(Original Authors Notes)

Here we are – at the end, sort of. I'm not happy with the way things are ending with this fic, mainly because a more revised version of the story lays on my deceased laptop. More than likely, I'll eventually re-post all chapters and tidy up the chapters and author's notes and whatnot. I hate how I am ending it just for the sake of moving on for the time being. I feel the ending is weak, and I'd like to write it longer but really have found no creative time. It may not be this year, or maybe the next, but I'll eventually re-post.

Hell, maybe it would be cool to make a sequel to this story, where I catch up with everyone. But I wouldn't even know where to start, I have no ideas at all for what another version of this story would be like. Is this story worth a second chance? Maybe if the show was airing like it was three years ago, I'd give this story more chapters. I'm losing grip and am out of touch with the characters since I haven't seen the show since October 2004. Man o man, if only there were Hey Arnold! DVD's.

To Kastirina123: You say some of the last chapters were disappointing. How so? I'd like to know what was bad so I can improve the story. I'm glad you think I kept the characters true to themselves, because I thought they were a tad weak.

To DarthRoden: You say you have an idea like this? I really hope you continue to pursue that idea, because I'd like to see your take on this concept.

Number6: I never even thought of the idea to talk to Arnold about his parents. Oh well.

I will still write more Hey Arnold! fics if I find time. The one I have been working on for over two years still isn't 100 percent ready for upload, but it will be in time. And I can only hope that some of my favorite authors, and you know who you are, will update their stories that haven't been touched in months and for some of you, a year or two.

(New Authors Notes)

Here we are – again it seems, at the end of the story. I'm now content with its completeness and it's now as perfect as it's going to be. It didn't take me long to come back to this story – I posted the last chapter May 2005 and came back just seven months later to officially finalize this fic, re-posting chapters every so often. Now as I re-post this last chapter, it's been two years since I first posted this story on March 27, 2004. My-my how time does fly. I still wish I could have expanded more on this chapter – to quote Jae it needed a little more "depth to its content". Perhaps the whole story could have had more depth as well. Could I write a sequel to this story? Like stated above, I wouldn't know where to begin, but it's a fun concept to toss around in my head from time to time. I'm always open for people to tell me their ideas. Again, thanks to all my readers and supporters, and keep an eye out for my new fanfics as they are posted. Peace.


Well, I had done the almost impossible. I brought Arnold and Helga together. It was like a dog playing piano – not totally impossible, but highly, highly unlikely.

It was about midnight. Arnold had gone to bed after thanking me countless times for what I did, making him realize his heartfelt feelings for the girl in pink. I was on the computer again, surfing the net, checking the Z-Files message boards. I let out a big yawn, and started to drift away into a slumber.

My vision started to blur in and out of focus. The computer monitor shone a white, misty glow of light across Arnold's dark room. I felt my eyelids getting heavy, and I softly fell asleep.


I groggily woke up after a while. I quickly looked around, noticing I wasn't at Arnold's desk anymore. I was on the floor with a laptop beside me. I was…back? I was back! I was in the living room again, the ending credits to the last episode on the tape were rolling. I must have fallen asleep while trying to find an idea, it was close to 4am…

Had I just dreamt it? The whole thing: being transported, the good times, the reconciliations of Arnold and Helga. Did four days in my dream just whiz by in four hours in my life? I felt so empty, it was all a dream, none of it was real…

Just then I felt something in my pocket. I took out the object…

The microcassette recorder? There it was in the palm of my hand, in 3-D real life form. I hit play…it was Helga's adoration from the janitors closest…but that wasn't all. It must have been voice activated, because it also recorded the whole conversation with Arnold and Helga in his room. The recorder was in my pocket during their heartfelt conversation – I forgot I had left it in there.

"But who…how could this…have happened?" I didn't understand. It was like there was a missing piece of the puzzle of intergalactic proportions. Was it a dream that just felt so real? Mixed up by my inner subconscious? Was Arnold's world just an embodiment of my internal thoughts and imagination? Did my soul…the spirit of me somehow cross the outer limits of my world and into theirs? Was that the "fourth wall" Robert was referring too? But animation is just fiction, right? How could it exist in another world? Then I started to think if I tried to piece anything of what happened together, I would lose my mind.

"Maybe some things are better left unexplained." I quietly said to myself, still staring at the recorder in bewilderment, wondering how this device ended up here.

But at least now I had a story to write about, and what a hell of a story it was. It had adventure, comedy, suspense, romance – all in one exciting and convenient package. It was truly a great escapade to write about…

And that's what I did.

The End