake you up?"

Taichi gawked, "Me? You were the one who was yelling." He huffed as he watched Sora pamper the pet. "I bet you'd breast feed him too, if you could."

"Maybe I can."


Sora laughed at her boyfriend's expression. "Now look who's yelling. Don't worry Tai, I'm not pregnant."

"Good… I mean—not good, but… good since… yeah…" Taichi watched the woman continue to stroke the dog affectionately. She would make a good mother someday, and he wasn't afraid to be thinking such thoughts. This was the woman he wanted to spend his entire lifetime and afterlife with.

They had been living together for a few months and it had been nothing but bliss. They even called up Kari to thank the young woman—though Sora kept warning her never to do something like that again. Sora's children's book had sold wonderfully and was being published by one of the top children's book publishers. They even got a dog together (though Tai was starting to regret it due to all the attention it got).

Apparently the ball of fur had finally gone back to sleep and was napping on Sora's nap as she watched the Food Network. Taichi was still playing with her hair.

"All right Tai, go make dinner."


"You agreed to it."

"When and why would I do such an absurd thing?"

"Just then while you were spaced out, staring at me, and playing with my hair."

"Oh. That's mean Sor, asking a guy to agree to stuff like that when you know he's not listening."

"Well too bad," she replied, sticking her tongue out. "Now go."


Ten minutes later, Taichi was in the kitchen cutting the cauliflower.

"Here, let me." A gentle voice spoke into his ear as soft hands took the blade and vegetable from his hands. "I figured it would be nicer if I helped you cook."

Taichi grinned from ear to ear, "You missed me, didn't you."

"Shut up."

He moved behind Sora and wrapped his arms around her slender frame, burying his head in her neck.

"Mm, Tai what are you doing."

"Loving you," he replied huskily. Letting his hands roam around her body, he continued to send wet kisses along her neck before finally turning her head with his hand and capturing her mouth.

Sora surrendered fully into the kiss, accidentally dropping the knife while doing so. Luckily, it only landed on the cutting board. It was the best part of being with Taichi, being loved by him.

The day he got the call from one of the best architectural companies around, he had walked Mango until the poor thing was too tired to bark. Of course after that, he had insisted that he was sore, and the only thing that could make him feel better was a long night in the bedroom with Sora. Heck, it didn't even have to be the bedroom.

While she was lost in her thoughts, Sora was vaguely aware of Taichi's lips traveling to her chest. She let out a breathy moan, and urged him to go on. "I thought… you were… hungry."

To her dismay, he paused to look her intently in the eyes. "Not for food," he replied firmly and continued to attack her lips. She let out a soft whimper as Taichi took her lower lip and began nipping it.

Sora felt her knees go weak, but thankfully Taichi was there to support her. He swooped her up gracefully in his arms, trying hard not to break the contact with her lips and walked over to the sofa, setting her down softly.

The auburn haired woman had half of Taichi's shirt unbuttoned and he had his hands far underneath her shirt before he pulled away. She stared at him, "Are you feeling all right, Taichi?"

He laughed, slowly getting off of Sora (which was hard to do at the moment) and kneeled by the sofa to give her room to sit up. "I'm feeling better than ever."

"Then… why? Don't tell me you want to take it slow, because we've done it a generous amount—" She was cut off as Taichi pressed his lips firmly against hers.

"Nothing like that. I'm a man remember, why would I suggest going slow?"

She laughed, "What are you up to?"

"Remember that promise ring I gave you?"

Sora rolled her eyes playfully, "Didn't I tell you I lost it? You stopped to remind me about a twenty-five cent ring?"

"Didn't I say I was going to buy you a new one to compensate?" He was grinning now.


"Well I did." Taichi announced and pulled out a dark velvety ring box. "Here."

Sora laughed, "Wow Tai, I'm so excited, a new plastic twenty-five cent ring. Really you shouldn't have. I hope you know that dressing it up in a nice box isn't going to… fool… me…" Her ruby eyes widened as she stared at the diamond ring, cradled in velvety goodness. "This… isn't… a plastic ring…"

Taichi chuckled as he took the large diamond ring out of the box. "Well honestly, I tried looking for those little machines, but I couldn't find one anywhere. So… I had to settle for a different ring."

Suddenly Sora realized that Tai had been kneeling on the floor, she was forgetting how to breathe again. "Tai…chi…" she managed to gasp out.

He took one of her soft hands in his larger one and began stroking the skin with his thumb. Taichi was getting nervous and couldn't help but swallow uncontrollably. What was wrong with him, he was functioning fine just two seconds ago, but whenever it came to this one question he'd lose all of his wits. He had tried popping the question many times before, but Sora never realized and he was always too tongue-tied—and to think Sora always said he was brave.

She watched him carefully, clearly amused with his stalling. Sora brought up her free hand up to absentminded twirl a lock of her shoulder length auburn hair. She had cut her hair for Kari's wedding, which was needless to say, absolutely beautiful and charming. It was a small ceremony, and Sora felt honored to be invited; she even caught the bouquet, maybe those little things really had more truth behind them… but then again, it didn't seem like Taichi was going to get around to popping the question.

The brunette felt a hand placed over his and looked up to see Sora smiling reassuringly down at him like an angel. He smiled back, this time with more confidence than before. Taking in a deep breath, Taichi finally asked the question he'd been preparing for. "Sora Takenouchi, I once told you that you're the first and only woman I want to spend my life with, and you know I'm a man of my word. Despite all the stupid things I've done, you've only amazed me more by forgiving me… after ditching me for two years—"

"Are you going to propose or not. I'm glad to see you're not nervous anymore."

Taichi chuckled, "You're beautiful, smart, and armed with a wonderful sarcastic sense of humor that's got me addicted to you. Sora Takenouchi, I love you, will you be…" he was choking up at the two words that were hardest to say. It was ridiculous; he had no trouble telling her he wanted to be with her forever, so why couldn't he just finish proposing. Come on Yagami, just two more words. "My wife?"

The woman furrowed her brows and pouted prettily, "What was that again? I couldn't understand with all that pausing."

Taichi glared at her, "You little witch. I said, Sora Takenouchi, will you be my wife?" He grinned up at her with such boyish charm it was hard to say no, "Marry me."

"And if I say no?" she teased.

"I'll have to shoot myself."

"Well then, I guess you leave me no choice. I'll have to say no."

"Soraaaaaaaaa," Taichi whined. "Don't do this to me now."

She melted as he brought her hand up to his lips and kissed it softly. Okay, so it might have been a bit cruel of her to tease him at such a moment. "Taichi Yagami, I wouldn't dream of getting married with anyone else. I love you."

He was smiling like the Cheshire cat as he slipped the ring on her delicate finger. "Come on, let's pick up where we left off," he insisted, climbing back on the sofa and slowly easing Sora down.

She brought a hand above her face, blocking him. "You know, this really is a beautiful ring, you have pretty good taste, Tai."

"Yeah, yeah, thanks." He answered, hurriedly moving her hand away and leaning down to take her lips.


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