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Chapter 21 – Happiness.

When Willow had started 'accidentally' running into Tara after class and then they had had some coffee together and actually started talking she had never imagined it would lead to this so quickly, lying in bed with her girlfriend right beside her in all their naked glory. She had been so scared when she'd seen Tara with someone else, she really started to believe she had moved on but now with everything that had happened she knew they were meant to be together, soul mates.

"Hmmm…" Willow sighed contentedly. "I don't want to ever move."

Tara giggled running her hands up and down Willow's arms.

"Then we won't… we'll stay here forever!" Tara said smiling and still feeling giddy from their activities.

"Mmmm… if only." Willow said looking out the window from the bed at the sunshine. "Buffy and Dawn will be wondering what's become of me."

"Then let them wonder!" Tara said cheekily as she ran the hand over Willow's shoulder.

Willow turned back round so that they were lying face to face and a moment of calm of settled over them.

"I love you so much." Willow said looking into Tara's eyes.

"I love you too." Tara said as she brought her lips down to Willow's in a sweet kiss.

In the next room Buffy and Spike were lying in very similar position, they didn't know that Tara and Willow had got back together because last night they had been busy with each other making almost the same level of noise as Willow and Tara. Buffy was running her hands over Spike's chest revelling in the feel of his gorgeous skin. Spike was laying back completely relaxed against Buffy's soft sheets when she suddenly spoke causing him to start coughing of shock.

"You know we haven't eaten stuff off each other yet." She said.

"What?" Spike said pulling his head up slightly to look at her wide eyed. Buffy was actually very bold with him now, she was a minx in the bedroom or wherever they ended up and they both got very turned on by dirty talk and she was becoming even bolder so he shouldn't have really been surprised but the main reason he had been so taken aback was because of how she had just said it out of the blue after they had just woken up together and were enjoying a silent cuddle before they got up.

"You know… whipped cream, honey… although that could be sticky…" Buffy said mainly thinking out loud to herself.

"What made you suddenly think of eating food off each other, you hungry or something?" Spike said smiling as he started imaging her idea.

"Well I just like your body so much…" She said demonstrating by licking a line all the way up his chest … Spike's head rolled back at the sight and feel of Buffy worshipping him with her tongue.

"You're goin' to kill me Summers." Spike murmured his eyes drifting shut.

"In a good way I hope." Buffy said seductively sitting up and straddling him.

"Definitely…" Spike drawled as he pulled her head down for a fiery kiss, his hand tangled in her hair and they both moaned into the kiss.

Suddenly the door burst open and Dawn appeared bounding for joy.

"Willow and Tara are back together!" She shouted hysterically before realising that her sister and Spike were naked in bed on top of each other, luckily the sheets were covering most of them but Dawn still let out an 'eek' and jumped back covering her eyes.

"Sorry… really sorry!" Dawn said backing out of the room with her eyes still covered.

When the door shut Buffy and Spike looked at each for a second before both bursting into laughter.


Happiness is something everyone searches for, to be content. When Buffy first woke in her grave and began to live again all she was searching for was little things to get her through the day, or just the next moment. The past year had changed everything, they had all been through so much but Buffy felt she had changed the most, being brought back from the dead most definitely changes you. Buffy stopped then looking up into the night sky for a moment as she watched the stars, it was a clear crisp night in Sunnydale and unexpectedly silent as well, all she could hear was the faint breeze and it whistled past her ears. Her mind was brought back to changes… everyone had grown up but without really noticing or maybe they all had noticed but with Buffy it seemed to just pass her by and at the end of it she looked back and realised all those instances had changed everything and brought her to this moment in time.

Strong fingers threaded through hers and she looked back down from the sky to gaze upon something far more beautiful, she knew he really wouldn't appreciate her thinking of him as beautiful but sometimes it was just the only word that came to mind when she looked at him. He smiled at her, a genuine smile rather then his usual smirk, she loved his real smile, it was so innocent and happy. He gently tugged her to him even though there was really no need because she was already leaning into his body. She nuzzled into his neck breathing the essential scent that was Spike before placing a kiss there and then resting her head on his shoulder. His arms tightly surrounded her and she felt like the safest person of earth.

"Spike?" She said, his name being spoken like a caress.

"Yes luv?" He said pulling his head back slightly to look at her.

"I love you."

"I love you too." Spike said lightly brushing a small piece of hair back from Buffy's face.

Their lips met in a tender kiss, both their lips parting and tongues meeting at the same time, so much feeling and passion went into their kisses, Buffy felt that if she didn't have to breath she would want to keep kissing Spike forever. When they broke apart her eyes were drawn back up to the sky, stars twinkled making the dark night look like a magical wonderland, she looked back down to Spike.

She felt this was only the beginning; so much more was to come.

But it didn't matter what was going to happen in the future, because she would be able to face it and she would have joy and love in her heart.

The End.

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